Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?: Related Titles - Adult

Updated: January 16, 2024

Book cover for About Alice
About Alice
Trillin, Calvin
Call Number: 810.92 T8286-2

Calvin and Alice Trillin's marriage was a love story for the ages. And in his moving tribute to her, it's easy to see why.

Book cover of Activities of daily living : a novel
Activities of Daily Living
Chen, Lisa

Book cover of Alive, alive oh! : and other things that matter
Alive, Alive Oh!: And Other Things That Matter
Athill, Diana
Call Number: 820.92 A871-4

Book cover of Always the last to know
Always the Last to Know
Higgins, Kristan

Book cover of Blue nights
Blue Nights
Didion, Joan
Call Number: 810.92 D556-1

Book cover for Dancing at the Pity Party: A Dead Mom Graphic Memoir
Dancing at the Pity Party: A Dead Mom Graphic Memoir
Feder, Tyler
Call Number: 741.5 F293

A moving graphic memoir of a young woman trying to find herself after her mother dies from cancer. Both heartbreaking and hopeful, this is a love letter to the author's mother, and a reminder that when you feel alone in loss, someone in the world understands you.

Book cover for Elegy for Iris
Elegy for Iris
Bayley, John
Call Number: 823 M974Bay

The 2001 film Iris was based on John Bayley's memoir of his marriage to Iris Murdoch, novelist and philosopher, and of her battle with Alzheimer's disease.

Book cover of Em and the Big Hoom : a novel
Em and the Big Hoom
Pinto, Jerry

Book cover of Ghost forest
Ghost Forest
Fung, Pik-Shuen

Book cover of Goodbye, vitamin : a novel
Goodbye, Vitamin
Khong, Rachel

Book cover for H is for Hawk
H is for Hawk
Macdonald, Helen
Call Number: 598.91 M135-1

A woman seeks refuge from her grief at the death of her father in her lifelong love of birds of prey and shares that fascination with her audience in this book.

Book cover of The half-life of everything
The Half-life of Everything
Gang, Deborah Carol

Book cover of How Lulu lost her mind : a novel
How Lulu Lost Her Mind
Gibson, Rachel

Book cover of Island girl
Island Girl
Simmons, Lynda

Book cover of Ladies' lunch : and other stories
Ladies' Lunch: And Other Stories
Segal, Lore Groszmann

Book cover of Let's take the long way home : a memoir of friendship
Let's Take the Long Way Home: A Memoir of Friendship
Caldwell, Gail
Call Number: 071.092 C147-1 2011

Book cover for Living during the coronavirus pandemic : poems, artwork and reflections by children and adults
Living During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Poems, Artwork and Reflections by Children and Adults
Call Number: 808.1 L7855

A compilation of poems and art work created by children and adults that expresses a variety of thoughts and feelings about living during the coronavirus pandemic.

Book cover for Losing Mum and Pup : a memoir
Losing Mum and Pup: A Memoir
Buckley, Christopher
Call Number: 810.92 B9235

If there is anyone who could bring humor, albeit gallows humor, to losing both parents within twelve months, it is Christopher Buckley. His father, William F. Buckley, was and is still very well known; his mother, Pat was also well known, but to a different group of people. Both parents were monumentally unique personalities in divergent ways, and their recalcitrance to do what they wanted may have both shortened and lengthened their lives, i.e., his mother's smoking and his father's addiction to writing, all of which their son documents in a very revealing and loving way.

Book cover for Midnight chicken : (& other recipes worth living for)
Midnight Chicken: (& Other Recipes Worth Living For)
Risbridger, Ella
Call Number: 641.59 R595

With the support of her family of friends, Risbridger wrote this autobiographical memoir and cookbook which saved her from despair over the loss of her beloved Tall Man, and gave her the resilience to move on with her life.

Book cover of Obit : poems
Obit: Poems
Chang, Victoria
Call Number: 811 C4566-4

Book cover of One true thing
One True Thing
Quindlen, Anna

Book cover of Somewhere towards the end
Somewhere Towards the End
Athill, Diana
Call Number: 820.92 A871-2

Book cover of The swimmers
The Swimmers
Otsuka, Julie

Book cover for Things to say to a dead man : poems at the end of a marriage and after
Things to Say to a Dead Man: Poems at the End of a Marriage and After
Yolen, Jane
Call Number: 811 Y545-1
Jane Yolen, prolific writer of books for children, young adults and adults, grieves for the loss of her husband of forty-four years through a series of poems.

Book cover of Unlikely animals : a novel
Unlikely Animals
Hartnett, Annie

Book cover for What we lose : a novel
What We Lose
Clemmons, Zinzi

This is a novel that is a self-reflective, coming-of-age story of a young woman, Thandi, caught between culture, race, and identity. It is loosely autobiographical—dealing with the author's grief over her mother's passing. A quick read mixed with hand-drawn charts, archival photographs, rap lyrics, and a deeply felt meditation on racism.

Book cover for When Breath Becomes Air
When Breath Becomes Air
Kalanithi, Paul
Call Number: 616.99424 K14

Even doctors become seriously ill, and of all people should know the warning signs of a deadly disease. Dr. Paul Kalanithi, a supremely talented and brilliant young neurosurgeon, proved to be more like the rest of us in ignoring what was, tantamount to flashing red lights, symptoms about his own cancer.

Book cover of Who cares : the hidden crisis of caregiving, and how we solve it
Who Cares: The Hidden Crisis of Caregiving, and How We Solve It
Kenway, Emily
Call Number: 649.8 K37

The author focuses on the onerous responsibility of caring for others that is mostly taken on by women. Even in countries where financial and actual assistance is provided to those who need help in caring for others, the emotional and psychological burdens are great.

Book cover for The year of magical thinking
The Year of Magical Thinking
Didion, Joan
Call Number: 810.92 D556
Joan Didion writes about her life in the year following her husband's death, a year that saw her daughter suffer from a serious illness. It is a moving memoir of loss.