The Library will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, in observance of Juneteenth.

The Literate Fence

Quotations on panels moving from east to west down the fence.

Law/Music Gates

Upper quote: “Everything pales in front of a book” In Russian by Anton Chekhov.
Lower quote: “I imagine heaven must be some kind of library” In Spanish by Jorge Luis Borges

Biology Panel

“A book is the best friend” In Arabic. A traditional proverb

Language Panel

“Recognize wisdom and counsel; comprehend words of genius” In Armenian by Mesrop Mashtots

Philosophy Panel

“Knowledge is the prime need of the hour” In English by Mary McLeod Bethune

Literature Panel

“The pen is the tongue of the soul” In Spanish by Cervantes

Technology Panel

“Reading is food for the mind. In Korean. A popular saying

History Panel

“The paper burns, but the words fly away” In Hebrew by Rabbi Akiva ben Joseph

Poetry/Art Gates

Upper quote: “Open a book and you are profited” In Chinese by a Sung dynasty emperor
Lower quote: “ Books we must have, although we lack bread” In English by Alice Williams Brotherton

The Literate Fence