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Read Your Way Back to School

Lauren Kratz, Children's Librarian, Studio City Branch Library,
Read Your Way Back to School graphic

“I know you’re anxious about going to school. It’s not always easy to get along with humans, but just be yourself. I know you’ll have a great day!”

―Jared Chapman, Steve, Raised by Wolves

The first day of school for students in the Los Angeles Unified School District is Tuesday, August 14. As you prepare your children for the new school year, with new school supplies, new haircuts, and a better sleep routine, remember to make sure you have your library card ready to use throughout the year!

We have many school-themed books for children of all ages. Hilarious stories including a boy named Steve receiving sound advice on how to relate to his classmates from his loving mom Mrs. Wolf in Steve, Raised by Wolves. A story in which an unlucky teacher wins the lottery and shares the winnings with her students in the series, The Unlucky Winners of Classroom 13 and the series, Eerie Elementary which blends both funny and spooky moments as three friends try to figure what’s exactly going on in their school. Let’s not forget, Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel. Dyamonde is new at her school and chooses Free, the other new student to be her best friend. Free also happens to be the grouchiest student in the class, but she wins him over!

When you’re a student in a classroom you are surrounded by other students with varying personalities and you have to figure out how to find your own place in this small world. When I was in school, I was very shy and quiet but I was always grateful when another student would go out of their way to be my partner in line or just even give me a smile which happens to nervous Dewey Dew in Time for Earth School, Dewy Dew.

There are also some great books for older elementary school children. Please check out Restart by Gordon Korman and the graphic novel Real Friends by Shannon Hale. There are elements in both stories that everyone can relate too.

Books for Back to School

Steve, Raised by Wolves
Chapman, Jared, .

Time for (Earth) School, Dewey Dew
Staub, Leslie, 1957-

Rulers of the Playground
Kuefler, Joseph, author, illustrator.

How Not to Start Third Grade
Hapka, Cathy.

The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13
Lee, Honest,

Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel
Grimes, Nikki.

The School is Alive!
Chabert, Jack,

The One and Only Stuey Lewis: Stories From the Second Grade
Schoenberg, Jane, 1952-

Absolutely Alfie and the First Week Friends
Warner, Sally, 1946-

Alvin Ho Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things
Look, Lenore.

Justin Case: School, Drool, and Other Daily Disasters
Vail, Rachel.

Fearing, Mark.

Korman, Gordon,

Real Friends: A True Story About Cool Kids and Crybabies
Hale, Shannon

What happens when your best friend joins a group of popular girls? This is the situation Shannon finds herself in when her friend Adrianne befriends the most popular girl in their class.