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Holiday Cookery

Holiday Cookery

A Survey of Science, Technology and Patent's Department Holdings

This survey is meant to show the variety of materials on Holiday Cookery in the LAPL Central Library Department of Science, Technology and Patents. Many of our books are specifically related to holidays. Other books have material that you might want, but where to look for them isn't easy to figure out. Some of the books may sound strange, but do have the special or ethnic recipes that we might not have in a cookbook on the country or region. Some will give some cultural information and provide names that can be searched as subjects.

The Art, Music and Recreation Dept. has materials on entertaining and parties. Some of their materials will also contain some cookery.

The Science, Technology and Patents Department has a large collection of materials on holiday cookery. These materials can be found on terminals in our branches and on the Internet at and clicking on the home page catalog button. Circulating copies can be reserved on these terminals and sent to the desired branch for pick up.

Definitions from the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, 1987:

cook 1. to prepare (food) by the use of heat, as by boiling, baking, or roasting. Page 445

cookery 1. the art or practice of cooking. 12. a person who cooks. Page 445

holiday 1. a day fixed by law or custom on which ordinary business is suspended in commemoration of some event or in honor of some person. Page 911

The Science, Technology and Patents Dept. does not have books on holidays. The History and Literature Depts. have the books on holidays including holidays around the world.


Please note general books on holiday cookery will have the subject number 641.568. There are many books in different areas that also have holiday cookery.

bookjacketB. Smith : rituals & celebrations by Barbara Smith ; photographs by Mark Ferri. New York : Random House, c1999. "When you really throw yourself into preparing something that you're with other people, something that comes from your heart—whether it's your own version of a Chinese New Year dinner or a keepsake Valentine's collage—you create a memory that lasts forever. And, of course, every time you celebrate one of the traditional holidays, you become part of a whole chain of memories woven by the generations that came before you and those that are following after." This is an excellent book. The book is arranged by month. For each month the usual holidays are included. The author also includes a number of other celebrations that make the value of the book. Among the extras are Juneteenth, Chinese New Year, spring hooky day luncheon, Mothers' Day, restaurant party, family reunion, dessert-dance party, Christmas Eve fondue, and New Year's Eve pajama party for kids. There are color illustrations.641.568
bookjacketThe California cook : casually elegant recipes with exhilarating taste by Diane Rossen Worthington ; wine notes by Anthony Dias Blue. New York: Bantam Books, 1994. The section on menus (page 427) has menus for the major holidays and other events you could use at other times. The book is primarily a California cuisine cookbook.641.59794
bookjacketFestive occasions cookbook, general editor Chuck Williams ; menu concepts & recipes Joyce Goldstein ; photography Allan Rosenberg & Allen V. Lott. San Francisco, CA : Weldon Owen Pub., 1993. The book is divided into four sections: introduction, occasions, holidays, and elements of entertaining. There are recipes. The tone is upscale and there are very nice color illustrations. "A truly festive occasion flows with a life and style all its own. Of course, magical though they seem, such events don't happen miraculously. From the first cause for celebration to the final cleanup, great parties result as much from organization as from creativity. This book aims to provide you with both."641.568
bookjacketFeasts of Eden : gracious country cooking from the Red Apple Inn by Ruby C. Thomas. Little Rock, Ark. : August House, 1990. For the theme of this listing of holiday cookery, this book is very nice. There are over one hundred pages of menus for holiday and other occasions. Each menu is complete with the recipes for all the dishes in the menu. The rest of the book is filled with recipes for appetizers, breads, soups, salads, meats, etc., that you have in a typical cookbook. There is a section of color photographs of the dishes. The restaurant is highly rated; try some of these recipes.641.59767
bookjacketThe Good housekeeping cookbook, edited by Zoe Coulson ; Drawings by Murray Tinkelman ; photographs by James Viles. New York, Good Housekeeping Books, c1973. The meal planning section starting on page 727 is nice. It includes sample menus. This is followed by an entertaining section that has suggestions for open houses, wedding & anniversary receptions, bridal & baby showers and party ideas. This book works well for people who either have a set tradition of menus and just need to know how to cook a dish or are planning for special occasions that have no traditional menu.641.5973
bookjacketHoliday fruit, written by Georgeanne Brennan ; conceived & produced by Jennifer Barry Design ; photography by Richard Jung. New York : Smithmark Publishers, 1999. The topics are preserves & salads, tabletop fruit, savory fruit, decorative fruit, fruit desserts, fruit gifts, and fruit drinks. This is a book that would be perfect on the coffee table. Many good color illustrations. Crafts as well as cooking will keep those fingers busy.641.64
bookjacketLouisiana festivals cookbook. Lafayette, La. : Acadian House Publishing, c1992- "Louisiana festivals cookbook (book 1) is the first in a continuing series of cookbooks featuring prize-winning recipes from the cooking contests sponsored by various festivals throughout the state." Nutritional information is given for each recipe. General information is given about each festival.641.59763
bookjacketMcCall's cook book [by the food editors of McCall's]. New York : Random House, McCalls's, c1963. Meal planning and menus start on page 708. There are menus for Easter, Thanksgiving (2), and Christmas.641.5973
bookjacketMary Engelbreit's 'tis the season holiday cookbook illustrated by Mary Engelbreit ; photographs by Alison Miksch. Kansas City, KS : Andrews McMeel, 2000. The book is arranged by type of food (appetizers, soups, salads, etc.) There are nice color photographs of the dishes and colorful page decorations. There are occasional sidebars giving ideas for being prepared, decorations, party ideas, etc.641.568
bookjacketSeason's greetings : cooking and entertaining for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's by Marlene Sorosky ; photographs by Geoffrey Nilsen. San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c1997. In the getting in the spirit section there is coverage of fruitcakes, liqueurs & vinegars, jams, preserves, mustards, and pickles. The Thanksgiving section includes leftovers. The Christmas section has an afternoon tea, a buffet, coffee cakes, and sweets, among others. The New Year's section has a midnight madness buffet, New Year's brunch, and munchy food.641.568
bookjacketThanksgiving : festive recipes for the holiday table, general editor, Chuck Williams ; recipes, Kristine Kidd ; photography, Allan Rosenberg. Alexandria, VA : Time-Life, c1997. Starts with cooking equipment, how to cook a turkey and creating a menu. The main sections are starters, main courses, stuffings & side dishes, and breads & desserts. There are very nice color pictures of the dishes.641.568
bookjacketThanksgiving 101 : celebrate America's favorite holiday with America's Thanksgiving expert by Rick Rodgers. New York : Broadway Books, c1998. "What I hear most from my students is that they are desperate for help in organizing the meal. So, in addition to a host of tips, I've provided suggested complete menus with preparation and cooking timetables." Subjects covered are: appetizers & beverages, soups & salads, turkey & friends, stuffings & dressings, side dishes, yeast & quick breads, desserts, leftovers, and Thanksgiving menu planner. A wide variety of foods is covered. For example, friends of turkeys includes smoked ham and meatball lasagna. There are many of Cajun/Louisiana and Mexican foods in several categories. Dishes that can be made ahead are so indicated.641.568
bookjacketVegetarian Times complete Thanksgiving cookbook from the editors of Vegetarian Times. New York, NY : Macmillan, c1998. "The best recipes for the trickiest holiday." Topics include: hosting, appetizers, beverages, soups, salads, entrees, side dishes, gravies & sauces, breads, desserts, and menus. You knew this one was coming, didn't you?R

Reference Materials

These are reference materials kept at either the Reference Desk or Room Reference section adjacent to the Reference Desk. They supply quick facts on many topics within their subject.

bookjacketThe cook's companion by [Doris McFerran Townsend]. New York : Crown Publishers, 1978. The book is arranged in a dictionary format with mostly short entries. There are tables and line drawings. Special sections are given for nutrition, food names, carving & boning, preserving, gardening, reading food labels, recipe terminology, feeding fussy children, sauces, kitchen equipment, food fashions, and tricks. Example entries are: barbecue, breakfast, coupons, cream, foo yong, jambalaya, quenelles, and zwieback.R
bookjacketFood : a culinary history from antiquity to the present, under the direction of Jean-Louis Flandrin and Massimo Montanari ; English edition by Albert Sonnenfeld ; translated by Clarissa Botsford ... [et al.]. New York : Columbia University Press, c1999. Covers Middle Eastern, European and American areas and from Egyptian to McDonald's times. Example articles are: feeding strategies in prehistoric times, biblical reasons, Greek meals, diet of the Etruscans, Arab cuisine, medieval cooking, invasion of foreign foods, rise of the restaurant, perils of abundance, and "McDonaldization" of culture.R
bookjacketThe gourmet atlas by Susie Ward, Claire Clifton, Jenny Stacey. New York, N.Y. : Macmillan, c1997. A colorful book with nice illustrations. The book is arranged by food group. Examples are: herbs & spices, fish & seafood, grains & bread, meat & poultry, oils & vinegars, and fruits & nuts. Within each section you can find history, implements, maps with migration routes, fact sidebars, and recipes.R
bookjacketThe visual food encyclopedia. New York : Macmillan, c1996. "The visual food encyclopedia is designed to help the reader (both the novice and the experienced cook) find clear and precise information about a particular food item as quickly as possible." The book is arranged by food category and food subcategories. Each food has information that covers buying, preparing, serving ideas, cooking, nutrition, and storing. A good coffee table book.R
bookjacketThe world encyclopedia of food by L. Patrick Coyle ; photographs by Bobbi Mapstone ; drawings by Shoshonah Dubiner and Erika Oller. New York, N.Y., Facts on File, c1982. A dictionary arranged book with short entries on a large number of foods. There are some line drawings and photographs.R

Religion Based

bookjacketThe Catholic cookbook : traditional feast and fast day recipes by William I. Kaufman ; preface by Robert I. Gannon ; decorations by Richard Gorman Powers. New York : Citadel Press, c1965. "The Catholic cookbook is a treasury of recipes showing the connection between the observance of Catholic holy days and holidays and the symbolic foods which have for generations been served to commemorate and celebrate these religious events. The book is arranged by day or time period. Background and recipes are given.R
bookjacketCooking for Christ : the liturgical year in the kitchen by Florence S. Berger. Des Moines, Iowa : National Catholic Rural Life Conference, c1949. Covers foods and recipes for Christian celebrations.R
bookjacketFlavors of India : recipes from the vegetarian Hindu cuisine by Shanta Nimbark Sacharoff ; drawings by Linda Robertson. San Francisco : 101 Productions ; [New York : Distributed by Scribner], 1972. Topics include: spices, beverages, snacks & chutneys, milk & dairy products, vegetables, rice, dals, breads, sweets, preparing for Indian meals & feasts, and where to buy Indian spices & dry goods.641.5954
bookjacketItadakimasu Dana Group. [California] : Gardena Buddhist Church, [198-?] This is a book put together by a church group and emphasizes Japanese cookery. It is fun to go through a book like this to see the varied and unusual recipes.R
bookjacketMuslim world cook book. Muslim Student's Association of the United States and Canada, Women's Committee, c1973. There is a general discussion of religious rules relating to food and eating. Fasting is covered, but not holidays in particular.641.59
bookjacketThe new Jewish holiday cookbook : an international collection of recipes and customs by Gloria Kaufer Greene. New York : Times Books, c1999. The book is arranged by holiday or holiday group and includes Israel's Independence Day and Jerusalem Day.641.567
bookjacketOur best to you again, compiled by the Sacred Heart League of Sacred Heart Byzantine Catholic Church. Livonia, Mich. : The Church, 1978. The book is typical of groups that self publish their favorite recipes. I found several of the recipes intriguing. There is a special section on Easter and Christmas covering recipes and culture.R
bookjacketPassover cookery : in the kitchen with Joan Kekst by Joan Kekst ; photography by Peter Renerts. Chandler, AZ : Five Star publications, c2001. The book explains Passover and the Seder. There is a "countdown to Passover" guide and a guide to menu variations. The organization is: Seder table, first courses, soups, kugels & casseroles, vegetables & salads, main courses, and desserts. Many recipes are from Europe and the Middle East.641.567
bookjacketThe Samovar cook book compiled by the Myrrh-Bearing Women's Society (Ladies Sodality), Nativity of Virgin Mary, Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church. Madison, Ill. : The Society?, 1964. Another church group published cookbook. It has sections on traditional foods and quantity cooking recipes. If you are planning on feeding a real crowd, use the subject phrase "quantity cookery" in our catalog to find books specializing in feeding large groups.R
bookjacketA treasury of Jewish holiday baking by Marcy Goldman. New York : Doubleday, 1998. A very nice cookbook with background information beyond the recipes. The book is arranged by holiday and has a general explanation of baking.

To My Grandmother on Shabbat

In my grandmother's blind eyes
I have seen
The paths of many before.
The wandering of others
Somehow stops with us.
Here, in this house,
We settle.
And for a time,
The endless trek ceases.

bookjacketUnique Hindu recipes and Hindu food customs by Agnes Spencer Nerode. Los Angeles, Calif. : s.l., c1944. Focuses on Hindu customs of food and surrounding food.R

Taking Charge of the Holidays

This section is for people who want to make holidays meaningful rituals for the family, not just participating in a stress filled series of habits.

bookjacketThe festive table : recipes and stories for creating your own holiday traditions by Ronni Lundy. New York : North Point Press, 1995. "In The festive table you will find stories of people who have created celebrations that are marked by a spirit of community and feelings of joy. And it's my hope that they will inspire you to create such celebrations of your own." Along with unusual food groupings are comments and suggestions by the author to give you ideas about what would work best for your family.641.568
bookjacketKwanzaa : an African-American celebration of culture and cooking by Eric V. Copage ; design and illustrations Cheryl Carrington. New York : W. Morrow, c1991. "I thought about my goals for Evan and decided that Kwanzaa was the best lens through which to view the landscape of the African diaspora and lessons it has to teach. Because it is only one week long, and because of the ceremony, and because it climaxes with a glorious feast, Kwanzaa has an intensity and focus that provides the perfect atmosphere for my son to experience the joys of being black. Kwanzaa also has the celebratory aspect that will provide memories for Evan and now my daughter, Siobhan, to savor as adults and to pass on to their children." The book has international recipes divided into typical categories such as appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, breads, desserts, etc. The pages are pleasantly decorated with designs by Cheryl Carrington. There is information about the origin and conducting of the Kwanzaa celebration.641.5973
bookjacketA Kwanzaa celebration : festive recipes and homemade gifts from an African-American kitchen by Angela Shelf Medearis. New York : Dutton, c1995. A small book explaining Kwanzaa and how to celebrate it. Recipes are given for the Karamu feast and for use as gifts.641.5973
bookjacketMaking your own traditions by Dette Hunter & Jocelyn Shipley. Newmarket, Ontario, Canada : Traditions Press, c1988. "This is a book of things to do, not worry about." There are crafts as well as recipes. This book starts with Fall and goes through the seasons. There are recipes, crafts, and holiday coordinated suggestions as you go through the year. Check out the kid's kitchen make-up. Or maybe woven pocket hearts are more your style. Or maybe gumdrop squares?641.59

International / Regional

bookjacketThe African-American kitchen : cooking from our heritage by Angela Shelf Medearis. New York : Dutton, c1994. "The family wanted to make sure these recipes endured, and one of my sisters suggested a cookbook. Since I can both cook and write, I got the job." The book covers cooking from Africa, the Caribbean, slave kitchens, and the African-American kitchen, followed by holidays of our own, which has menus for church potlucks (Dinner on the Grounds), Kwanzaa, Juneteenth and Christmas.641.5973
bookjacketThe art of American Indian cooking by Yeffe Kimball and Jean Anderson ; foreword by Will Rogers, Jr. ; preface by Gary Soucie ; illustrated by Yeffe Kimball. New York : Lyons Press, [2000], c1965. This is not a holiday cookbook. If you would like to incorporate some Native American cooking into a meal this is a good source. The book is divided into geographic regions. Within the regions recipes are arranged by food category. An appendix on page 203 groups all the recipes together by category. They can be located by referring to the following index.641.5973
bookjacketThe art of Indian cuisine : everyday menus, feasts, and holiday banquets by Pranati Sen Gupta. New York : Hawthorn Books, [1974] This is primarily an Indian cuisine cookbook, but some holiday and festival information is given.641.5954
bookjacketThe best of Taiwanese cuisine : recipes and menus for holidays and special occasions by Karen Hulene Bartell. New York : Hippocrene Books, c2001. Holidays include Lunar New Year, Lantern Festival, Dragon boat, Double Ten (Independence Day), Father's Day, and Moon Festival. Other celebrations are Mahjong dinner, tea ceremony, wedding dinner, hungry ghost, and Mongolian fire pot. Includes a listing of the twenty-four solar phases.641.5951
bookjacketGatherings & celebrations : history, folklore, rituals and recipes for the occasions that bring people together by Burt Wolf. New York : Doubleday, 1996. Another book with a large number of celebrations beyond the holidays. The orientation is around the world. The book is based on a television series with the same name. Examples are Robert Burns night in Scotland, food & romance in Verona, Easter in Florence, Moon Festivals of China, picnic in Abruzzo, formal dinner in the Loire Valley, and Christmas in Germany. Recipes are given for each celebration.641.568
bookjacketHoliday food by Mario Batali ; photographs by Quentin Bacon. New York : Clarkson Potter, c2000. Famous Italian chef Mario Batali has menus and recipes for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Color illustrations of the dishes and some background scenes are included. There is material on Italian wine laws and Italian wine.641.568
bookjacketOld Warsaw cook book; hundreds of Polish specialties with many additions from cuisines the world over. New York, Roy Publishers [1958] The main part is arranged by food category. There is a section on holiday foods and customs. This is followed by sections on Christmas and Easter. There is a special section on international dishes that includes a turkey dinner from the United States.641.59438
Closed Stacks
bookjacketWhen the family gathers : an international cookbook and calendar compiled and written by Beverlie Reilman ; foreword by Rosalynn Carter. Atlanta, Ga. : Longstreet Press, c1996. The book is arranged by month with several countries given for each month. For each country there are several coordinated recipes for either a local holiday or celebration. There are flags in color, some color illustrations and black and white photographs. There is a sidebar giving background information.641.59

You're Going to be Good, Aren't You?

bookjacketAmerican Diabetes Association holiday cookbook by Betty Wedman. New York : Prentice Hall Press, c1986. The first chapters cover nutrition, adjusting recipes, and holiday menus. The book goes on to cover typical food categories with recipes and exchange values. The closing chapters cover turkey leftovers, Jewish recipes and meal planning & food exchanges. Try the cherry tomatoes with pesto filling on page 29.616.63
bookjacketFat-free holiday recipes by Sandra Woodruff. Garden City Park, N.Y. : Avery Pub. Group, c1995. "And because of my work as a teacher, I also know that foods must be more than just healthy. They must be visually appealing and absolutely delicious. If not, people simply won't eat them." The sections of the book are: hors d'oeuvres, holiday meals, celebrations & parties, and desserts & treats. There is an introductory section on how to get the fat out and the foods to know to get that done.641.568
bookjacketThe almost no fat holiday cookbook : festive vegetarian recipes by Bryanna Clark Grogan. Summertown, Tenn. : Book Pub., Co., c1995. There is a wide coverage of holidays, including New Year's from different cultures especially Asian. At the end there is holiday baking, basics & condiments, glossary and a bibliography.641.63


bookjacketThe complete cookie : cookies for every occasion Barry Bluestein and Kevin Morrissey ; photographs by Tim Turner. New York : Doubleday, c1996. This is primarily a cookie cookbook. There is a long section on holiday cookies arranged by holiday.641.71
bookjacketGingerbread houses : baking and building memories by Nonnie Cargas. Iola, Wis. : Krause Publications, c1999. OK. You're organized. You have all the supplies. The kids are ready to help. Go to it.641.71
bookjacketHoliday cooking with kids : recipes for kids ages 9 to 13 Chuck Williams, general editor ; Susan Manlin Katzman, recipes ; Joyce Oudkerk Pool, photographer. Alexandria, VA : Time-Life Books, 1999. "Some of my happiest memories are of the times I spent helping my grandmother cook for the holidays." "I enjoyed working with her and felt justifiably proud of the compliments our cooking received. That pride, which all children feel when they contribute something to a family occasion, is the reason behind this book, the goal of which is to involve children in the preparation of holiday meals." Adult supervision recommended. The book is arranged by season and holiday. Included are Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, etc. The photographs are great.641.568

Career Information

The Occupational outlook handbook is a book and web site covering many common occupations that gives basic information in a standardized format. This enables the ability to make comparisons between occupations of interest. Check out the Handbook.

See the Social Science, Philosophy and Religion Dept. for information about teaching careers involving science and technology. For careers in science and technology check the catalog for career information about the specific job titles. Try a keyword search on "field of study" vocational guidance. An example is biology vocational guidance.

Many of our newer books on careers are in the electronic library format and are available through EBSCOhost. Instead of having a call number they will be designated "e-Book" in the catalog. Create an e-book account for yourself. Once the account is established our e-Books can be accessed through most Internet terminals.

bookjacketBecoming a chef : with recipes and reflections from America's leading chefs by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page ; foreword by Madeleine Kamman ; photographs by Jamie Columbus. New York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, c1995. A good book. "What does it take to become a truly good chef in America? This is the central question we explored, for the sake of other aspiring chefs or the otherwise interested reader." Topics covered are early influences, schools, apprenticing, getting in, developing as a cook, business of cooking, and persevering. Appendices cover schools, glossary of terms, organizations, magazines and biographies of chefs interviewed.647.95069
bookjacketCool careers for girls in food by Ceel Pasternak & Linda Thornburg. Manassas Park, VA : Impact Publications, c2000. One of a series of books on vocations. The book consists of a series of interviews with women in various food related positions. The positions are chef (restaurant and cooking school owner), cheese maker entrepreneur, bread store owner, winemaker, chocolatier, specialty foods manufacturer, food scientist, military cook, health food store owner, and restaurant critic.647.95069
bookjacketOpportunities in culinary careers by Mary Deirdre Donovan Lincolnwood, Ill., U.S.A. : VGM Career Horizons, c1998. Another in a series of books on vocations. The books in this series are more traditional in format. Subjects include: why a culinary career?, general description, getting a start & moving ahead, making your plan, traditional positions, cold foods, baking, nontraditional settings, special needs cooking, volume cooking, research & development, owning your own business.647.95069
bookjacketOpportunities in food service careers by Carol Ann Caprione Chmelynski ; foreword by William P. Fisher. Lincolnwood, Ill. : VGM Career Horizons, c2000. Another in a series of books on vocations. The books in this series are more traditional in format. Chapters discuss food service overview, opportunities, training & qualifications, compensation, education, financial aid, positions, running your own business, non-food jobs in the industry, and getting a job.647.95069
bookjacketOpportunities in restaurant careers by Carol Ann Caprione Chmelynski ; foreword by Herman Cain. Lincolnwood, IL : VGM Career Horizons, c1998. One of a series of books on vocations. The books in this series are more traditional in format. Topics include the restaurant industry, positions, certified master chef, more positions, operating your own restaurant, education, compensation, and the future.647.95069

The Periodicals Collection

Please remember magazines change names, go out of business, subscriptions end, and other things happen. Many magazines are available with full text or partial text "on-line." Sometimes magazines are available through Los Angeles Public Library databases and sometimes they are available "on the net" with or without a fee/subscription. Please see the section on databases, where you have access to many magazines not physically housed in the library.

Suggested magazines are:

Bon Appetit a monthly magazine subtitled "America's food and entertaining magazine." There are feature articles on foods, entertaining, and travel & restaurants. There is a variety of departments such as tasting panel report, flavors of the world, 30-minute main courses, and menu guide. (On magazine display shelves)

Cook's Illustrated is a bimonthly cooking magazine that calls itself "Home of America's test kitchen." Recipes, cooking techniques, and kitchen tools are tested to try and find the "best." The Web site includes material not in the magazine. (Last three issues kept at the Reference Desk)

Epicurious is a magazine publisher's Web site about food and related e-commerce. Recipes from Bon Appetit and Gourmet are indexed.

Gourmet, "the magazine of good living" was a monthly magazine. Coverage included entertaining, travel, seasonal features, restaurant reviews, spirits, and departments.

Martha Stewart living is a large monthly home oriented magazine. Major sections are cooking, home, keeping, crafts, tasting, entertaining, gardening, and working. Not all sections are in every issue. Included are recipes and a recipe index. (On magazine display shelves)

Saveur is a magazine with the catchphrase "Savor a world of authentic cuisine." The magazine is a travelogue of food with recipes. The four most recent issues are kept at the reference desk.

Internet Web Sites

Below are several websites with links to cookery and/or holiday cookery. Use the search facility in each Web site. Try searching by the name of the dish, holiday, season, or country. Some Web sites will have links that can be used directly. is arranged by popular collections and has holiday recipes.

Epicurious is a magazine publisher's Web site about food and related e-commerce. The magazines are Bon Appetit and Gourmet.