Meet Susie Jaramillo From Canticos

Patricia Valdovinos, Librarian, Multilingual Collections,
Author Susie Jaramillo and her books, Te Quiero Mama and Amor Is Love to You
Author Susie Jaramillo and her books, Te Quiero Mama and Amor Is Love to You

Susie Jaramillo stands out as the creative force behind Canticos. This #1 bilingual preschool brand includes sing-along videos, books, puzzles, games, and an app, all inspired by Latino nursery rhymes. Her remarkable achievements have garnered widespread recognition from notable industry authorities such as Common Sense Media, Kidscreen, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and School Library Journal, even earning an Emmy awards nomination. Susie's work is a shining example of the effectiveness of bridging bilingualism, culture, and education in young children's and their families lives. Her participation in this year's Los Angeles Libros Festival promises not only to engage participants in singing and dancing but also to involve her puppet companion, Kiki Chickie.

Susie's involvement in the year's festival is exciting. She eloquently underscores the beauty of speaking both languages with pride, aligning seamlessly with the festival's enduring tagline, "read, dream and celebrate…en dos idiomas." She explains that since "all of [her] books are in English and Spanish and musical in nature," this "encapsulates the idea of read, dream, and celebrate in two languages." Susie said what makes her work stand out is that "they can be read, they can be sung, they can be memorized and performed. They are meant to be a cultural celebration of rhymes and songs that have persisted through generations."

Susie Jaramillo's ability to ignite a passion for storytelling is genuinely inspirational. Her advice to overcome the "fear of a blank page" resonates: "Pour your soul onto a page and then rewrite, edit, edit, edit!" She wants to remind young people to remember what type of story they "wanted to read as a child and tell it" and always to remember that "if you are not having fun writing it, odds are high the no will enjoy reading it," so always have fun!

We are honored to welcome Susie to this year's event and eagerly anticipate her future projects, particularly the expansion of the Canticos World. Her plans include a treasure trove of additional works spanning books, music, animated content, and a bilingual learning app for toddlers. Readers can look forward to, in Susie's words, "delving deeper into the world of dreams and nightmares" with her character Skeletina! We are also thrilled to learn that she continues to show little ones worldwide through her Tiny Traveler series.

Susie Jaramillo will be one of the featured authors at the Los Angeles Libros Festival, a free bilingual book festival for the whole family celebrating stories and music from Latin America and the United States. L.A. Libros Fest will be streamed live on YouTube on Friday, September 29, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. The Festival will be in-person at Central Library in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, September 30, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Book cover of Amor is to love you
Amor Is To Love You
Jaramillo, Susie

Book cover of Kiki can! go to school
Kiki Can! Go to School
Jaramillo, Susie

Book cover of Los pollitos = Little chickies
Los pollitos = Little Chickies
Jaramillo, Susie

Book cover of Te quiero, mamá
Te quiero, mamá
Jaramillo, Susie

Book cover for Skeletina and the in-between world
Skeletina and the In-Between World
Jaramillo, Susie

Book cover of Skeletina y el entremundo
Skeletina y el entremundo
Jaramillo, Susie