Rare Books Reader Registration Information

Please be advised that all visitors to the Rare Books Room must complete a paper Reader Registration Form upon arrival.

You will need to present a current photo ID, and will be asked to re-register once a year so that our records remain current.

Please use the Rare Books Appointment Request Form to request materials and make your appointment.

Please note the following guidelines for using materials in the Rare Books Room:

  • All researchers must register by filling out the paper Reader Registration form and showing current government-issued photo identification with their name and address at the time of their visits.
  • Due to preservation concerns, food, and drink are not permitted in the Rare Books Room.
  • To preserve the originals for future use, please make no marks or erasures on any items.
  • Due to the risk of inadvertent damage to documents, the use of ink is prohibited. Please take notes in pencil.
  • The researcher assumes sole responsibility for any infringement of the literary rights, copyrights, or other rights which pertain to these materials.
  • Rare Books Room materials do not circulate. They must be used in the Reading Room only.
  • Theft, destruction or mutilation of library materials is a crime. The researcher accepts financial responsibility for any damage to materials.
  • The researcher must sign the paper Reader Registration form, along with the photography policy, before using our materials. By signing the form, the researcher acknowledges the responsibility to observe the guidelines listed.