We are offering select services at 38 library locations, including Central Library.

Staff Directory

Library Administration
City LibrarianJohn SzaboTel: 213-228-7515Fax: 213-228-7519
Assistant City LibrarianSusan BromanTel: 213-228-7461Fax: 213-228-7519
Administration Office Tel: 213-228-7515Fax: 213-228-7519


Business & Facilities
Business ManagerMadeleine RackleyTel: 213-228-7465Fax: 213-228-7449
Facilities and Event ManagerEloisa SaraoTel: 213-228-7463Fax: 213-228-7449
Principal Accountant Tel: 213-228-7446Fax: 213-228-7449
Chief of Security Tel: 213-228-7171Fax: 213-228-7199


Branch Library Services
Acting DirectorJoyce CooperTel: 213-228-7571Fax: 213-228-7039
Assistant DirectorEmily FateTel: 213-228-7570Fax: 213-228-7039
Central/Southern Area ManagerAdam MendelsohnTel: 310-548-7786Fax: 310-548-2096
Acting East Valley Area ManagerAnn BowmanTel: 818-755-7667Fax: 818-760-8924
Hollywood Area ManagerPaul MontgomerieTel: 213-368-7683Fax: 213-639-1654
Northeast Area ManagerKian DaizadehTel: 323-255-1875Fax: 323-256-8459
West Valley Area ManagerRuth E. SeidTel: 818-895-3661Fax: 818-895-3656
Western Area ManagerErika ThibaultTel: 310-575-8434Fax: 310-575-8476


Central Library Services
DirectorKren MaloneTel: 213-228-7470Fax: 213-228-7429
Acting Programming and Outreach ManagerAna CamposTel: 213-228-7128 
Research & Special Collections ManagerAni BoyadjianTel: 213-228-7223Fax: 213-228-7339
Customer Service ManagerSelena TerrazasTel: 213-228-7281Fax: 213-228-7279


Information Technologies Division
Acting Director of SystemsThomas KohTel: 213-228-7027Fax: 213-228-7097
Client Technologies ManagerAlex MuiTel: 213-228-7014Fax: 213-228-7097
Applications & Development ManagerCurtis MoyTel: 213-228-7021Fax: 213-228-7097


Emerging Technologies & Collections
DirectorSusan BromanTel: 213-228-7562Fax: 213-228-7519
Acting Collection Services ManagerCatherine RoyaltyTel: 213-228-7192Fax: 213-228-7189
Multilingual Collections ManagerAnna AvalosTel: 213-228-7496Fax: 213-228-7049
Catalog ManagerDinorah PineloTel: 213-228-7174Fax: 213-228-7049
Digital ContentMadeline PeñaTel: 213-228-7071Fax: 213-228-7049
Web TechnologiesMatthew MattsonTel: 213-228-7404Fax: 213-228-7097


Engagement & Learning Division
DirectorEva MitnickTel: 213-228-7527 
Associate Director, Engagement and Outreach DepartmentJené BrownTel: 213-228-7599 
Associate Director, Exploration and CreativityDiane Olivo-PosnerTel: 213-228-7481 
Associate Director, Lifelong Learning DepartmentAlicia RamirezTel: 213-228-7381 
Associate Director, Youth Services DepartmentMadeline BryantTel: 213-228-7371 
Office Tel: 213-228-7311 


Human Resources Office
DirectorMike BolokowiczTel: 213-228-7430Fax: 213-228-7439
OfficeHuman Resources OfficeTel: 213-228-7430Fax: 213-228-7439


Public Relations
DirectorPeter V. PersicTel: 213-228-7556 
OfficePublic Relations OfficeTel: 213-228-7555