The Memory Lab

collection of aged photographs overlaying one another

Providing tools and resources to preserve your unique history.

Increasingly, the materials that make up people's lives are becoming more digital, but not everyone has the equipment or knowledge to properly take care of them. Many analog formats, such as VHS, degrade over time and need to be digitized before the recordings are lost. The Los Angeles Public Library provides the following services to help individuals on their personal archiving and digital preservation journey.

DIY Memory Lab

The DIY Memory Lab is a space for free do-it-yourself digitization of photos, video, sound recordings, and other formats, located in the Octavia Lab on LL2 of the Los Angeles Central Library. Get a LAPL library card, attend an an online orientation, and sign the Octavia Lab User Agreement in order to book a reservation to digitize your own materials.

Mobile Memory Lab

The Los Angeles Public Library's Mobile Memory Lab is a pop-up program designed to collect stories, images, and other evidence of life in the City of Angels.


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Online Resources

Learn how to take care of your physical and digital possessions and get resources to help you with your personal archiving projects.

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