Cell-Ed Pathways for Learning

Use Cell-Ed on your phone to access on-the-go learning for business, community safety and Internet skills.

Two pathways feature micro courses about business, community safety and Internet skills and have been specifically built for street vendors. Explore these pathways using Cell-Ed on your phone. You will learn many useful topics, including:

    Pathway 1
    Business, Sales and Vending

  • Improve English skills to work with customers
  • Learn how to attract new customers
  • Create a budget, price your products, learn about paying taxes and the banking system
  • Gain self-empowerment and community safety strategies

    Pathway 2
    Internet Skills

  • Learn how to use the Internet
  • Create an email address
  • Understand cashless systems of payment and online banking essentials

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Get started on Cell-Ed

  1. Download the app on the Google Play Store or the App Store. Or on WhatsApp, text START to 818-423-5533.
  2. Enter PIN 5275.
  3. When asked "What would you like to study?" select "Business, Sales, and Vending."

Headphones are recommended. To access by computer, visit gocelled.com, or simply call 866-425-2355 from any cell phone.

Pathway 1
Business, Sales and Vending and Community Safety

Business Skills and Managing Money units are designed to help vendors learn more about handling customers and managing money for their businesses.

The Community Safety units were created specifically for street vendors by street vendors in collaboration with social workers Dr. Patty Ramirez and Elizabeth Palomares-Michael and Cell-Ed to support vendor safety and wellness. The units provide strategies of empowerment to handle harassment and safety and promote an ecosystem of assistance.

  • Provides resources for learners to support one another
  • Receive L.A.-specific resources to file harassment claims
  • Practice building social capital by identifying resources in their own networks

Course 1: English for Your Business*

  • Unit 1: Customer Service
  • Unit 2: Solving Customer Problems
  • Unit 3: Business Vocabulary

Course 2: Intro to Marketing

  • Unit 1: Attracting Customers and Cashless Systems of Pay

Course 3: Managing Money for Business and for Life

  • Unit 1: Making a Budget
  • Unit 2: Pricing Items
  • Unit 3: Taxes
  • Unit 4: Banking in the U.S.

Course 4: Community Safety

  • Unit 1: Bystander Intervention
  • Unit 2: Self Advocacy for Safety

*Course 1 is intended for use by English Language Learners to help users improve their English speaking and understanding.

Pathway 2
Internet Skills

Learn all about the basics to safely use the internet, including:

  • How to create and use email
  • How to use and navigate webpages and websites
  • How to search and apply for jobs online
  • Essential information about online banking

Course 1: Introduction to Digital Skills (Email, Using the Internet and Apps)

Course 2: Digital Skills for Work

Course 3: Digital Skills for Healthcare/Social Services

Course 4: Digital Skills for Banking