Book cover for All these lives

All these lives

Wylie, Sarah.
Call Number: YA

Fraternal twin sisters Dani and Jena are very different.  Dani takes after her mother with her talent for acting and her mysterious ability to avoid death in dire circumstances.  When Jena is suffering from leukemia, Dani is unable to be a bone marrow donor match.  She struggles with the situation by trying to cheat death yet again to transfer a life to her sister. This is realistic fiction not a fantasy and the consequences could be dire.

Book cover for Boys that bite

Boys that bite

Mancusi, Mari.

Identical twin sisters Sunny and Rayne have very individual personalities that suit their names.  Rayne is Goth and wants to be a Blood coven Vampire.  Sunny would rather just go to the senior prom with her dream date.  When Sunny is the one bitten by a real vampire because she is mistaken for her sister she needs to find a way to reverse the bite fast.  

Book cover for Chime


Billingsley, Franny, 1954-
Call Number: YA

This poetic fairly tale like book blends historical fiction with fantasy.  Briony is a witch and she sees spirits that haunt the marshes around her town.  She also believes herself to be responsible for her step-mother’s death and her identical twin sister Rose’s mental illness. She vows to hate herself and look after her sister. 

Book cover for First comes love

First comes love

Kacvinsky, Katie.
Call Number: YA

This is a touching love story of the first summer post high school graduation. Gary’s twin sister who was his best friend recently died. He is attending a community college in Phoenix to stay close to his parents.  A quirky girl from Wisconsin shows him how to enjoy life again. 

Book cover for Gemini Bites

Gemini Bites

Ryan, Patrick, 1965-
Call Number: YA

Also available for download as an e-book.
Twins Kyle and Judy always compete with one another. Their new obsession is a transfer student that claims to be a vampire. A humorous tale with multiple POVs that deal with attraction and family dynamics.

Book cover for Happy families

Happy families

Davis, Tanita S.
Call Number: YA

Male/female twins, the academic Justin and artistic Ysabel, are shocked to discover their father would prefer to dress as a woman.  Alternating chapters from each twin’s perspective explore their developing feeling on the subject.

Book cover for Identical


Hopkins, Ellen.
Call Number: YA

Ellen Hopkins’s style of free verse and difficult subject matter, which in this case deals with drugs, eating disorders, sexual abuse and other trauma, is played out in this haunting story of identical mirror image twins with very different personalities.

Book cover for The lying game

The lying game

Shepard, Sara, 1977-
Call Number: YA

The author of the very popular Pretty Little Liars series tries her hand at the identical twins separated at birth premise.  Sutton has been murdered.  Emma steps into her life to try to solve the crime.

Book cover for Thirteenth child

Thirteenth child

Wrede, Patricia C., 1953-

In this alternate and fantasy inspired history of the American frontier, boy/girl twins confront their fates.  The boy, Lan, is the seventh son of the seventh son.  This is supposed to bring him a gift for magic.  The girl, Eff, is the 13th child in the family.  This  is supposed to bring the family misfortune.  Their father is a professor of magic on the frontier.