The Social Science, Philosophy & Religion Department

Located on Lower Level Three (LL3) of the Tom Bradley Wing: Department Map

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Department Staff

  • Tina Princenthal, Department Manager | 213-228-7009
  • Linda Rudell-Betts, Senior Librarian | 213-228-7302

Materials & Collections

Social Science, Philosophy and Religion encompasses a wide breadth of subject matter, both current and historical, popular and scholarly. These include general psychology, all periods of philosophy, and the world religions of all ages. Social Science covers social problems and issues such as marriage and the family, crime and punishment, substance abuse, and poverty. Also included are politics and government, immigration and ethnic groups, international relations, education, law and customs.

Particular strengths are: Eastern philosophies and religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, the occult, etiquette, ethnic materials, crime and punishment, education, women, LGBTIQIA+ and depository materials for the United Nations, United States and California governments.

Research Guides

The Social Science, Philosophy & Religion Department has prepared these guides to help you in beginning research on popular topics: