It’s June, It's Summer Reading, It's Showtime!

Teri Markson, Senior Librarian, Exploration & Creativity Department,
Its Showtime at the Library artwork

Be a star at the library this summer! Read, create and discover when you participate in the 2019 Summer Reading Challenge at the Los Angeles Public Library. Summer reading isn’t only about reading, it’s about community, family, and fun! Our libraries have hundreds of engaging programs planned this summer for readers of all ages, from puppet shows and storytimes to arts and crafts, science activities, community gardening, movie matinees, panel discussions, book clubs, and our amazing Your Author Series, that gives kids and teens the opportunity to meet real published children’s and YA authors and illustrators.

Summer Reading isn’t just fun, it’s also vital for keeping brains active and preventing “summer slide”, the learning loss that can result in kids falling up to two months behind by the time they return to school in the fall. We asked our library staff why they think Summer Reading is important, and here is what they said:

  • "It motivates people to read and explore activities that may be new to them".
  • "It provides learning activities for the whole family to engage in together".
  • “It's an opportunity to read for pleasure. Kids and teens (but adults, too) spend so much time doing the required reading, which can be a chore, especially when one doesn't like the books being assigned. Summer Reading allows people to choose their own reading material, reminding them that reading can be fun, too.
  • “If we don't have a society that reads regularly and frequently, we don't have a society that can think critically. About anything!
  • “It builds a strong sense of community, encourages literacy and promotes lifelong learning!
  • “It allows for anyone's imagination, regardless of age, to be nourished.
  • “It keeps the brainwaves flowing.
  • “Reading what you choose is the best kind of reading there is.
  • “Summer Reading is important because it makes reading fun. It also reminds us (all ages) to make time to read.”
  • “It fills the summer gap for kids and is a great opportunity to remind all community members of the vast and varied resources and opportunities available at their local library!”

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boy reading a book

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Sign up for the 2019 Summer Reading Challenge, because “your brain never takes a vacation!”

The Summer Reading Challenge is made possible by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles and lead sponsor, the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, as well as other generous donors. To learn about the many ways you can give to the library, visit