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author Susan Patron and her book the Higher Power of Lucky
Sheryn Morris, November 27, 2023

When a book is not a current bestseller or is an older book and suddenly receives a great deal of attention, people often want to know why.

Author Daniel Sweren-Becker and his latest novel, Kill Show: A True Crime Novel
Daryl M., November 16, 2023

Daniel Sweren-Becker is an author, television writer, and playwright living in Los Angeles. His play Stress Positions premiered in New York City at the SoHo Playhouse. He grew up in Manhattan.

Author Connie Willis and her latest novel, The Road to Roswell
Daryl M., November 09, 2023

Connie Willis is a member of the Science Fiction Hall of Fame and a Grand Master of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Colorized photo of Albert Camus and his novel, The Stranger
John Tommasino, November 06, 2023

November 7, 1913, is the birthdate of Albert Camus, one of the most important writers and philosophers of the 20th century.

Author Lina Rather and her newest book, A Season of Monstrous Conceptions
Daryl M., November 02, 2023

Lina Rather is a speculative fiction author and graduate student living in Central New York. Her short fiction has appeared in venues including Lightspeed, Podcastle, and Shimmer.

Author Hajar Yazdiha and her book, The Struggle for the People’s King
Daryl M., October 26, 2023

Hajar Yazdiha's an Assistant Professor of Sociology, a faculty affiliate of the Equity Research Institute, and a CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar (2023-2025).

Author S.L. Coney and her debut novel Wild Spaces
Daryl M., October 12, 2023

S. L. Coney obtained a master's degree in clinical psychology before abandoning academia to pursue a writing career. The author has ties to South Carolina and roots in St. Louis.

La autora Erica Alfaro y su libro motivacional, Harvesting Dreams
Salvadora Sosa Prieto, October 06, 2023

Erica Alfaro es autora galardonada, oradora principal y defensora de la educación. En 2019, sus fotos de graduación se volvieron virales y llegaron a los medios de comunicación de todo el mundo.