No matter the situation or choice, one cannot turn back the hands of time.

High school friends Barry, Julie, Ray, and Helen face the consequences of their actions on the worst summer of their lives. Readers are, at first, unaware of the atrocity that occurred but will later discover the mystery that lies between the once close-knit group of friends. An anonymous witness threatens the four friends, who constantly torments them with letters only the ones present at the event (mentioned in the letter) would understand. Barry, the careless jock, believes the mysterious notes are part of a joke or prank. And while Helen fully supports Barry, Ray, and Julie are taking the messages seriously. The story jumps between perspectives from each friend in the group, slowly revealing their thoughts, fears, and threats that progressively get worse. Here, they face two main choices: report what they know to the police and put themselves at risk of being arrested, or endure the threats that might cost their lives.

Although I Know What You Did Last Summer was a short and easy read, it remains intriguing. The novel captures the elements of a classic thriller, keeping me on the edge of my seat, anticipating the next course of action the friends might take. One of my favorite components of the book was how Duncan kept the readers guessing, leaving only vague clues about the perpetrator lurking at the heart of the story.

Review by: Mikayla Lorenzo

Mikayla reads novels from all genres. She has a passion for swimming, archery, and gaming.

—Michael Baradi, Mid-Valley Regional Branch Library