All libraries are closed until further notice. No late fines will be assessed for overdue items, and you can return materials when libraries reopen. Learn more.
Todas las bibliotecas están cerradas hasta nuevo aviso. Más información.

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Staff Directory

Library Administration
City LibrarianJohn SzaboTel: 213-228-7515Fax: 213-228-7519
Assistant City LibrarianSusan BromanTel: 213-228-7461Fax: 213-228-7519
Administration Office Tel: 213-228-7515Fax: 213-228-7519


Business Office
Business ManagerMadeleine RackleyTel: 213-228-7465Fax: 213-228-7449
Assistant Business ManagerEloisa SaraoTel: 213-228-7463Fax: 213-228-7449
Principal AccountantMonique AtkinsonTel: 213-228-7446Fax: 213-228-7449
Chief of Security Tel: 213-228-7171Fax: 213-228-7199


Branch Library Services
DirectorChad HeltonTel: 213-228-7570Fax: 213-228-7039
Assistant DirectorEmily FateTel: 213-228-7570Fax: 213-228-7039
Central/Southern Area ManagerAdam MendelsohnTel: 310-548-7786Fax: 310-548-2096
East Valley Area ManagerKaren Pickard-FourTel: 818-755-7667Fax: 818-760-8924
Hollywood Area ManagerPaul MontgomerieTel: 213-368-7683Fax: 213-639-1654
Northeast Area ManagerKian DaizadehTel: 323-255-1875Fax: 323-256-8459
West Valley Area ManagerRuth E. SeidTel: 818-895-3661Fax: 818-895-3656
Western Area ManagerErika ThibaultTel: 310-575-8434Fax: 310-575-8476


Central Library Services
DirectorKren MaloneTel: 213-228-7470Fax: 213-228-7429
Programming and Outreach ManagerJoyce CooperTel: 213-228-7132Fax: 213-228-7419
Research & Special Collections ManagerAni BoyadjianTel: 213-228-7223Fax: 213-228-7339
Customer Service ManagerSelena TerrazasTel: 213-228-7281Fax: 213-228-7279


Information Technologies Division
Acting Director of SystemsThomas KohTel: 213-228-7027Fax: 213-228-7097
Client Technologies ManagerAlex MuiTel: 213-228-7014Fax: 213-228-7097
Applications & Development ManagerCurtis MoyTel: 213-228-7021Fax: 213-228-7097


Emerging Technologies & Collections
DirectorSusan BromanTel: 213-228-7562Fax: 213-228-7519
Acting Collection Services ManagerCatherine RoyaltyTel: 213-228-7192Fax: 213-228-7189
Multilingual Collections ManagerAnna AvalosTel: 213-228-7496Fax: 213-228-7049
Catalog ManagerDinorah PineloTel: 213-228-7174Fax: 213-228-7049
Web TechnologiesMatthew MattsonTel: 213-228-7404Fax: 213-228-7097


Engagement & Learning Division
DirectorEva MitnickTel: 213-228-7527 
Associate Director, Engagement and Outreach DepartmentJené BrownTel: 213-228-7599 
Associate Director, Exploration and CreativityDiane Olivo-PosnerTel: 213-228-7481 
Associate Director, Lifelong Learning DepartmentAlicia RamirezTel: 213-228-7381 
Associate Director, Youth Services DepartmentMadeline BryantTel: 213-228-7371 
Office Tel: 213-228-7311 


Human Resources Office
DirectorMike BolokowiczTel: 213-228-7430Fax: 213-228-7439
OfficeHuman Resources OfficeTel: 213-228-7430Fax: 213-228-7439


Public Relations
DirectorPeter V. PersicTel: 213-228-7556 
OfficePublic Relations OfficeTel: 213-228-7555