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Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgo

La Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos está organizada de modo que los estudiantes puedan encontrar información rápida y fácilmente.

LearningExpress Library

Online interactive practice exams covering adult basic, academic, job related, civil service, real estate skills and more. Now includes ESL Spanish Basic Skills Course.

World Book Encyclopedia

Offers information on a range of topics.

AccessScience (McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology)

Online version of the standard encyclopedia with updated science and technology news, biographies, learning resources, study guides, and links to related web sites.

Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgo

La Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos está organizada de modo que los estudiantes puedan encontrar información rápida y fácilmente.

Gale In Context: High School

Contains information on core subjects from Science to Literature to History of student-focused subject material. Includes content of Discovering Collection database.

Gale in Context: Middle School

Periodical database designed for students in junior high and middle school, with magazines, newspapers and reference books on current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, government, sports and more.

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints

Pro and con arguments with contextual information and opinions on hundreds of today's hottest social issues drawn from news articles, journals, primary source documents, statistics, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites.

Gale in Context: Science

Information on subjects ranging from earth science and life science, to space, technology, mathematics, science history, and biography for assignments and projects.

Gale Interactive: Science, High School and College

While supporting high school curricula and university coursework, Gale Interactive: Science helps students better visualize and understand concepts in biology, chemistry, earth, and space science. Students and instructors can manipulate and explore 3D models that are paired with reference and periodical content for further understanding.

Gale Virtual Reference Library (Reference eBooks)

A collection of reference eBooks on a wide variety of topics. Portions of the books can be downloaded onto eReader devices.

Health & Wellness Resource Center

Full text medical encyclopedias, nearly 400 health and medical journals, hundreds of pamphlets, over 700 videos and articles from 2,200 general interest publications.


ScienceFlix combines curriculum-driven, leveled content, interactive features, and intuitive navigation into a single, highly-engaging digital resource for students in grades 4 through 9. ScienceFlix is available for use on PCs, Macs and most tablets and mobile devices

World Book Encyclopedia

Offers information on a range of topics.

Animal, Astronomy & Weather Websites

Division of Endangered Species, Threatened and Endangered Wildlife and Plants

Sponsored by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Has charts and brief technical information. Some tables may require Acrobat. Not easily understandable by younger students.

Endangered Species

Has links to brief information about selected endangered creatures, why they are endangered, and what is being done. Note that selectable picture does not refer to the creature shown.

Gale In Context: Environmental Studies, High School and College

Environmental Studies is updated daily with news, reference materials, academic journals, videos, and more. This resource offers nearly 400 topic, state, and province resources across the science, social studies, and humanities curriculum, including Water Privatization, Ecotourism, Air Pollution, Green Economy, and more.

Hurricanes Theme Page

Comprehensive educational theme page on the science of hurricanes with many links.

Intellicast Dr. Dewpoint Main Page

Has articles, questions and answers, weather almanacs, and general information about weather.

NASA Science - Solar System Exploration

The Solar System.

Society of American Archaeology

The Weather Channel

Has basic daily and weekly forecasts searchable by place name or zip code. There are also links to articles about weather. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for links to resources for teachers and students.

Windows to the Universe—Astronomy

Basic astronomy information about the planets, solar system, rockets, and space missions. There are some bios of scientists and astronauts.

Chemistry & Physics Websites

Chemical Elements Online

Provides information, links, diagrams, etc. on the 109 named elements plus elements 110 - 112.

Physics Central

Find out how physics is part of your world. We answer your questions on how things work and keep you informed with daily updates on physics in the news. We describe the latest research and the people who are doing it and show you physics in action. If you have a question, ask Dr. Lou!

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Reference on Constants, Units and Uncertainty

CODATA Internationally recommended values of the Fundamental Physical Constants. Search for value by name (i.e. speed of light).

WebElements periodic table of the elements

Online version of the Periodic table. Click on desired element for in depth information about the element.

Earth & Life Science Websites

Earthquake Information from the USGS

Has FAQ's, links to other resources, and basic information about quakes. There are also some sound files and links to information about specific quakes.

Earthquakes Theme Page

Comprehensive educational theme page on the science of earthquakes with many links.

Tsunamis Theme Page

Comprehensive educational theme page on the science of tsunamis with many links.

Volcanoes Theme Page

Comprehensive educational theme page on the science of volcanoes with many links.

Biology Project, The

Online interactive resource for learning biology. Content includes Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Human Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Immunology.

Kids do Ecology

World biomes - Biomes are regions of the world with similar climate (weather, temperature) animals and plants. There are terrestrial biomes (land) and aquatic biomes, both freshwater and marine.

Health Information

From the National Library of Medicine. Has links to various sites for locating health data. Links are arranged by topic and are searchable.

Human Anatomy Online

A graphical interface to information about the body. Requires frames. Also has animations and images and can be searched.

Math & Science Websites

The Math League

Offers clear definitions and easy-to-understand examples. Each definition builds on the previous to present a straightforward introduction to algebraic concepts.

Online Math Learning

Find interesting quizzes, practice, homework help and other materials to keep you occupied; or fun facts, games, puzzles and other cool stuff to make this subject something to be enjoyed rather than dreaded. Have some fun while learning some key skills Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and other categories.

Online Unit Conversion

Links to sites that calculate, convert, and measure. They are arranged by discipline.

Practical Algebra Lessons

Everything from Pre-Algebra to Algebra—Illustrated tutorials, categorized links, homework guidelines, and a study skills survey.

How Stuff Works

This web site explains how hundreds of things work, from elements of the human body to space-age technology.

Scientific American

Check out the latest science news from the Scientific American Magazine.

Science Buddies

A non-profit organization focused on developing science enrichment tools for students in grades K-12.

Science Fair Guide