Treaty Research

In the Social Science, Philosophy and Religion Department, there is an extensive collection of treaties. Some are in paper form, others are on microfilm or microfiche. There are many indexes and treatises to help you find the treaty you are looking for. Ask one of the librarians to help you.


The works listed below offer background information and compilations of selected treaties. You may need to go no farther, but if you do, these works may give additional information that may make your search easier.

Encyclopedia of the United Nations And International Agreements.
Some full treaties. At desk
341.1503 O83
Human Rights Sourcebook.
This single-volume work contains the full text of virtually all human rights treaties, both international and regional. At desk.
323.4 H9185-4
Treaties and Alliances of the World.
General information and background. At Patron Reference.
341.06 T784
World Encyclopedia of Peace.
V. 3 has treaties related to the peace movement. At Patron Reference.
341.603 W9275
Documents on the Laws of War.
Contains treaties and other documents relating to armed conflicts and military occupation. At Patron Reference.
341.3 D6375 1989
Encyclopedia of Arms Control and Disarmament.
V. 3 has treaties on limitations of weapons and personnel as far back as 202 B.C. and as current as SALT and START treaties. At Patron Reference.
341.603 E565
World Book Encyclopedia.
At desk.


One is not often able to find a treaty without using one of these indexes, unless one already has a citation.
Index, Consolidated Treaty Series, 1648-1920.
Pre-League of Nations. See treaty section for description.
Chronological index, 7 v.
Party Index 5 v., by date, with whom.
341.208 P264
United States Treaty Index, 1776-1995.
This replaced many of our old indexes.
Numerically arranged Master guide v. 1-5
Chronological index v. 6-7
Country index v. 8-9
Subject index v. 10-11
Geographical index v. 12
Kept up to date with supplements and revisions.
341.273 U615
Index, League of Nations Treaty Series, 1920-1946.
See catalog entry for reels that have indexes. In film cabinet.
NR 341.208 L434
United Nations Treaty Series, 1946-
Any treaty entered into by any member must be registered here. Years on binding are misleading. Treaty could be anywhere. File number is what is important, but may have to look through many indexes to find. Reference is to UN treaty series which is in film cabinet and stacks.
341.208 U49
World Treaty Index, 2nd edition.
5 v.
44,500 treaties of 350 countries and international organizations, 1900-1980.
v. 1-3, main entry - chronological listing
v. 4, party index
v. 5, keyword index
341.202 R738 1983
Index to Multilateral Treaties 1596-1963.
Chronological list of multi-party international agreements.
Subject index.
341.202 H339
United Nations Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary General.
Annual, one supersedes the other.
Part I - Multilateral treaties
Part II - League of Nations Multilateral treaties
Gives cite to UNTS, dates participants signed, and comments.
341 U49
Treaties in Force (in force as of Jan. 1)
Treaties ratified by the United States that are currently in effect.
Published annually by the Department of State
Bilateral treaties - alpha by country
Multilateral treaties - alpha by subject
No chronological list.
341.273 U555
Guide to Treaties in Force
Published by Kavass to enhance above. Adds chronological and numerical indexes.
341.273 G9465
Current Treaty Index (after 1990).
Includes those treaties not assigned TIAS numbers. Updated annually.
341.273 C9765
Hein's United States Treaties and other International Agreements
(current service) (aka UST-Current Service).
Index binder kept at microfiche index center.Began in 1990, bi-monthly. Cumulative
index of recent treaties not yet published in TIAS or UST. Refers to fiche by KAV number. See treaty section for description.
341.208 U4955
Unperfected Treaties of the United States 1776-1976
Treaties never signed by the U.S. even though we may have had a role in their creation. Has the actual treaty. In chronological order. Each volume is a set of years and has its own index.
341.273 W663

Full Text of Treaties

Consolidated Treaty Series 1648-1920.
231 v. plus indexes.
Treaties prior to the formation of the League of Nations. Treaties are printed in their original language along with translations in English or French as available. Has chronological and party index. At Patron Reference
341.208 P264
League of Nations Treaty Series 1920-1946.
38 reels
Any treaty entered into by members would be registered here. This series is all on film, including the indexes. In film cabinet.
NR 341.208 L434
United Nations Treaty Series.
Treaties entered into by UN members are registered here. There are chronological and alphabetical indexes, which include subjects. Older treaties are on film, newer volumes are in paper In film cabinet through v. 1098. V. 1099 + in paper in back stacks and 9th floor stacks.
(NR) 341.208 U49
United States Treaties and Other International Agreements.
v. 1 (1950) - v. 34 (1982) in microfiche
v. 33-35 plus slip treaties in paper in Patron Reference. A few hard copies can be found in back stacks and 9th floor stacks.
Published by the Secretary of State. Treaties are assigned a TIAS number. These treaties can be found by using different indexes, but the specific index is the United States Treaty Index (341.273 U615), which can be accessed by date, country, subject, or geographical area.
(NH) 341.273 U58-4
Hein's United States Treaties and Other International Agreements.
Also known as UST-Current Service. Contains treaties not yet assigned a treaty number nor published in United States Treaty Index. Has a subject index which includes country names. All in microfiche. Many fiche with same TIAS# as slip treaties in Patron Reference. In microfiche cabinet.
NH 341.208 U4955
Unperfected Treaties of the United States of America 1776-1976.
9 v. See above.
Treaties never signed by the United States, even though we may have had a role in their creation. In chronological order. Each volume is a set of years and has its own index.
Other treaties in Stacks. Have a look in 341.208 -341.273 to get an idea.
341.273 W663

Also, when U.S. signs a treaty it becomes a Senate document, so one may be able to find it using the Congressional Information Service indexes and fiche.


  • DIS - Department of State Dispatch
  • DSB - Department of State Bulletin
  • FR - Federal Register
  • House Doc - House Document from US Congress
  • KAV - Kavass numbers-
  • Stat. - U.S. Statutes at Large
  • TIAS - Treaties and Other International Acts
  • Treaties in Force
  • TS - Treaty Series
  • UNTS - United Nations Treaty Series
  • UST - United States Treaties and Other International Agreements