We Have a New Podcast: Career Conversations

Tina Lernø, Librarian, Digital Content Team,
close up of a recording device

Did you know we have an awesome new podcast? Listen in to Career Conversations as our Teen’Scape librarian Llyr, interviews people who have interesting and successful careers and finds out how they got there.

Llyr described Career Conversations as an exciting series for young people and adults to be able to have a glimpse into a field they may have been interested in pursuing. Since August of last year, attendees have been able to listen to exciting career topics such as film editors, business owners, scientists, marketing and public relation, working in theater, and software engineers. These cozy talks include audience participation, so it's a perfect venue to gauge one's interest in a career.

We are excited, in the coming months, to bring you architects, television writers, video gaming, therapists, and a music supervisor for film and television. I think this is a wonderful way not only to learn about a field of interest, but to discover new paths for one's career goals and aspirations!

The conversations take place in our Central Library in the Teen’Scape area, but if you can’t make it here on the day, you can now listen to the podcast!

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