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Amano, Hugh
Reviewed by: Sheryn Morris, Librarian, Literature & Fiction
Call Number: 641.5952 A484
Walk into any supermarket, peruse the soup aisle, and you will find the ubiquitous paper cups of ramen lining numerous shelves. The variety is terrifc. These instant cups have helped many of us get through a hectic day at work or home because they are convenient, inexpensive, have a relatively long shelf-life, and are easy to make in a microwave or with boiling water poured over the contents to provide a quick meal. Ramen has become a generic name for a large variety of instant noodle soups. What is ramen? Is it the name of a type of noodle, or the name of a soup? What is the difference between ramen, soba, udon and other types of noodles? Is it possible to make ramen at home from scratch? Does it take a lot of time and effort? The most important question--does it taste better?Read Full Review

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