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We’re excited to announce that Kanopy has launched a collection of classic Paramount Pictures films including the award-winning, Sunset Boulevard. Ranked number 16 on the American Film Institute’s 100 Greatest American Films, this classic Oscar-winning noir follows an unsuccessful screenwriter as he tries to develop a script for a faded silent film star and is pulled into her delusional world.

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More Kanopy New Releases

Award-winning films also featured on Kanopy.

image of microphone above George Clooney's head

Being George Clooney

Being George Clooney explores the business and the process of audio dubbing, from its curious origins in Mussolini's Italy to technological developments changing the face of the industry today.

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The Silent Child

Inspired by real-life events, this Oscar-winning short follows Libby, a profoundly deaf child nearing her first day at school. Her emotionally distant, overwhelmed mother and workaholic father seek out a quick fix to make their 'broken' child more equipped to handle the real world.

a gun pointing outside the passenger window of a car

Cartel Land

In this Sundance award-winning film, Director Matthew Heineman and Executive Producer Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, gain unprecedented, on-the-ground access to the riveting stories of two modern-day vigilante groups and their shared enemy—the murderous Mexican drug cartels.

a painterly portrait of Vincent Van Gogh

Loving Vincent

In the first fully painted feature film, 2018 Oscar-nominated Loving Vincent tells the story of the mysterious and tragic death of the world's most famous artist, Vincent van Gogh. Featuring the voices of Saoirse Ronan and Chris O'Dowd.

What are some great films you've newly discovered on Kanopy? Let us know in the comments.