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Children Chatting with Author Nicki Thornton

Episode Summary

Join the Studio City Podcast People as they interview Nicki Thornton about her book, The Last Chance Hotel and about being an author.

Kitchen boy Seth Seppi is shocked by being accused of poisoning the famous magician Dr. Thallomius and all because of his special apricot dessert. Now Seth has only a short time to prove his innocence, knowing that the real murderer is among the guests at the Last Chance Hotel. The Last Chance Hotel, described as Agatha Christie, meets J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter has now gone on to be an international bestseller, being translated into fifteen languages.


  • Kiana: Book Club member
  • Sebastien: Book Club member
  • Eva: Book Club member
  • Cyrus: Book Club member
  • Lauren Kratz: Children’s Librarian Studio City Library


  • Nicki Thornton, author of the book The Last Chance Hotel

Tech Support:

  • Lauren Kratz, Children’s Librarian Studio City Library

Participant(s) Bio

Nicki is a former bookseller, and still lives in Oxfordshire, London where she ran a bookshop for more than ten years. She remains passionate about books, bookshops and anything that celebrates reading for pleasure and writes a regular Mystery Journal celebrating all things crime fiction for young people.