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  • Book cover for The best of Ogden Nash

    The best of Ogden Nash

    by Nash, Ogden, 1902-1971.

    Reviewed by: Sheryn Morris, Librarian, Literature & Fiction

    April 26, 2022

    Call Number: 811 N252-30

    In a previous review about a poetry book, I wrote:

    "Poetry is the most intense and concentrated form of writing, using words, metre, rhyme and format to express thoughts, feelings and ideas that can be fact or fiction. It gets at the marrow of truth and truth-telling using words to create an image, not a picture, of an idea. Poetry slams on the brakes and makes you reconsider what was written. It may very well make you look up words in a dictionary because you do not understand the meaning of the most ordinary words as used in a poem."

    I would... Read Full Review

  • Book cover for Fresh water for flowers

    Fresh water for flowers

    by Perrin, Valérie, 1961-

    Reviewed by: Sheryn Morris, Librarian, Literature & Fiction

    April 19, 2022

    Writer Valérie Perrin portrays her main character, Violette Toussaint, as someone who has found her true calling in life. She is the caretaker of a cemetery in a small town in France, where she makes the arrangements for funerals and religious services for the deceased and their family.   Among the many ironies, in this tender novel, is the life of Violette Toussaint. Until finding this job, her previous experiences in life have been harsh, tenuous, and definitely heart-and-spirit breaking. She was abandoned at birth and sent to live with foster families who... Read Full Review

  • Book cover for Mickey7


    by Ashton, Edward

    April 4, 2022

    Call Number: SF

    Mickey Barnes NEEDS to get off Midgard, the colony planet on which he has lived his entire life. Because staying on Midgard is not an option, he takes the only avenue open to him: he volunteers to be the “expendable” on Midgard’s first outgoing colony ship, the Drakkar. An “expendable” is the member of the crew designated as expendable for dangerous, difficult, and/or terminal activities. The body of the expendable is scanned and their memories are copied, allowing for the expendable to be duplicated, with all but their most recent memories intact, when needed.

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  • Book cover for Secret Identity

    Secret Identity

    by Segura, Alex

    March 29, 2022

    Call Number: M

    In 1975, the comic book industry is struggling. It has survived, mostly, Frederic Wertham’s criticisms and claims regarding a causal relationship between reading comics and becoming a juvenile delinquent in Seduction of the Innocent. But there have been casualties. Readership is down. Publishers are closing. Writers and artists are left scrambling for available positions. And yet, amazing things are happening in the industry. Marvel has created, and is developing, characters that will define the industry in future decades. Artists like Jack Kirby, who will work at both... Read Full Review

  • Book cover for The chancellor : the remarkable odyssey of Angela Merkel

    The chancellor : the remarkable odyssey of Angela Merkel

    by Marton, Kati

    Reviewed by: Sheryn Morris, Librarian, Literature & Fiction

    March 23, 2022

    Call Number: 92 M5633Ma

    There are three major "firsts" in Angela Merkel’s lifetime of public service. She was the first female Chancellor of Germany. She was the first leader of Germany with a doctorate in quantum chemistry who had done extensive research in the field of quantum theoretical chemistry.  She was the first Chancellor, raised in East Germany, to be elected to govern a post-World War II unified Germany. As Chancellor she transformed Germany’s economy and its status as a world leader. Never forgetting her own past that was lived under a despotic government where she could only dream... Read Full Review

  • Book cover for Shelf Life: Chronicles of a Cairo Bookseller

    Shelf Life: Chronicles of a Cairo Bookseller

    by Wassef, Nadia

    Reviewed by: Sheryn Morris, Librarian, Literature & Fiction

    March 15, 2022

    Call Number: 085.462 W321

    “Against all odds, we had proven to our doubters and detractors that a modern bookstore could survive in Egypt … Though Diwan was not a huge financial success, it was a moral victory, an experiment in marketing, and a mastery of the will.” These are the words of Nadia Wassef, who, along with her sister, Hind, came up with the idea for a modern bookstore in Cairo.  Sharing dinner with friends, several were taken with the idea, and three more people (Ziad, Ali and Nihal) became part of this business adventure. The store called Diwan began in 2002. What began as one store in... Read Full Review

  • Book cover for Married love and other stories

    Married love and other stories

    by Hadley, Tessa.

    March 7, 2022

    In Married Love and Other Stories, Tessa Hadley digs deep into the unconscious of family life.  Her dense prose offers a tour into the emotional contours of sibling relationships, parenthood, and the kind of intergenerational melodrama to be found in weighty novels. She has a keen sense about the psychology of children and teenagers, who are brimming with awareness and curiosity about the world they inhabit, but are highly vulnerable to the hegemonic power of parenthood.  Hadley understands how that power constricts and limits the freedom of young people to do... Read Full Review

  • Book cover for The City We Became

    The City We Became

    by Jemisin, N. K.

    March 1, 2022

    N.K. Jemisin is a multiple award-winning, speculative fiction writer. Currently, she resides in Brooklyn, New York and, as evidenced by her novel, The City We Became, she LOVES the “Big Apple”.

    Every century or so, a city will “manifest”, it becomes a living thing, an entity of its own. This has happened several times throughout history: Hong Kong, Paris, and São Paulo are all “living” cities. The transition can be fraught with peril and, if it doesn’t go well, the city, and all of its inhabitants may be destroyed. New York is on the brink of becoming... Read Full Review

  • Book cover for Redwood and Wildfire

    Redwood and Wildfire

    by Hairston, Andrea

    February 23, 2022

    Redwood Phipps is an African-American girl. Aidan Wildfire Cooper is a Seminole Irish young man. The two are brought together by a hateful act of racial violence, which affects both of them for the remainder of their lives. But both are determined to keep the event from defining them. In Redwood and Wildfire, Andrea Hairston follows these characters as they live, grow, learn how to navigate the world in which they live, and challenge what they can, in order to create the world in which they want to live.

    Spanning 15 years and ranging from a small... Read Full Review

  • Book cover for King of the blues : the rise and reign of B.B. King

    King of the blues : the rise and reign of B.B. King

    by De Visé, Daniel

    Reviewed by: Sheryn Morris, Librarian, Literature & Fiction

    February 17, 2022

    Call Number: 789.14 K514De

    In this extensively researched biography, which involved interviews with family, band members, other musicians, friends, managers and others, Daniel De Visé has written a biography about one of the all-time great musicians, B.B. King. It is more than a biography of one man, his art and his calling, it is a presentation of times, places, and ways of living, many that still exist in this country, which were integral to forming King's life. In meticulous detail De Visé documents the early, disjointed life of King’s childhood and young adulthood, beginning with a genealogy of... Read Full Review

  • Book cover for Until I am free : Fannie Lou Hamer's enduring message to America

    Until I am free : Fannie Lou Hamer's enduring message to America

    by Blain, Keisha N., 1985-

    Reviewed by: Sheryn Morris, Librarian, Literature & Fiction

    February 9, 2022

    Call Number: 323.4092 H214Bl

    During the summer of 1964, at the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Fannie Lou Hamer brought her voice of discontent about political injustice within the Democratic Party. She was asking for mandatory integrated state delegations, and spoke passionately and eloquently about voter suppression, discrimination and violence leveled at those who were fighting for their civil rights. In co-founding the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Hamer was challenging local Democratic Party methods to block Black participation and representation in state and... Read Full Review

  • Book cover for Unnatural habitats & other stories

    Unnatural habitats & other stories

    by Mitchell, Angela, 1971-

    January 31, 2022

    There is a scene in Unnatural​ Habitats & Other Stories​ where a bobcat lounges on a bed between a man and a woman.  It’s the couple’s first night together.  The man loves animals and keeps them in his house, including birds and snakes, but the bobcat is special.  Soon, awkwardness enters the scene, the moment the woman wakes up after her nap and feels the bobcat’s belly moving up and down beside her, instead of her date. She has awakened the bobcat now, looking at her like an unwanted third-party on the man’s bed, a rival.  The woman feels... Read Full Review