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Kanopy for Business at the Los Angeles Public Library

Business & Economics Department, Central Library,
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If you can’t find a business, finance or economics DVD at the Los Angeles Public Library to your liking, try the library’s newest e-media offering, Kanopy. Kanopy is a video streaming platform with one of the largest collections in the world - over 26,000 documentaries and feature films from over 1,000 producers including Great Courses, Frontline, Criterion Collection, Kino Lorber, and the BBC

Kanopy documentaries are exhaustive in scope and cover business subjects such as:

To use Kanopy, create an account with your email address. After verifying the account information, you will be asked to add your Los Angeles Public Library card to it to begin using the service. Library card holders can check out 10 films per month and each film has a loan period of three days. However, there is one exception: Criterion Collection films will not count towards your 10 play credits every month. You can stream unlimited films from the Criterion Collection.

To find a documentary, just enter a term such as financial investing in the search box at the top of the page. Refine your results using criteria such as Subjects, Suppliers, Filmmakers, Features, Languages, Captions and Year of production. To retrieve only videos from the Great Courses “The Art of Investing” series (24 videos), use Suppliers to select Great Courses. For more information about using Kanopy and sharing videos, please visit Kanopy's Help Center

Kanopy does not offer a quick, printable list of business related videos but if you’re simply curious, a sampling of video titles from June 2017 is listed below:

Economics and Globalization

  • 401k Magic 
  • Activist Investors: Icahn, Loeb, Ackman 
  • Becoming a Great Investor 
  • Benjamin Graham and Value Investing 
  • Blueprint for Growth in Contra Costa County (Commonwealth Club)
  • Bridgewater’s Multi-Strategy Investing 
  • Built in the Bay: San Francisco's Unique Marketplace (Commonwealth Club) 
  • David Dreman, Contrarian Money Manager 
  • Distressed-Asset Investors: Tepper, Klarman 
  • Fisher and Price: The Growth-Stock Investors 
  • Four Women Who Moved Financial Markets 
  • George Soros’s $10 Billion Currency Play 
  • Harry Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory 
  • ICT and Business: The Great Revolution 
  • Investing Skill, Strategy, and Temperament 
  • James Simons: Money, Math, and Computers 
  • John Bogle, Index Mutual Fund Pioneer 
  • John Templeton, Global Treasure Hunter
  • Motorcycles, Gold, and Global Commodities 
  • Paul Tudor Jones, Futures Market Seer 
  • Peter Lynch: Invest in What You Know 
  • Private Equity Innovators: KKR, Blackstone 
  • Small-Cap Stocks: More Risk, More Reward 
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds: Singapore 
  • Sustainable Development 
  • The Art of Investing - Lessons from History’s Greatest Traders 
  • The Big Shorts: Livermore, Chanos 
  • The Bond Kings: Bill Gross, Jeffrey Gundlach 
  • The First Hedge Fund: A. W. Jones 
  • The Global Marketplace: How Will You Compete? 
  • US Income Inequality: An Economic History of the 1% (Commonwealth Club) 
  • Wall Street & Main Street 
  • Wall Street & Modern Investing 
  • Wall Street & Subprime Mortgages 
  • Wall Street & The Bubble of ‘08 
  • Wall Street & The Emergence of Asia 
  • Wall Street & The Growth of America 
  • Wall Street Never Sleeps 
  • Warren Buffett: Investing Forever 

Business Skills

  • Accounting and Finance—Decision-Making Tools 
  • Achieving Results in Your Organization
  • Advertising Creative Appeals
  • Alternatives to Net Present Value 
  • Anticipating Your Rival’s Response 
  • Coaching—From Gridiron to Boardroom 
  • Common Size, Trend, and Ratio Analysis 
  • Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis 
  • Creating Great Customer Experiences 
  • Critical Business Skills for Success Series 
  • Customer-Focused Pricing 
  • Deriving Value from Your Customers 
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace 
  • Ethics and the Bathsheba Syndrome 
  • First Movers versus Fast Followers
  • Forward and Backward Integration 
  • Handling Workplace Conflict 
  • How Apple Raises Competitive Barriers 
  • How Investors Use Net Present Value
  • How to Analyze a Cash Flow Statement 
  • How to Interpret a Balance Sheet 
  • How to Segment a Market 
  • How to Value a Company’s Stock 
  • Identifying Sources of Sales Growth 
  • Innovative Marketing Research Techniques 
  • Keeping an Eye on Your Margins 
  • Launching a Lean Start-Up 
  • Leading Real Organizational Change 
  • Leaner, Meaner Production 
  • Leveraging Your Supply Chain 
  • Lifelong Learning for Career Success 
  • Managing Supply and Suppliers
  • Marketing Communications That Work 
  • Marketing Strategy for Small Business 
  • Matching Supply and Demand 
  • Measuring Operational Performance 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions—The Winner’s Curse 
  • Positioning Your Offering 
  • Promotional Strategy for Small Business 
  • Reducing Risk, Building Resilience 
  • Refining Service Operations 
  • Rethinking Your Business Processes 
  • Rightsizing Inventory 
  • Strategy Is Making Choices 
  • Targeting a Market Segment 
  • The Art of Effective Communications 
  • The Danger of Straddling 
  • The Diversification Discount 
  • The Long Reach of Logistics 
  • The Motivation-Performance Connection 
  • The Power of Superior Operations 
  • The Promise and Perils of Social Media 
  • The Tactics of Successful Branding 
  • The Trade-Off between Risk and Return 
  • The Value of Great Leadership 
  • Understanding Power Relationships 
  • Understanding the Time Value of Money 
  • Weighing the Costs of Debt and Equity 
  • What Is Marketing? 
  • What Trader Joe’s Doesn’t Do 
  • When Netflix Met Blockbuster 
  • Why Did Disney Buy Pixar? 
  • Why the Income Statement Matters 
  • Winning with Teamwork