Historical USGS Topographical Maps of California

Obsolete USGS topographical maps of California

USGS topographical maps are listed by quadrangle not by place name. If you are unsure of the name of the quad that covers the place you are searching you can use the USGS index on-line to get the name of the appropriate quad. Some of the historical quads have undergone name changes or the scale changed from 1 to 62,500 to 1 to 24,000. If you are unsure of the names of the appropriate quadrangle you can contact the History Department for that information.

For easier use by patrons, this list is alphabetized by ignoring spaces in the map titles. Years of subsequent updating are shown in parentheses. The number of multiple copies of the same date and scale follow an "x".
Boldface denotes maps kept separately in the obsolete Southern California files.
Italics denote maps that show at least some of Los Angeles County but aren't kept in the Southern California file.


  • l/r = limited revision
  • m/c = minor correction
  • m/r = minor revision
  • p/i = photo inspected
  • p/r = photo revised
  • rp = reprinted
  • rv = revised
  • srp = shaded relief printed
  • w/c = with corrections

1:62500 scale is marked with an asterisk (*).
1:31680 scale is marked with a cross (†).
1:125000 scale is marked with a double cross (‡).
Unmarked scale is 1:24000 unless otherwise noted.

Southern California sheets, 1:250,000 scale:
No.1 (greater Los Angeles): Dec1901(rp21)
No.2 (greater San Diego): Jun1904(rpOct14), Jun1904(rp24)
No.3 (Santa Monica-Guadalupe coastline): Jul1910(rp31)


To search the entire list to see if the place has its own quadrangle type use your browsers Find feature (Ctrl+F) then type in the place name.

Academy 1923†, 1964x2
Acolita 1953x2, 1953x2*
Acton 1939x2, 1940*, 1959x2, 1959x2*, 1959(p/r74)x2
Adelaida 1919*, 1919(rp42)*, 1947*, 1948, 1961x2*
Adelanto 1956(p/r68)
Adin 1962x2*
Adobe 1934x3†
Adobe Mtn. 1955
Aetna Springs 1958
Agua Dulce (L. A. County) 1960x2, 1960(p/r74)x2
Agua Dulce (Riverside-San Diego-Imperial Counties) 1952x3*
Aguanga 1954
Alamorio 1940*, 1945x2*, 1956x2
Alamorio NE 1957x2
Alberhill 1954, 1954(p/r73)x2
Albion 1916* (missing lower right corner)
Alder Creek 1935, 1941x2, 1941(rp,w/c48)x8
Alder Peak 1949
Alderpoint 1951x2*, 1969x2
Alhambra 1926x2, 1926(rp39)x3
Alleghany 1950x2*, 1951
Allendale 1953(p/r68), 1953(p/r68,73)x2
Allensworth 1929x2†, 1954
Almanor 1955x2*
Alpaugh 1929†, 1953
Alpine 1955
Alpine Butte 1945x2*, 1957x2
Altadena 1928x2, 1928(rp41)x3(one copy missing lower right corner)
Altamont 1942*, 1953(p/r68)
Alturas 1961x2*; (1:250,000): Mar1892(rpNov1896), Mar1892(rpSep1911)
Alvord Mountain 1951x2*
Amboy (1:250,000): 1943
Amboy Crater 1954
American House 1950x2
Amos 1956x2
Anaheim 1901(rp22)x2*, 1942*, 1965, 1965(p\r72)
Anderson 1948, 1948*
Recreational Map Of Angeles National Forest 1965‡
Angle 1932x3, 1932(rp33)x3
Annapolis 1944x3†
Annette 1943†
Ano Nuevo 1948x2*, 1948(rp64)*
Ano Nuevo Pt. 1941*
Antelope Jun1911x2†
Antelope Lake 1972x2
Antelope Mtn. 1956x2*
Antelope Plain 1936x2†, 1954, 1954(p/r73)
Anthony Peak 1952x2*
Antioch Nov1908x2*
Antioch North 1953, 1953(p/r68)
Antioch South 1953, 1953(p/r68), 1953(p/r68,73)x4
Apache Canyon 1943x2, 1945x2†
Apple Valley 1957x2*
Apple Valley North 1970x4
Apple Valley South 1971x4
Araz 1952, 1964
Arbuckle 1918x3†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x3
Arcade May1911x2† (missing one lower right corner)
Arcata North 1959, 1959(p/r72)x4
Arcata South 1959x2, 1959(p/r73)x3
Arched Rock 1944x2†
Arena 1918†, 1948, 1960x2
Arrowhead 1941x4†
Arroyo Grande Sep1897, 1942*, 1942(rp48)*, 1952x2*
Arroyo Grande NE 1965x2
Arroyo Sequit 1932x4
Arroyo Tapiado 1959x2
Artesia 1925x4, 1945x3
Arvin 1933x2†, 1955x2, 1955(p/r68)
Ash Hill 1955
Asti 1959x2
Atascadero 1965x2
Athlone 1942*
Atwater 1918†, 1948, 1960x2, 1961x2*
Auburn 1944*, 1953, 1954*, 1953(p/r73)
Aukum 1952x2
Avawatz Mountains (1:250,000): 1933x2(one defaced), 1933(rp45)
Avawatz Pass 1951x2*
Avena Dec1914x3†
Avenal 1954
Avenal Gap 1933x2†, 1954x2
Azusa 1928x3, 1939x2, 1953, 1966, 1966(p/r72)x2

Babcock Peak 1972x3
Babel Slough 1916x2†
Bachelor Mtn. 1953
Bachelor Valley 1916x2†, 1953, 1968
Bagdad 1956x2*
Bagdad SW 1954
Baker 1956x2*
Bakersfield Jan1906(rp,w/cJul15)x2*, Jan1906(rp36)*, Jan1906(rp47)x2*
Bakersfield West 1943x3*
Bald Mountain 1964x2
Baldwin Park 1946, 1953, 1966x2, 1966(p/r72)
Baldy Mesa 1956(p/r68)
Ballarat, Calif.-Nev. (1:250,000): Mar1913(rp47), Mar1913(rp51)
Ballinger Canyon 1944†
Ball Mountain 1967, 1967(p/r73)x2
Balls Ferry 1965
Bangor 1944x2*, 1949x2, 1941(rp58)x2*, 1947(rp69)
Banner Hill (1:14400): Oct1893, Oct1893(rpJul1903?), Jul1903
Banning 1952*, 1956x4*
Bannock 1956x2*
Bard, Calif.-Ariz. 1952, 1965x2
Barrel Springs 1952x3*
Barrett Lake 1960x2
Barstow 1932‡, 1934‡, 1934(rp48)‡, 1956x2*, 1956(p/r71)x3
Barstow SE 1971x3
Bartle 1939x2†, 1961x2*
Bartlett Mtn. 1958x2
Bartlett Springs 1944*x2
Bass Lake 1953x2*
Bates Canyon 1964x2
Bear Canyon 1949x2
Bear Harbor 1969x3
Bear Mountain 1930, 1933†, 1966
Beartrap Canyon 1938x3, 1938(rp48)x3
Bear Valley 1948x2
Beaumont 1953, 1953(p/r72)x2
Beauty Mountain 1960
Bell 1925x3, 1936x3
Bella Vista 1965
Bellota 1942*, 1939(rp61)*
Bell Springs 1969x3
Belridge 1943x2†, 1953x2
Bena 1929x2, 1932†, 1972x3
Bend 1965x2
Ben Hur 1948x2
Benicia 1952, 1959x2, 1959(p/r68)
Ben Lomond 1953x2*
Bennetts Well 1952x2*
Berenda 1918†, 1948, 1961x3
Berry Creek 1970x3
Bethany Feb1914x5†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r68)x2
Beverly Hills 1950, 1966x2, 1966(p/r72)x3, 1966(p/r81), 1966(p/r81,m/r94)
Bickmore Canyon 1968
Bieber 1961x2*
Bidwell Bar Apr1897(rpSep08)‡, Apr1897(rp38)‡, 1888(rp56)‡, 1950x2
Big Bar And Vicinity (1:250,000): Jul1915(12"x13" map), Jul1915(rp39)
Big Basin 1955x2, 1955(p/r68)
Big Bear City 1971x4
Big Bear Lake 1970
Big Bend 1961x2*
Big Bend Mtn. 1948x2*
Big Dune, Nev.-Calif. 1952*
Biggs Apr1912x2†, 1952
Bighorn Canyon 1972x3
Big Maria Mts. 1951x2*
Big Maria Mts. NE, Calif.-Ariz. 1954x2, 1954(p/r70)
Big Maria Mts. NW 1971
Big Maria Mts. SE, Calif.-Ariz. 1955x2, 1955(p/r70)
Big Maria Mts. SW 1971x3
Big Meadow 1956x2*
Big Pine 1950x2*
Big Pine Mtn. 1964x2
Big Sage Reservoir 1962x2*
Big Sur 1956x3 (one torn upper left border)
Big Trees Nov1901(rpJul05)‡, Nov1901(rpOct09)‡, Nov1901(rpNov14)‡
Bijou, Calif.-Nev. 1955
Biola 1923x2†
Birds Landing 1918†, 1918(rp42)†
Bird Valley 1959x2
Bishop May1913‡, May1913(rp20)‡, May1913(rp37)‡, May1913(rp47)x3‡,
1951*, 1949(m/c57)*
Bissell 1947x2 (one is tissue thin)
Black Butte 1933x5*
Blackcap Mtn. 1953*
Black Mountain 1938x4, 1945x2†, 1938(rp48)x2
Black Mtn. 1958x2
Black Rock Mtn. 1954x2*
Black Star Canyon 1950, 1967x2, 1967(p/r73)x3
Blackwell 1943x2†
Blackwells Corner 1953x2, 1953(p/r73)
Blairsden 1943*, 1956x2*, 1972x3
Blanco Mountain 1951x2*
Bliss Ranch 1918†, 1948, 1960x2
Blocksburg 1951*, 1969x3
Blossom 1952x2, 1952(p/r69)
Blue Canyon 1955x2, 1955(p/r73)
Blue Lake 1948*, 1951x2*
Blue Mountain 1956*
Blue Nose Mtn. 1951
Bluenose Ridge 1967
Blythe 1951x2, 1951(p/r70)x2
Blythe NE 1951x2, 1951(p/r70)
Boca, Calif.-Nev. 1955x2, 1955(p/r69)
Bodega Head 1944x3†, 1972x3
Bodie 1958x2*
Bolinas 1954x2, 1954(p/r71)
Bollibokka Mtn. 1949x2*, 1957x2*
Bonanza King 1955x2*
Bonds Corner 1957
Boneyard Canyon 1934(in blue ink), 1939x2, 1939(rp,w/c49)x5
Bonita Ranch 1921†, 1947, 1963
Bonsall 1949x2, 1968
Boonville 1959x2*
Boot Lake 1962x2
Borego 1943*, 1952x2*
Boron 1954x2*
Borrego 1939(rp56)*, 1959x2*
Borrego Mountain 1960, 1960*
Borrego Mountain SE 1958
Borrego Palm Canyon 1959x2
Borrego Sink 1959
Boucher Hill 1950x2, 1948(p/r71)
Bouldin May1910x2†
Bouldin Island 1952, 1952(p/r68)x2
Bouquet Reservoir 1937x2, 1937(rp,w/c51)x3, 1958x2*
Bradley 1919x2*, 1941*, 1948x2*, 1949x2, 1961*
Branch Mountain 1942x2*, 1952x6*
Branch Mtn. 1967
Branscomb 1951x2*
Brawley 1957x2, 1957x2*
Brawley NW 1957x2
Bray 1950*, 1950(srp54)x2, 1958(m/c65)
Breckenridge Mountain 1943x3*, 1972x3
Brentwood Feb1914x3†, 1954x2, 1954(p/r68)x2
Briceland 1921*, 1969x3
Bridgeport, Calif.-Nev. Dec1911‡, Dec1911(rp39)‡, 1958x2*
Bridgeville 1969x3
Brighton Jun1911x2†
Briones Valley 1949x2, 1959, 1959(p/r68)
Bristol Lake 1956x2*
Bristol Lake NW 1954x2
Bristol Lake SW 1954x2
Broadview Farms 1955
Broadwell Lake 1955x2*
Brooks 1959x2
Browns Valley Nov1911†, 1949
Bruceville Jul1910†, Jul1910(rp47)†, 1953, 1968, 1968(p/r75)
Brush Creek 1949
Brush Lake 1953
Bryson 1919x2*, 1948x2*, 1949, 1961x2*
Buckeye Mtn. 1970x2
Buckhorn Peak 1949
Buckingham Mtn. 1949x2
Bucks Lake 1950x2*
Buena Vista Hills 1944†
Buena Vista Lake Aug1912x2‡, Aug1912(rp47)‡
Buffalo Creek 1916(rp22)†, 1967, 1967(p/r73)
Bullard 1923†
Bull Creek 1969x3
Bunker Hill 1953x2, 1953(p/r74)
Burbank 1926, 1926(rp41), 1948x4, 1953, 1966x2, 1966(p/r72)x3
Burnett Peak 1949x2
Burney 1939x2‡, 1939(rp47)‡, 1957x2*
Burnham Dec1914x2†, Dec1914(rp43)†
Burnt Peak 1958x2, 1958(p/r74)x3
Burrel 1927†, 1950, 1954x2
Burris Park 1926†, 1950, 1954
Burro Mountain 1949
Butler Peak 1971x3
Butte City Mar1912x2†, 1952x2, 1954x2*, 1952(rp73)x2
Butte Meadows 1958x2*
Butte Sink 1942*
Buttonwillow 1932x3†, 1942*, 1954x2
Byron 1916*, 1916(rp41)*, 1916(rp48)*
Byron Hot Springs 1916(rp22)x2†, 1953, 1953(p/r68)

Cabazon 1956x2
Cache Slough 1916x3†
Cadiz 1956x2*
Cadiz Lake 1956x2*
Cadiz Valley 1956x2*
Cady Mountain 1955x2*
Cahto Peak 1967x2
Cairns Corner 1927†, 1951x2
Cajon 1956, 1956(p/r68), 1956(p/r68,73)x2
Calabasas Feb1903(rpDec08)*, 1944*, 1903(rp47)*, 1952, 1952(rp67)x2
Calaveras Reservoir 1961x2, 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x3
Caldor 1951x2, 1951(p/r73)x2
Calexico 1940*, 1945*, 1957*
Calflax 1956x2
Caliente May1914x3‡, 1914(rp51)‡
Caliente Mtn. 1952x3*, 1959*
California City North 1973
California Hot Springs 1958*
Calipatria 1945*
Calipatria SW 1956
Calistoga 1945*, 1958x2, 1959x2*
Camarillo 1951
Camatta Canyon 1961x2
Cambria 1959x2
Cameron Corners 1959x2
Camino 1952, 1952x2*
Camp Baldy 1940x4
Campbell Mound 1952x2
Camp Bonita 1940x3
Camp Far West 1951x2
Camp Meeker 1954x2
Camp Mojave, Nev.-Ariz.-Calif. (1:250,000): 1942x2
Camp Nelson 1956*
Campo 1944*, 1959x2, 1959x2*
Camp Rincon 1940x6
Camptonville 1950x2
Camulos Aug1903(12)‡, Aug1903(25)x2‡, Aug1903(rp38)‡
Cañada Gobernadora 1949x2, 1968x2, 1968(p/r75)
Canby 1961x2*
Cannibal Islands 1959x2, 1959(p/r72)x3
Canoas Creek 1934x2†, 1950x2
Canoga Park 1952x2
Cantua Creek 1956x2
Canyon Spring 1940*, 1944*
Capay 1945x3*
Capell Valley 1951
Cape Mendocino 1950, 1951x2*, 1969x2
Cape Nelson 1956*
Cape San Martin 1921*, 1921(rp40)*, 1942*, 1948*, 1949x2, 1961*
Capetown 1969x2
Cape Vizcaino 1951x2*
Capistrano Jul1902(rpFeb09)‡, Jul1902(rp21)x2‡
Capitola Apr1914*, Apr1914(rp47)*, 1912(rp60)*
Carbona 1922*x2, 1922(rp51)*
Carbondale Oct1909x2†, 1953x2, 1968, 1968(p/r75)
Careaga Canyon 1947
Carmel Valley 1956x2
Carmichael 1950, 1954, 1967, 1967(p/r75)
Carneros Rock 1959x2, 1959(p/r73)
Carpinteria 1944†, 1952
Carquinez Jul1901(rpApr06)*, Jul1901(rpOct11)*, Jul1901(rp26)x2*, 1942*
Carquinez Strait 1940*, 1896(rp54)*
Carrizo Mountain 1952*, 1958*, 1959*x2
Carrizo Mtn. 1957x2
Carrizo Mtn. NE 1957x2
Caruthers 1925†, 1947
Casa Desierta 1933x5
Casa Diablo Mtn. 1953x2*
Cascade 1950x2
Casmalia 1959x2, 1959(p/r74)
Castaic 1940x3
Castle Apr1910x2†, Apr1910(rp42)†
Castle Butte 1956x2*
Castle Butte SE 1947
Castle Rock Ridge 1955x2
Catclaw Flat 1972x2
Cathedral City 1958x2, 1958(p/r72)
Catheys Valley 1962x2
Cave Mountain 1951x2*
Cayucos Jul1897(rpJul1903)*, 1943*, 1951x2*, 1965
Cazadero 1945x3†
Cecilville 1955*
Cedar Mtn. 1956x2
Cedar Springs 1956, 1956(p/r68)x2
Cedarville 1962x2
Ceres 1916†, 1953x2, 1969
Challenge 1950x2
Chanchelulla Peak 1951x2*
Chaney Ranch 1922†, 1955x2
Charleston School 1922†, 1956x2
Chatom Ranch 1935x2†, 1950x2
Chatsworth 1927x2, 1940x5
Cherokee 1949x2
Chester 1956x2*
Chews Ridge 1956x2
Chicago Park 1951x2, 1949(p/r73)
Chico May1895(rpSep1905)x2‡, 1949x3*, 1950x2, 1948(p/r69)
Chico Landing Nov1912†
Chilao Flat 1959x2
Chilcoot 1950x2*
Chileno Canyon 1942(w/c48)x4
Chiles Valley 1958x2
Chimineas Ranch 1959x2
China Mtn. 1955x2*
Chinese Camp 1948x2
Chittenden 1955, 1955(p/r68), 1955(p/r68,73)x3
Chloride Cliff 1952x2*
Cholame 1917‡, 1917(rp33)‡, 1917(rp46)‡, 1961x2
Cholame Hills 1943†, 1961x2
Cholame Ranch 1943†
Cholame Valley 1961x2
Chounet Ranch 1956x2
Chowchilla 1918x2†, 1948, 1960x2, 1960x2*
Chualar 1947
Chuckwalla Mountains 1943*, 1963x2*
Chuckwalla Spring 1953x2*
Cibola, Ariz.-Calif. 1945*, 1951*x2, 1955
Cima Mesa 1939x5
Cisco Grove 1955x2, 1955(p/r73)
Citrus Cove 1924(rp39)†
Citrus Heights 1951, 1967x2, 1967(p/r75)
Claremont 1928x3, 1928(rp32)x2
Clark Lake 1944*, 1947*, 1959x2, 1960x2*
Clark Lake NE 1960
Clark Mtn. 1956x2*
Clarksburg 1952, 1967, 1967(p/r75)
Clarksville 1953x2, 1953(p/r73)
Clay Oct1909†, Oct1909(rp43)†, 1953x2, 1968x2, 1968(p/r75)
Clayton 1953, 1953(p/r68), 1953(p/r68,73)x3
Clear Creek Feb1912x2†, Feb1912(rp47)†
Clearlake Highlands 1958x2
Clearlake Oaks 1958x2, 1960x2*
Clear Lake Reservoir, Calif.-Oreg. 1951x2*
Clearwater 1925x3, 1925(32)
Clements Jan1909†, Jan1909(rp39)‡, 1952x2, 1968
Clipper Mills 1950x2
Clovis 1923x2†, 1946x2*, 1947, 1964x2, 1964(p/r72)x3
Coachella 1941*, 1956x2*
Coalinga Jul1912x3‡, Jul1912(rp25)‡, 1944x2*, 1956x2, 1956x2*,
Coal Oil Canyon 1934†, 1950, 1955x2, 1955(p/r68)
Cobblestone Mtn. 1958
Coffee Creek 1955x2*
Coit Ranch 1956x2
Cold Spring Mtn. 1962x2
Colfax Jul1902(rpNov05)‡, 1938x2‡, 1950x2*, 1951
Collins Valley 1959x2
Collinsville 1918x2†, 1918(rp47)†
Coloma 1950
Colton 1943x3†
Colton Wells 1956x2*
Columbia 1948x2*, 1949, 1949*
Colusa Jan1907*, 1907(rp48)*, 1952x2, 1953x2*, 1952(p/r73)
Colyear Springs 1949x2*, 1957x2*
Commatti Canyon 1943x2†
Comptche 1960x2*
Compton 1924, 1930x2, 1930(rp39)x2
Compton Landing 1917†, 1917(rp47)†
Concord Nov1897(rpDec1900)*, Jun1915*, 1959x2*
Condor Peak 1959, 1959(p/r72)
Condrey Mtn. 1955x3*
Conejo 1924†, 1947
Cone Peak 1949x2
Confidence Hills 1950x2*
Conner 1933†, 1933(rp44)†, 1954x2, 1954(p/r68)
Conner SW 1955x2, 1955(p/r68)
Cooperstown 1916x2†, 1953
Cooskie Creek 1969x2
Copco 1954x2*
Copper Mtn. 1956x2
Copperopolis 1916x2*, 1942*, 1954*, 1962x2, 1962x2*
Corcoran 1928x2†
Cordelia 1951, 1951(p/r68)
Corning 1951x2, 1951x2*
Corona Jun1902(rpMay11)‡, Jun1902(rp20)x2‡, 1927x2, Jun1902(rp39)‡,
1927(rp39)x2, 1943*, 1947x2*
Corona And Vicinity 1942†
Corona North 1954x2, 1967x2, 1967(p/r73)x3
Corona South 1954x2, 1967x2, 1967(p/r73)
Cortina Creek 1953x2, 1953(p/r73)x2
Cosio Knob 1949x2
Coso Peak 1951x2*
Cosumnes Oct1909x2†, Oct1909(rp47)
Cotati 1954x2, 1954(p/r68,73)x3
Cottonwood Spring 1958x2*
Cougar Buttes 1971x2
Coulterville 1947x2*, 1949x2
Courtland Mar1908*, 1952, 1952x2*, 1952(p/r68)
Covelo 1926*, 1952x3*
Covina 1927x2, 1927(rp39)x2
Cowtrack Mtn. 1962x2*
Coxcomb Mtns. 1945*
Coyote Hills (Orange County) 1935x3†
Coyote Peak 1945x2*, 1952x2*
Coyote Wells 1945*, 1957*, 1967
Crank Mountain 1962x2*
Crescent City, Calif.-Oreg. 1952x2*
Crescent City 1956x3, 1966
Crescent Peak, Calif.-Nev. 1956*
Cressey 1916†, 1948x2, 1961x2
Creston 1948x2
Crevison Peak 1955x2
Crocker Mtn. 1972x4
Cross Mountain 1943x2*, 1972x2
Crows Landing 1916x3†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r71)
Crystal Lake 1941x4, 1958, 1958(p/r72)
Cucamonga Jan1903(rpOct12)*, Jan1903(rp17)*, 1944x2*, Jan1903(rp47)*
Cucamonga Peak 1953x2, 1966x2, 1966(p/r73)x3
Cuddleback Lake 1954x2*
Cuddy Valley 1944x2, 1944†
Cummings Mountain 1943x2*
Cupertino 1961, 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x3
Cuttings Wharf 1951, 1949(p/r68)
Cuyama 1964x2
Cuyamaca Dec1903(rpSep12)‡, Dec1903(rp42)‡
Cuyamaca Peak 1944x2*, 1960x2, 1960x2*
Cuyama Peak 1943x3, 1943†
Cuyama Ranch 1943x2, 1943†
Cuyapaipe 1944x2*
Cypress Mountain 1948x2

Daggett 1956x2*
Dale Lake 1956x2*
Dales 1965x2
Dana Point 1949, 1968
Danby 1956x2*
Dardanelles May1898(has rp date torn off), May1898(rpNov1912)‡, May1898(rp1924)‡, May1898(rp1939)‡, 1896(rp1950s?)
Dardanelles Cone 1956x2*
Darwin 1950*, 1951*
Daulton 1921†, 1962x2
Davenport 1955
Davis 1952, 1954x2*, 1954(p/r68), 1954(p/r68,75)
Davis Creek 1962x2
Davisville Mar1907*, Mar1907(rpAug13)*
Deadman Lake 1955x2*
Deadman Lake NE 1955x2
Deadman Lake NW 1955x2
Deadman Lake SE 1955x2
Deadman Lake SW 1955x2
Deep Creek Mar1902*, Mar1902(rpSep12)x2*, Mar1902(rp41)*
Deepwell Ranch 1931†, 1931(rp42)†, 1952x2
Delano 1929x2†, 1929(rp42)†
Delano East 1953x2
Delano West 1954x2
Delevan 1917x3†
Del Mar 1943x3†, 1953x2, 1967x3
Del Sur 1936, 1936(rp,w/c51)x4, 1958x2
Delta Farms 1932x2†
Delta Ranch 1922†, 1948, 1961x2
Democrat Hot Springs 1972x2
Denair 1916x2†, 1953x2, 1969x2
Denverton 1918x2†, 1953x2, 1953(p/r68), 1953(p/r68,73)x3
Descanso 1960x2
Desert Butte 1947 (tissue thin map)
Desert Hot Springs 1955x2
Detert Reservoir 1958x2
Devils Heart Peaks 1943x2
Devil Peak 1950x2
Devils Postpile 1953x2*
Devore 1941x4†, 1954, 1966x2
Diablo 1953, 1953(p/r68), 1953(p/r68,73)x3
Diamond Mtn. 1972x2
Dillon Mtn. 1955x2*
Dinuba 1924x2‡
Dixie Mountain 1972x2
Dixon 1916x2†, 1952, 1952(p/r68), 1952(p/r68,75)
Domengine Ranch 1956x2, 1956(p/r71)
Dome Rock Mts., Ariz.-Calif. 1933*, 1940(rp47)*
Donner Pass 1955x2*
Dorris 1950x2*
Dorris Reservoir 1963x2
Dos Palos 1922x2†, 1956x2
Dos Pueblos Canyon 1951x2
Dos Rios 1967x2
Double Point 1954x2
Dove Spring 1972x2
Downey Nov1902(rpFeb11)*, 1902(rp34)*, 1942*
Downieville Apr1897(rpSep1907)‡, Apr1897(rpOct1912)‡, Apr1897(rp32)‡, 1951x2, 1951x2*
Doyle 1954x2*
Dozier 1952x2
Drakes Bay 1953x2
Dry Canyon (Calabasas) 1928x2, 1932x6
Dry Creek Jun1912x2†
Dry Mountain 1957x2*
Dubakella Mtn. 1954*
Dublin 1961, 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x3
Duckwall Mtn. 1949x2
Ducor 1929x2†, 1952x2
Dudley Ridge 1936x2†
Dulzura 1972x2
Dume Point 1932x5
Duncan Peak 1952x2, 1952x2*, 1952(p/r73)
Duncans Mills 1921*, 1945x3†
Dunlap 1944x2*
Dunnigan Feb1907x2*, Feb1907(rp1916)x2*, 1953x2, 1953x2*, 1953(p/r73)x3
Dunsmuir 1935x2‡, 1954x2*
Durham Nov1912x2†
Durmid 1944x2*, 1956x2
Durmid SE 1956x2
Dutch Flat 1951x2, 1950(p/r73)
Dutchmans Knoll 1966x2
Dwinnell Reservoir 1954x3*

Eagle Mtn. 1951x2*
Eagle Peak 1963x2
Eagle Rest Peak 1944†, 1942(rp75)
Eagle Tank 1944*
Eagleville 1963x2
Earlimart 1942x2*
East Elk Hills 1932x3†, 1954x2
East Of Cuyama Ranch 1953†
Echo Lake 1955x2
Eden Valley 1929x3*, 1952x2*
Edison 1931x2†, 1950x2, 1954x2, 1954(p/r68)
Edom 1944x2*
Ehrenberg, Calif.-Ariz. 1945x2*
El Cajon Jun1903(rp30)*, 1947x2*, 1955, 1967x2
El Cajon Mtn. 1955x2
El Casco 1953, 1967
El Centro, Calif.-Mex. 1942(1:250,000), 1957x2
Eldorado Bend 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Elizabeth Lake 1917‡, 1917(rp23)‡, 1917(rp32)x2‡, 1917(rp41)‡
Elk Creek 1948x2*, 1957x3*
Elk Grove Dec1909†, Dec1909(rp47)†, 1952x2, 1968(p/r75)
Elk Hills 1943†
Elkhorn Weir Jun1915x2†
Elledge Peak 1958
Elmira 1917x2†, 1953, 1953(p/r68), 1953(p/r68,73)x3
El Mirage 1933x5, 1956
El Monte 1926, 1948x4, 1953x2, 1966x2, 1966(p/r72)x3
El Nido 1960x2
El Paso Peaks 1967x2
El Portal 1947x2*, 1949x2
El Rico Ranch 1936†
Elsinore Feb1901(rpAug09)‡, Feb1901(rpApr13)‡, Feb1901(rp36)‡,
Feb1901(rp48)‡, 1953x2, 1953(p/r73)x2
El Toro 1935x2‡, 1935(rp44)†, 1950x2, 1968, 1968(p/r78)
El Tranquillon 1948
Emerald Bay 1955x2
Emerald Mountain 1943x3*
Emerson Lake 1954x2, 1955x3†
Emerson Peak 1962
Emigrant Canyon 1952x2*
Emigrant Gap 1955x2*
Emigrant Hill 1943†, 1953
Encinitas 1949x2, 1968
Englebrecht Ranch 1923x2†, 1947x2
Enterprise 1957x2
Escalon 1953x2
Escondido Apr1901(rpApr07)*, Apr1901(rp42)*, 1946*, 1948, 1949x2, 1968
Esparto 1905(rp57), 1959x2
Esperanza School 1934, 1951x4
Espinosa Canyon 1949x2
Essex 1956x2*
Estrella 1948x2
Etna 1934x3‡, 1955*
Ettersburg 1969x2
Eureka 1942*, 1951*, 1958x2, 1959x2*, 1958(p/r72)x2
Evey Canyon 1940x5
Exeter 1926†, 1926(rp44)†, 1950x2, 1952x2*
Eylar Mtn. 1955x2

Fairfax School 1932†, 1950x2
Fairfield 1950x2
Fairfield North 1951, 1965(p/r68), 1965(p/r68,73)x4
Fairfield South 1949(p/r68)
Fairmont 1937, 1937(rp51)x3
Fairmont Butte 1965x2
Fair Oaks Oct1902(rpMar10)*, 1954x2*
Fairview 1918†, 1905(rp57)x2
Fairview Valley 1970x2
Fales Hot Springs 1954x2, 1956x2*
Fallbrook 1949x2
Fallen Leaf Lake 1955x2*
Fall River Mills 1961x2*
Famoso 1930†, 1930(rp40)†, 1950, 1953x2
Farmington 1942*, 1953x2
Fawnskin 1971x2
Feliciana Mtn. 1948x2
Fellows 1951x2
Felton 1955, 1955(p/r68)
Fenner 1956x2*
(San) Fernando 1900(rp10)*
Ferndale 1943*, 1951x2*, 1959x2, 1959x2*, 1959(p/r72)x2
Fields Landing 1959x2, 1959(p/r72)x2
Fifteenmile Valley 1971x2
Figueroa Mtn. 1959x2
Fillmore 1951x2
Firebaugh 1941x2†, 1946x2*, 1947, 1956x2, 1962x2*
Firebaugh NE 1961x2
Five Points 1956x2
Florin Oct1909†, 1953, 1968x2, 1968(p/r75)
Flournoy 1944x2*, 1958x2*
Fluhr 1947
Flynn 1956x2*
Folsom Feb1914(rp22)†, 1944x2*, 1954x2, 1967, 1967(p/r75)
Folsom SE 1954x2, 1954(p/r73)
Fontana 1943x3†, 1953, 1967x2, 1967(p/r73)
Fonts Point 1959x2
Forbestown 1950x2
Foresthill 1951x2
Forks Of Salmon 1955x2*
Fort Bidwell, Calif.-Oreg. 1962x2*
Fort Bragg 1960x2, 1960x2*
Fort Jones 1955x2*
Fort Ross 1944x3†
Fort Seward 1969x2
Fortuna 1944*, 1959x2, 1959x2*, 1959(p/r72)x2
Foster Island 1951x2
Fox Mountain 1944†, 1964x2
Franklin 1942*
Franklin Point 1955
Frazier Mtn. 1958, 1958(p/r74)x2
Frazier Valley 1957x2
Fredonyer Peak 1954x2*
Freel Peak, Calif.-Nev. 1955x2, 1956x2*
Fremont Peak 1956x2*
French Corral 1950x2
French Gulch 1948x3*
Fresno 1923x2†, 1963x2*
Fresno North 1947, 1965x2, 1965(p/r72)x3
Fresno South 1947, 1963x2, 1963(p/r72)x3
Friant 1922x2†, 1947
Frink 1940*, 1945*, 1956x3, 1956x2*
Frink NW 1956x2
Fruto 1944x2*, 1958x2*
Fruto NE 1952x2
Funeral Peak 1951x2*
Furnace Creek (all 1:250,000): Apr1910, Apr1910(rp20), Apr1910(rp47;defaced)
Furnace Creek 1952*

Galt Jun1910x2†, 1953x2, 1968(p/r1975)
Galway Lake 1954x2
Garberville 1951x2*, 1970x2
Garden Grove 1935x2†, 1935(rp47)x2†
Garden Valley 1950x2
Garza Peak 1953x2
Gasquet, Calif.-Oreg. 1945*, 1951x2*
Gaviota 1947x3*, 1953x2, 1966*, 1953(p/r74)
Genessee Oct1893†, Oct1893(rpJan1907)x2†, Oct1893(rp1927)†
Genessee Valley 1972x2
Gene Wash 1959x2
Georgetown 1949x2*, 1950x2, 1959
Gerber 1951x2
Geyserville 1955x2
Giant Forest 1956, 1956(l/r67)x2*
Gibbon Peak 1965x2
Gibraltar Dam 1964x3*
Gilroy 1955, 1955(p/r68), 1955(p/r68,73)
Gilroy Hot Springs 1921x2*, 1939*, 1955
Gilsizer Slough Sep1911†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Glamis 1955x2, 1955x3*
Glamis NW 1954x2
Glamis SW 1954x2
Glascock Mtn. 1958x2
Glass Mountain, Calif.-Nev. 1962x2*
Glenblair 1943x2*
Glendale 1928, 1928(rp39)x2, 1928(rp48)x3
Glendora 1927x2, 1939x4, 1966x2, 1966(p/r72)x2
Glen Ellen 1954x2
Glenn 1951x2
Glennville 1956x2*
Goat Mountain 1955x2
Gold Hill 1954x2
Goldstone Lake 1951x2*
Goleta Oct1903(rp46)x2*, 1943*, 1950, 1951, 1950(p/r67)
Goleta Special Oct1903(rpSep1911)*
Gonzales 1921*, 1947*, 1955x2, 1957x2*
Goodyears Bar 1951
Goose Creek Oct1909†, Oct1909(rp17)†, 1953x2, 1968x2, 1968(p/r75)
Goose Lake 1931†, 1950x2
Gorda 1929*
Gorman 1938, 1938(rp48)x4
Gosford 1932x2†, 1932(rp41)†, 1950, 1954, 1954(p/r68)
Goshen 1926†, 1926(rp30)†, 1950x2
Granite Chief 1953x2, 1953x2*
Grant Lake 1943x2†
Grapevine 1958x2, 1958(p/r74)x2
Grapevine Peak, Calif.-Nev. 1957x2*
Grasshopper Valley 1954x2*
Grass Valley Mar1901(1:14400), 1949x2*, 1950x2, 1949(p/r73)
Gravelly Ford 1924x2†, 1947
Grays Bend 1916x2†, 1953x2, 1953(p/r73)
Grays Well 1953, 1964x2
Grays Well NE 1953, 1964x2
Greek Store 1952x2
Greenfield 1956x2, 1957x2*
Green Valley 1958x2
Greenville 1950x3*
Greenwood 1950
Gregg 1922x2†, 1947
Gridley Mar1912x2†, 1952x2, 1952x2*, 1952(p/r73)x2
Grimes Aug1911x2†, 1954x2, 1954(p/r73)x2
Grizzly Valley 1972x2
Groveland 1949x2
Guadalupe Mar1905‡, Mar1905(rp27)‡, Mar1905(rp42)‡, 1947, 1959x2, 1959(p/r74)
Gualala 1960x2
Guasti 1953, 1966x3, 1966(p/r73)x3
Guasti And Vicinity 1941†
Guerneville 1955x2
Guernsey 1929x2†
Guijarral Hills 1937†, 1956x2, 1956(p/r71)
Guinda 1959x2, 1959x2*
Gustine 1918†, 1918(rp33)†, 1947

Hacienda Ranch 1929†, 1942*
Hackamore 1952x2*
Haiwee Reservoir 1951x2*
Hales Grove 1970x3
Half Moon Bay 1941*, 1961x2, 1961*, 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x2
Halloran Spring 1956x2*
Halls Flat 1939x2‡, 1939(rp48)‡
Hambone 1961x2*
Hames Valley 1949x2
Hamilton Feb1914x2†
Hamilton City 1950x2
Hamlin Canyon 1951x2
Hamlin School 1930x2†, 1950x2
Hammond Ranch 1956x2
Hanford 1926x3†, 1926(rp47)†
Happy Camp, Calif.-Oreg. 1956x2*
Harpers Well 1956x2
Harrington 1916(rp47)†, 1905(rp56),
Harris 1969x2
Harrison Mtn. 1953, 1967x2, 1967(p/r73)x3
Harris Ranch 1956x2
Hart Station 1942*
Harvester 1935x2†
Harvey Mtn. 1956x2*
Havasu Lake Calif.-Ariz. 1970x2
Hawes 1956x2*
Hayden Hill 1956x2*
Hayes Ranch 1933x2†
Hayfield 1963x2*
Hayfork 1951x2*
Haystack Mtn. 1919x2†, 1948, 1962x2
Hayward 1950, 1959, 1959x2*, 1959(p/r68), 1959(p/r68,73)x3
Haywards Jun1915*
Headreach Jun1910x3†, Jun1910(rp42)†
Healdsburg 1940x2*, 1940(rp48)*, 1955x2, 1955x2*
Heber 1945*, 1957x2*
Helena 1951x2*
Helendale 1956
Helm 1925x2†, 1947
Hemet 1952x2*, 1953x3, 1957x2*, 1953(p/r73)x3
Hemet Reservoir 1940*
Hernandez Valley 1944x2*, 1957x2*
Herndon 1923†, 1947, 1965*
Hershey 1916x4†
Hesperia Apr1902(rpOct12)*, 1942*, 1956
Hetch Hetchy Reservoir 1956x2*
Hexie Mountains 1963x2*
Highland Springs 1959x2
Hildreth Peak 1943
Hi Vista 1935x4, 1957x2
Hoaglin 1935x2‡, 1935(rp44)‡
Hockett Peak 1956x3*
Holland Canyon 1962x2
Hollister 1921*, 1923*, 1955x2, 1955x2*
Hollywood 1926x4, 1953x2, 1966, 1966(p/r72)x2, 1966(p/r81,m/r94)x4
Holt Dec1913x2†, Dec1913(rp47)†, 1952, 1952(p/r68)
Holtville Jun1907‡, Jun1907(rp16)x2‡(one in blue ink), 1957x3*
Holtville East 1957x2
Holtville NE 1957(p/r79)
Holtville West 1956x2
Homer Mtn., Calif.-Ariz. 1956x2*
Homewood 1955x2
Honcut Jan1912x2†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Honeydew 1970x2
Honey Lake (1:250,000): Jul1893(rpJan1909), Jul1893(rpOct?)
Honker Bay 1918x2, 1953, 1953(p/r68,73)x3
Hoopa 1952x2*
Hopeton 1916†
Hopland 1943*, 1960, 1960*
Hornbrook 1955x2
Hornitos 1949x2, 1947(rp73)x2
Horsecamp Mountain 1948x2
Horse Thief Springs, Calif.-Nev. 1956x2
Hot Springs Mtn. 1960x2
Howard Ranch 1922x3†, 1953x2
Hueneme Mar1904(rpMay1911)*, 1943*
Hughes Lake 1937x4
Hull Mountain 1952x2, 1967
Hullville 1922*
Humphreys 1932x3, 1932(rp,w/c46)
Hunters Point 1956, 1956(p/r68)
Huntington Lake 1953*
Huron 1937x3†, 1956x2
Hurricane Deck 1964x2
Hyampton 1951x2

Iaqua Buttes 1950x3*
Idyllwild 1959x2*
Illinois Hill 1962x2
Imperial 1916‡
Imperial Beach 1967x2
Independence 1951x2*
Indian Cove 1972x2
Indian Gulch 1920*, 1954x2*, 1962x2*
Indian Village May1893(rpMay99;1:65,500), Feb1907x3*, Feb1907(rp40)*
Indio Apr1904(rp17)‡, 1904(rp25)‡, 1904(rp48), 1956, 1956(p/r72)x2
Indio Special Apr1904(rpMar10)‡
Inglenook 1966x2
Inglewood 1924, 1948x6, 1950, 1952, 1964x2, 1964(p/r72)x2
Ingomar 1919†, 1947, 1960x2
In-Ko-Pah Gorge 1959x2
Inverness 1954x3
Inyokern 1943x2*, 1972x2
Inyo SE 1972
Iris 1945x2*, 1956x2
Iris Pass 1963x2*
Iris Wash 1956x2
Iron Mountains 1956x2*
Ironside Mtn. 1951x2*
Isabella 1943*
Isabel Valley 1955x2
Isleton Apr1910†, Apr1910(rp47)†, 1952, 1952(p/r68)
Ivanhoe 1926†, 1950x2, 1959
Ivanpah (1:250,000): Jun1912, 1956*

Jacinto 1917x2†, 1917(rp36)†
Jacks Butte 1962x3*
Jackson Jan1902(rpSep1911)‡, Jan1902(rp22)‡
Jacobs Corner 1916x3†
Jacumba 1944*, 1959x2, 1959x2*
Jamesburg 1921*, 1947*
Jamesan 1924†, 1947
Jamul 1943*, 1955x2*
Jamul Mountains 1955x2, 1955(p/r71)
Janesville 1972x2
Jawbone Ridge 1949x2, 1949(p/r79)
Jellico 1957x2*
Jericho Valley 1958x2
Jersey Jun1910†
Jersey Island 1952, 1952(p/r68)
Jess Valley 1962x2
Jewett Rock 1969x3
Jimtown 1955x2
Joaquin Rocks 1943x2*, 1956*
Johannesburg SW 1947
Johnsville 1972
Jolon 1949
Jonesville 1958x2
Joshua 1934, 1934(rp,w/c49)x4
Joshua Tree 1955x3*
Julian 1960x2
Juniper Hills 1959x2
Junipero Serra 1919*, 1930(rp41)*, 1948x2*, 1961*x2
Junipero Serra Peak 1949

Kaiser Nov1904(rpMar10)‡, Nov1904(rp39)‡
Kaiser Peak 1953x2*
Kane Spring 1944x2*, 1956x2
Kane Spring NE 1956x2
Kane Spring NW 1956x2
Karlo 1954x2*
Kaweah Jun1909‡, Jun1909(rp21)‡, Jun1909(rp42)‡, 1957*, 1957(l/r67)x2
Kearney Park 1923x2†, 1947, 1963
Keefers Jun1912(rp22)†
Keeler 1951x2*
Keller Peak 1953x2
Kelseyville 1943x2*, 1959x2, 1959*
Kelso 1955x2*
Kenny 1928*
Kentucky Well 1922x2†, 1948x2
Kenwood 1954x2
Kerens 1957x2*
Kerman 1922†, 1947, 1963x2, 1963x2*
Kern Peak 1956x2*
Kernville Jan1908(rpSep12)‡, Jan1908(rp34)‡, 1906(rp55)‡, 1956x2*
Kettenpom 1955x2*
Kettleman City 1937†, 1937(rp48)†, 1954, 1963
Kettleman Plain 1933x2†, 1950, 1953x2
Kettle Rock 1950x2*, 1972x2
Keystone 1962
King City 1919*, 1941*, 1948*, 1961x2*
Kings Beach, Calif.-Nev. 1955x2, 1955(p/r69)
Kingston Peak 1955x2*
Kinsley 1949x2
Kirkville May1915x2†, 1952, 1952(p/r73)x2
Kirkwood Mar1914†, 1950x2, 1949(p/r69)
Kismet 1920†, 1948, 1961x2
Klamath 1952x2*
Klinker Mtn. 1967
Kneecap Ridge 1967
Kneeland 1938*
Knights Ferry 1962x2
Knights Landing Aug1910†, Aug1910(rp47)†, 1952x2, 1952x2*, 1952(p/r73)x3
Knowles 1962x2
Knoxville 1958x2
Kramer 1942*, 1947, 1956x2*
Kramer SW 1947
Kreyenhagen Hills 1941†, 1950, 1956x2
Kurand 1952x2
Kyburz 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2

La Brea (Diamond Bar) 1928x3, 1928(rp32)x2
La Cima 1930, 1954, 1963x2
La Costa Valley 1960
La Cresenta 1928, 1928(rp32), 1939x4, 1939(rp46)x5
La Grange 1919(rp22)†, 1915(rp57), 1962x2
Laguna, Ariz.-Calif. 1943*
Laguna Beach 1949, 1965x3, 1965(p/r72)x3
Laguna Dam, Ariz.-Calif. 1955
Laguna Seca Ranch 1956x2
La Habra 1927x5, 1950, 1952, 1964x2, 1964(rp72)x3
La Honda 1955, 1961
La Jolla Dec1903(rpJan13)x2*, Dec1903(rp42)*, 1943†, 1953x2, 1967
Lake 1937x3
Lake Arrowhead 1956*, 1971x2
Lake Berryessa 1959x2, 1959*
Lake Cachuma 1959x2
Lake Combie 1950, 1949(p/r73)
Lake Eleanor 1956*
Lake Elsinore 1942*
Lake Fulmor 1956x2
Lake Havasu City South, Ariz.-Calif. 1970
Lake Hughes 1957x3
Lake Mathews 1953, 1967x2
Lake Pillsbury 1967
Lakeport 1951*, 1958x2
Lake Shastina ("formerly Dwinnell Reservoir") 1954*
Lakeview 1953, 1967x2
La Liebre Ranch 1965x2
La Mesa 1947†, 1953, 1967
Lamoine 1954x2*, 1957(p/r69)x3*
Lamont 1954x2, 1965(p/r68)
Lamont Peak 1956*
Lancaster 1933x5, 1958*
Lancaster East 1958x2
Lancaster West 1958x2, 1958(p/r74)x2 Landlow Dec1911†
Lane Mountain 1951*
Lanes Bridge 1947
Lanfair Valley 1956*
Lang 1929, 1933x4
La Panza 1952x3*
La Paz Mountain, Ariz.-Calif. 1955
La Porte 1951x2
La Quinta 1959x2, 1959(p/r1972)
La Rambla 1943x2*
Las Bolsas Jul1896(rpFeb1908)*, Jul1896(rp1934)*, 1943*
Las Flores 1932x4
Las Plumas 1950x2
Las Pulgas Canyon 1949x2
Lassen Peak Nov1894(rpNov1905,1:250,000), 1956*
Lassen Volcanic National Park 1929(1:48,000)
Last Chance Range, Calif.-Nev. 1958*
Las Trampas Ridge 1949, 1959, 1959(p/r68), 1959(p/r68,73)x3
Las Vegas Nev.-Calif. (1:250,000): Mar1908(rp20), Mar1908(rp43)
Lathrop Jan1915†, 1952x2
Laton 1927x2†, 1927(rp47)†, 1953
Latrobe 1950x2
Laurel 1955
La Verne 1928x2, 1928(rp32), 1940x2, 1940(rp47)x4
Lavic 1955x2*
Lavic SE 1955x2
Laytonville 1951*
Leach Lake 1951x2*
Lead Mountain 1955x2*
Lebec 1945*, 1958x2
Leek Spring Hill 1951x2, 1951x2*, 1951(p/r73)x2
Leggett 1952x2*, 1969x2
Le Grande 1918x2†, 1946x2*, 1947, 1961x2, 1961x2*
Lemon Cove 1928x2†
Lemoore 1927†
Leonards 1930†, 1930(rp43)†
Lethent 1926†, 1926(rp38)*, 1950
Levis 1923x2†, 1947, 1956x2
Liberty Farms 1942*
Liberty Island 1952x2, 1952(p/r68)
Lick Observatory 1955
Liebre 1938x2, 1938(rp w/c51)x3
Liebre Mtn. 1958x2
Likely 1962x2*
Lillis Ranch 1956x2
Lime Mountain 1948x2
Lincoln Aug1910x2†, Aug1910(rp47)†, 1953x2, 1953*, 1953(p/r73)
Linden Dec1908†, Dec1908(rp42)†, 1953x2
Lindsay 1928†, 1951x2
Lingard 1918†, 1948x2
Lion Canyon 1943x2
Litchfield 1954x2*
Little Buttes 1934, 1934(rp,w/c51)x3, 1965, 1965(p/r74)x2
Little Hat Mtn. 1962x2
Little Juniper Reservoir 1963x2
Little Lake 1954x2*
Little Panoche 1923*, 1923(rp47)*
Little Picacho Peak 1954
Little Pine Mtn. 1942
Littlerock 1934x2, 1934(rp,w/c49)x5, 1957x3
Little Table Mtn. 1962x2
Little Tujunga 1939x4
Little Valley 1957x2*
Live Oak Springs 1959x2
Livermore 1953, 1953*, 1961, 1961x2*, 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x3
Llano 1934, 1934(rp,w/c49)x3
Llano Seco 1950x2
Lockeford Dec1908†, Dec1908(rp42)†, 1953x2, 1968
Lockwood Valley 1943x2
Lodi May1894(rpNov1906)x2‡, 1939x2*, 1942*
Lodi North 1953x2, 1968
Lodi South 1953x2, 1968
Lodoga 1943x2*, 1960x2*
Logan Creek 1918†, 1918(rp42)†, 1904(rp57)x2
Logandale 1917x2†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Lokern 1934, 1950, 1954x2
Loma Prieta 1955x2
Loma Rica 1949x2
Lompoc Aug1905(rpApr11)‡, Aug1905(rp27)‡, 1943‡, 1947, 1947x2*, 1959x2,
1959x3*, 1959(p/r74)
Lompoc Hills 1948
Lone Pine 1958x2*
Lone Tree Creek 1955x2
Lone Tree Valley 1916(rp22)*
Lone Tree Well 1936†
Long Barn 1956x2
Long Beach 1925x3, 1949, 1951(rp56,large map), 1964x2, 1964(72)x4, 1964(81)
Loon Lake 1952x2
Lopez Mtn. 1965x2
Lopez Point 1956x2
Los Alamitos 1935x3†, 1950, 1964x2, 1964(rp72)x2
Los Alamos 1948, 1959x2*, 1959(p/r74)
Los Angeles Sep1900(rpSep04)*, Sep1900(rpAug08)x2*, 1928x2, 1953x3, 1966x3, 1966(p/r72)x8, 1966(p/r81,m/r94)x3
Los Angeles (1:250,000): Nov1949, Mar1955, 1959(l/r68), 1975x3
Los Banos 1921†, 1947, 1960x2, 1961x2*
Los Coches Mtn. 1947
Los Gatos 1940*, 1943*, 1953, 1953(p/r68), 1953(p/r68,73)x3
Los Molinos 1952x2
Los Olivos 1942x2*, 1943*, 1959x2, 1959*
Los Viejos 1934†, 1954x2
Lost Hills Feb1914‡, Feb1914(rp28)‡, 1953x2
Lost Hills NE 1954x2, 1953(p/r73)
Lost Hills NW 1954
Lost Horse Mtn. 1958x3*
Los Viejos 1934†, 1954x2
Los Viejos Hills 1934†
Lovdal 1916†
Lovejoy Buttes 1957x2
Lovejoy Springs 1933, 1933(rp,w/c49)x4
Lower Lake 1945x3*, 1958x2, 1958x2*
Loyalton, Calif.-Nev. 1955x2*
Lucerne 1958x2
Lucerne Valley 1947x2*, 1949x2*, 1971x2
Lucia 1921*, 1947x2*
Ludlow 1955x2*
Ludlow SE 1954x2
Lyman 1917†, 1917(rp47)†

MacDoel 1941‡, 1954*
Madera 1946x3*, 1947, 1963x2
Madison 1953, 1953(p/r68)
Madulce Peak 1964x2
Maine Prairie 1916x2*
Malaga 1947, 1964x2, 1964(p/r72)x3
Malibu Beach 1950x2, 1951, 1950(67)
Mallo Pass Creek 1960x2
Manly Peak 1951*
Manor Slough 1958x2
Manteca Dec1914†, 1952, 1952*, 1952(p/r68)
Manton 1956*
Manzana 1938x2, 1938(rp,w/c51)x2
Manzanita Lake 1956x2*
Manzanita Mtn. 1964x2
Marble Canyon 1951x2*
Marcuse Aug1910†("marsh added Jan1911"), Aug1910(rp47)†
Mare Island 1916*, 1916(rp47)*, 1951, 1959(p/r68)
Margarita Peak 1941*, 1944*, 1950x2, 1968
Maricopa 1951x2
Marina 1948, 1947(p/r68)
Marion Peak 1953*, 1953(l/r67)*
Mariposa Jul1912‡, Jul1912(rp20)‡, Jul1912(rp28)‡, Jul1912(rp51)‡, 1947x3*, 1948x2
Markleeville Nov1893(rpMay1910)‡, Nov1893(rp16)‡, Nov1893(rp36)‡, 1956x2*
Mark West Springs 1958x2
Martis Peak, Calif.-Nev. 1955x2
Marysville Jan1895(rpSep1911)‡, 1942*, 1952x2*
Marysville Buttes 1912†, 1912(rp43)†
Marysville Buttes And Vicinity Nov1913*, Nov1913(rp47)*
Matilija 1952*
Matterhorn Peak 1956x2*
Maturango Peak 1951x2*
Maxwell Jan1906*, Jan1906(rpJun13)*, 1952x2, 1952x3*, 1952(p/r73)x2
Mc Coy Spring 1952x2*
Mc Coy Wash 1951x2
Mc Donald Peak 1958x2
Mc Farland 1930†, 1930(rp42)†, 1954x2
Mc Intosh Landing Mar1914x3†
Mc Kittrick Jun1912‡, Jun1912(rp34)x2‡
Mc Pherson Peak 1943*
Mecca 1955x2
Medford Oreg.-Calif. 1938(rp45)‡
Medicine Lake 1952*
Meeks Bay 1955x2
Melones Dam 1962x2
Melville Lake 1972x2
Mendenhall Springs 1956x2
Mendocino 1960x2
Mendota 1924†, 1924(rp40)†, 1947
Mendota Dam 1956x2
Merced 1917†, 1948, 1961x2, 1962x2*
Merced Falls 1919(rp22)*, 1944*, 1954x2*, 1916(rp57), 1962, 1962*
Merced Peak 1953*
Meridian Apr1912x3†, Apr1912(rp47)†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Merritt Jun1915x3*, 1953, 1952(p/r68), 1952(p/r68,73)
Mesa Grande 1948, 1949
Mescal Creek 1940x3, 1940(rp,w/c49)x6, 1956
Mescal Range 1955*
Mettler 1955, 1955(p/r68)
Metz 1921*, 1921(rp47)*, 1947*
Michigan Bluff 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Mid Hills 1955x2*
Middletown 1958x2
Midland 1945*, 1952x2*
Midway 1916(rp42)†, 1953, 1953(p/r68)
Midway Well 1954x2, 1954x3*
Midway Well NW 1954x2
Milford 1950x3*
Millerton Lake 1942*, 1945*, 1965x2*
Millerton Lake East 1965
Millerton Lake West 1965
Milligan 1956x2*
Mills Aug1911x3*
Millux 1933x2†, 1933(rp43)†, 1954x2, 1954(p/r68)
Millville 1953x2*
Milpitas 1961, 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x3
Mindego Hill 1955, 1961x2, 1961(p/r68)
Minden, Nev.-Calif. 1968
Mineral 1941‡, 1941(rp48)x2‡
Mineral King 1956, 1956(l/r67)
Minersville 1950x3*
Mint Canyon 1960x4
Miramonte Ranch 1930†, 1930(rp47)†
Miranda 1970x2
Mississippi Creek 1955x2
Mistake Point 1969x2
Mitchell School 1916†, 1948x2
Moccasin 1949x2
Modesto East 1939*, 1942*
Modesto West 1941x2*
Modoc Lava Bed (1:250,000): Mar1892(rpAug1905)x2, Mar1892(rpNov1908)
Mojave Jun1915‡, Jun1915(rp23)x2‡, 1947, 1956x2*
Mokelumne Hill 1948x4*, 1949x2
Monache Mtn. 1956x2*
Monocline Ridge 1923(rp43)x2†, 1955x2
Mono Craters 1953x2*
Monolith 1966x2
Monson 1927x2†, 1950x2
Montara Mountain 1949, 1956(p/r68)
Monterey Apr1913*(tissue thin map), Apr1913(rp46)*, 1947*, 1948x3
Montgomery Creek 1956x2*
Monticello Dam 1959x2
Montpelier 1916x2†, 1953x2
Monument Peak 1959x2
Moonridge 1970x2
Mooreville Ridge 1948x2*
Moorpark 1951x3
Morena Reservoir 1960x2
Morgan Hill 1917x2*, 1917(rp47)*, 1955, 1955(p/r68), 1955(rp68,73)x3
Morgans Well 1955x2
Morgan Valley 1944x2*, 1958x2*
Morongo Valley 1955x3*
Morro Bay North 1965
Morro Bay South 1965
Morro Hill 1949x2
Mortmar 1958x2
Moss Landing 1954, 1954(p/r68)x3
Mother Lode Mar1899(rpApr1906,1:63360)
Moulton Weir 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Mt. Abbot 1953x2*
Mountain Springs Canyon 1953*
Mountain View 1961, 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x3
Mt. Baden-Powell 1940x3, 1953*
Mt. Baldy 1954
Mt. Barcroft 1962x2*
Mt. Boardman 1938*, 1942*, 1955x2
Mt. Carmel 1956x2
Mt. Day 1955x2
Mt. Diablo Apr1898(rpSep1905)*, Apr1898(rpNov1912)*, Apr1898(rp22)*
Mt. Dome, Calif.-Oreg. 1950x3*
Mt. Emma 1935, 1940x2, 1940(rp48)x5
Mt. Fillmore 1951x2
Mt. George 1951x2
Mt. Gleason 1942x2, 1942(rp w/c48)x5
Mt. Goddard Jan1912‡, 1912(rp32)‡, 1948(m/c57)*, 1952*
Mt. Hamilton Aug1897(rp1913)*, Aug1897(rp32)*, 1947x2*
Mt. Harkness 1956x2*
Mt. Ingalls 1972x2
Mount Laguna 1960x2, 1960x2*
Mt. Lowe 1939x7
Mt. Lyell May 1901(rpFeb10)‡, May1901(rp22)‡, May1901(rp48)‡
Mt. Madonna 1953, 1955(p/r68), 1955(p/r68,73)x3
Mt. Mesa 1947‡
Mt. Morrison Jun1914‡, 1914(rp21)‡, 1914(rp34)x2‡, 1953x2*
Mt. Pinchot 1953x2*
Mt. Pinos Oct1903‡, Dec1903(rpMar10)‡, Dec1903(rp32)x3‡
Mount St. Helena 1959x2
Mount San Antonio 1955
Mount Shasta Nov1897(rp24)*, Nov 1897(rp34)*
Mount Signal 1957x2
Mt. Sizer 1955x2
Mt. Stakes 1955x2
Mt. Tamalpais 1950x2*
Mt. Tom 1951x2*
Mt. Vaca 1921*, 1942*, 1951, 1951x2*
Mount Whitney 1919‡, 1907(rp21)‡, 1937, 1956*, 1956(l/r67)x6*, 1955(rp83; has Wilderness Press commercial printing)
Mt. Wilson 1934, 1939x3, 1939(rp48)x7, 1953x2
Mouth of Cantua Creek 1931†x2, 1931(rp47)†
Mouth Of Kern 1932†, 1951x2, 1950(p/r68)x2, 1950(p/r68,73)
Mule Wash, Ariz.-Calif. 1952
Muroc 1947
Murphys 1949x2
Murrieta 1943*, 1953x2, 1953(p/r73)x3
Mustang Peak 1955x2
Myers Flat 1969x2
Myoma 1958x2

Napa May1902(rpSep05)‡, May1902(rpFeb09)‡, May1902(rp47)‡, 1951x2, 1951(p/r68,73)x3
National City 1944†, 1953x2, 1967x2
Natividad 1948
Naval Petroleum Reserve #1 (Elk Hills Oil Field) Kern Co, CA 1930†
Navarro 1961x2*
Nebo 1953x2
Needles Nov1904(rp23)x2‡, Nov1904(rp30)‡, Nov1904(rp43)‡, 1952x2*
Needles SW 1970
Neenach 1943x2*
Neenach School 1965
Nelson May1912†, 1950x2
Nevada City Jul1895(rp32,1:14400), 1948x3*, 1950x2
Nevada City Special Jun1895(rpMar10,1:14400)
New Almaden 1919*, 1919(rp28)*
Newark 1948*, 1959x2, 1959(p/r68), 1959(p/r68,73)x3
Newberry 1955x2*
Newbury Park 1950, 1951
New Cuyama 1964x2
Newhall 1933x2, 1933(39)x3, 1952x6(one has Newhall Land and Farming Co. commercial printing)
Newhard May1912†
New Hope Jul1910†, Jul1910(rp42)†, 1952, 1952(p/r68)x2
New Idria 1943x2*, 1956x2*
Newman 1917†, 1917(rp38)†, 1952x2
Newport Beach 1935x2†, 1951, 1965
New York Butte 1950*, 1951*
Nicolaus Aug1910†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Niland 1956x2
Niles 1961, 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x3
Nipomo 1922*, 1952x2*
Noble Butte 1969x2
Nord Aug 1912x2†, Aug1912(rp47)†, 1951
Norden 1955x2
North Bloomfield 1951x2, 1949(p/r73)
North Fork 1965
North of Oildale 1936†, 1936(rp44)†, 1954x2
Novato 1954, 1954(p/r68)

Oakdale Sep1915x2†, 1953x2
Oakland East 1949, 1959, 1959(p/r68), 1959(p/r68,73)x3
Oakland West 1949, 1959(p/r68), 1959(p/r68,73)x3
Oasis 1956x2
Oat Mountain 1952
Oban 1933, 1933(rp,w/c49)x3
Observation Peak 1954x2*
Obsidian Butte 1956x2
Oceano 1965x2
Oceanside 1898(rp71)*, Jan1901(rpMay11)*, 1942*, 1949x2, 1965, 1968x2
Ogilby 1953*, 1963x3*
Oil Center 1940x2†, 1950, 1954x2, 1954(p/r68)
Oildale 1935†, 1935(rp47)†, 1954x2
Ojai 1952, 1952(p/r67)x2
Olancha Jul1907(rpOct11)‡, Jul1907(rp22)‡, Jul1907(rp31)‡, 1956*, 1905(rp57)‡
Old Dad Mountain 1943x2, 1944†
Old Dad Mtn. 1956x2*
Old Woman Springs 1955x3*, 1972x2
Olig 1943†
Olinda (Orange County) 1935x4†
Olinda (Shasta-Tehama Counties) 1964x2
Olivehurst 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Omo Ranch 1952x2
O'Neals 1965
Ono 1952*
Ontario 1954, 1954x2*, 1967, 1967(p/r73)
Ontario And Vicinity 1941x2†
Onyx 1943*
Onyx Peak 1972x2
Opal Mountain 1955x2*
Orange 1935†, 1935(rp46)†, 1950, 1964x2, 1964(72)x2
Orange Cove North 1950
Orange Cove South 1950
Orangedale School 1923(rp43)†, 1920(rp57)x2
Orchard Peak 1961x2, 1961x2*
Orcutt 1948, 1959, 1959(p/r67)
Ord Ferry 1950x2
Ord Mountains 1955x2*
Oregon House 1950x2
Orestimba 1919x2*, 1919(rp43)
Orestimba Creek 1918(rp22)†
Orestimba Peak 1955x2, 1955(p/r71)
Orick 1952x3*
Orland Mar1914x2†, 1951x2, 1951(p/r69)
Orleans 1952x2*
Ornbaun 1943*
Ornbaun Valley 1960x2*
Orocopia Canyon 1958x2
Oroville May1912(rp22)*, 1944x2*, 1949, 1970x2
Orrs 1944*
Ortigalita 1922x2†
Ortigalita Peak 1943x2*, 1956x2*
Ortigalita Peak NW 1956x2
Ostrom Jul1911x3
Otay Mesa 1955x2
Otay Mountain 1972x5
Owens Creek 1918†, 1918(rp36)†, 1915(rp57)x2
Owens Lake And Vicinity 1939‡
Owens Reservoir 1962x2
Oxalis 1922†, 1922(rp36)†, 1956x2
Oxnard 1951

Pacheco Pass 1920, 1920*, 1940*, 1955x2
Pacheco Peak 1955x2
Pacifico Mountain 1959x2
Packwood Creek 1943x2†, 1961x2
Pacoima 1927x3, 1927(rp39)x2
Paige 1927x2†, 1951x2
Painted Gorge 1957
Pala 1950x2, 1968x2
Palen Mts. 1952x3*
Palermo Dec1912†, Dec1912(rp47)†, 1952x2
Palmdale 1937x4, 1958x2
Palm Desert 1959x2*
Palm Springs 1944*, 1957x2, 1957x3*, 1957(p/r72)
Palo Alto Mar1899(rpMay1911)x2*, Mar1899(rp1937)*, 1948x2*, 1961, 1961x2*, 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x2
Palo Escrito Peak 1956x2
Palomar Mountain 1939*
Palomar Observatory 1950x2
Palo Verde, Calif.-Ariz. 1952
Palo Verde Mts. 1953x2*
Panamint Butte 1951x3*
Panoche Mar1913x2‡, 1913(rp48)‡
Panoche Valley 1944x2*, 1956x2*
Panorama Hills 1944†
Panther Spring 1956x2
Paradise 1953x2*
Paraiso Springs 1956x2
Parker Mar1911(rp47)‡, 1950x2*
Parker Dam 1959*
Parker Dam Area 1950x2*
Parker NW 1970x4
Parker SW 1970
Parkfield 1961*
Parks Bar 1922(rp40)†
Partington Ridge 1956x2
Pasadena 1953, 1966, 1966(p/r72)
Paskenta 1952x2*
Paso Robles 1919*, 1919(rp31)*, 1948x2, 1948x2*, 1961x2*
Pastoria Creek 1945†, 1958x2
Patterson 1916(rp47)†, 1953x2
Patterson Mtn 1952x2*
Paulsell 1915†, 1953x2
Pearland 1934x3, 1934(rp43)x2
Pebblestone Shut-In 1959x2
Pechanga 1950x2, 1968
Peddler Hill 1951x2, 1951(p/r73)x2
Pennington Nov1912†, 1954x2, 1954(p/r73)x2
Penon Blanco Peak 1962
Pentland 1934†, 1950, 1953x2, 1953(p/r68)
Perris 1943*, 1953, 1967, 1967(p/r73)x3
Petaluma Jun1914*, 1953, 1954x2*
Petaluma Creek 1954x2
Petaluma Point 1951, 1959, 1959(p/r68)
Petaluma River 1954, 1954(p/r68,73)x2
Peters 1915†, 1952x2
Petrolia 1969x2
Pfeiffer Point 1956
Phelan 1956x2, 1956(p/r68)
Picacho, Ariz.-Calif. 1951*, 1964
Picacho Peak, Calif.-Ariz. 1951x2*
Pickel Meadow 1954x2
Pickett Peak 1954x2*
Pico 1929, 1940x4
Pico Creek 1959
Piedras Blancas 1919*, 1919(rp27)*, 1959*
Piercy 1950x3*, 1969x2
Pike 1951x2
Pilot Creek 1951x2*
Pilot Hill 1954x2
Pilot Knob 1954x2*
Pinecrest 1956x2*
Pine Grove 1949x2
Pinkham Well 1944*
Pinto Basin 1963x2*
Pinyon Mtn. 1972x2
Pinyon Well 1944*
Piru 1921*, 1921(rp27)x2*, 1942*, 1952x2
Pismo Beach 1965
Pittsburg 1953x2*
Pixley 1929†, 1954
Placerville Jul1893(rpMar1905;torn)‡, Jul1893(rp1928)‡, 1949x4*, 1950x2
Plainsberg 1919†
Planada 1918†
Plano 1947x2
Plantation 1943, 1944†
Plaster City 1957, 1957x2*
Pleasant Grove Jun1910†, 1967x2
Pleasanton Jul1906(rpSep11)*, Jul1906(rp28)*
Pleito Hills 1944†, 1958x2
Point Arena 1960x2, 1960x2*
Point Arguello 1947x2*, 1948, 1959*
Point Bonita 1954(p/r68)
Point Conception 1942*
Point Delgada 1951x2*
Point Dume 1950(p/r67)x3
Point Loma 1942†, 1953, 1967x3
Point Mugu 1949(p/r67), 1950
Point Reyes 1918, 1954x2
Point Reyes NE 1954
Point St. George, Calif.-Oreg. 1945*
Point Sal 1947, 1947*, 1958x2, 1959x2*
Point Sur 1918*, 1925(rp40)*, 1947*, 1956, 1956x3*
Pollock Pines 1950
Polvadero Gap 1950*
Pomo 1943x2*
Pomona 1894(rp1960)x2*, Feb1904(rp23)*
Pond 1930†, 1930(rp43)†, 1953
Pondosa 1961x2*
Port Chicago 1959(p/r68)x2
Porterville 1929†, 1929(rp42)†, 1942x2*, 1951
Port Hanford Jun1897*
Portola 1950x3*, 1972x2
Port San Luis 1945*, 1951x2*, 1965
Poso Farm 1962
Poston, Ariz.-Calif. 1955
Potrero 1944*, 1944(rp48)*, 1960x2, 1960x2*
Potter Valley 1960*
Poway 1967
Poway Valley 1942†, 1952x2
Powell Slough 1918x2†
Pozo 1922*, 1952x2*
Pozo Farm 1922†, 1947x2
Prado 1941x3†
Prado Dam 1950x2, 1967, 1967(p/r73)
Prairie Creek Sep12(rp22)†
Preston 1956*
Preston Peak, Calif.-Oreg. 1922x2‡, 1956x2*
Priest Valley Mar1915‡, Mar1915(rp37)‡, 1944*, 1956x2*
Princeton 1918†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Project City 1957x2
Prospect Peak 1957x2*
Prunedale 1953, 1954(p/r68), 1954(rp68,75)
Puente 1927x2, 1927(rp37)
Pyramid Hills 1953x2
Pyramid Peak Jul1896(rpJul09)‡, Jul1896(rp23)x2‡, 1955x2

Quail 1938x2, 1938(rp51)x3
Quail Mountains 1948*, 1951x2*
Quartz Peak 1953x2*
Quien Sabe 1922*, 1956x2*
Quincy 1951x2, 1951x2*
Quincy School 1929†, 1926(rp57)

Rabbit Peak 1959x2*
Rackersby 1950x2
Railroad Flat 1949x2
Raisin 1925†, 1947
Ramona Sep1903(rpMay11)x2‡, Sep1903(rp28)‡, Sep1903(rp48)‡, 1947*, 1955x2, 1955(p/r71)
Rana Creek 1956x2
Ranchito Canyon 1948x2
Rancho Mirage 1957x2, 1957(p/r72)
Rancho Nuevo Creek 1943
Rancho Santa Fe 1949x2, 1968x2
Randsburg Feb1912x2*, Feb1911(rp60)
Ravendale 1954x2*
Ravenna 1934, 1934(rp,w/c42), 1934(rp,w/c49)x5
Raymond 1944*, 1962, 1962x2*
Raynor Creek 1919†, 1947, 1961
Reconnaissance Peak 1972x2
Red Bank 1952x2, 1952x2*
Red Bluff (1:250,000): Sep1894(rpFeb1902), Sep1894(rpApr1910)
Red Bluff 1952x2*
Red Bluff East 1951x2
Red Bluff West 1951x2
Red Buttes 1947x2
Redcrest 1969x2
Redding Nov1901(rp13)x2‡, 1944*, 1946*, Nov1901(rp48)‡, 1957x2
Redlands Aug1901(rpJun13)*, 1954, 1954x2*, 1967x2
Redlands And Vicinity 1943x2†
Redman School 1947x2
Red Mountain 1936x3, 1936(rp43)x3
Redondo Sep1896(rpMar1910)*
Redondo Beach 1951, 1963x2, 1963(rp72)x2
Red Pass Lake 1951x2*
Redrock Mtn. 1936x3, 1936(rp,w/c42)x3
Red Rover 1937x3, 1937(rp,w/c51)x5
Redwood Point 1948, 1959, 1959(p/r68), 1959(p/r68,73)x3
Redwood Valley 1960x2
Reedley 1924x2†, 1951, 1966
Reef Ridge 1937‡, 1950x2
Reliz Canyon 1949x2
Remnoy 1927†
Reseda 1928x2, 1928(rp32)x3
Reward 1951x2
Reyes Peak 1943x3
Reynolds Ranch 1940†, 1950x2
Rice 1945*, 1954x2*
Rich 1947
Richardson Springs 1944*, 1951x2, 1952x2*
Richardson Springs NW 1952x2
Richgrove 1929†, 1952x2
Richmond 1949, 1959, 1959(p/r68), 1959(p/r68,73)x3
Ridgecrest 1953x2*
Rimrock 1972x2
Rio Bravo 1931†, 1954x2
Rio Bravo Ranch 1954
Rio Linda 1951, 1967, 1967(p/r75)
Rio Vista May1910†, May1910(rp36)x2†, 1952x2*, 1953, 1953(p/r68)
Ripley 1952x2, 1952(p/r70)
Ripon Oct1915†, 1952x2, 1969
Ritter Ridge 1958x2
Riverbank 1916x2†, 1953x2, 1969
Riverdale 1927†, 1954x2
Riverside Mar1901(rpMay11)*, Mar1901(rp42)x2*, 1943*
Riverside And Vicinity 1942x2†
Riverside East 1953, 1967, 1967(p/r73)x3
Riverside West 1953, 1967, 1967(p/r73)x3
Riverton 1950
Robbs Peak 1950x2, 1952x2*, 1950(p/r73)x2
Rockbound Valley 1955x2
Rock Creek May1903(rpOct09)*, May1903(rp16)*, May1903(rp31)*
Rocklin 1954, 1967
Rocky Hill 1927x2†, 1951x2
Rodman Mountains 1955x2*
Rodriguez Mtn. 1949x2, 1948(p/r71)
Rogers Lake 1942x2*, 1956x2*
Romoland 1953x2, 1953(p/r73)x2
Ronda Apr1915
Roosevelt School 1933, 1933(rp49)x3
Rosamond 1943x2*, 1947x2, 1956x2*
Rosamond Lake 1947x2
Rosedale 1933†, 1933(rp41)†, 1950, 1954x2
Roseville Aug1910†, Aug1910(rp47)†, 1953, 1967, 1967(p/r75)
Rough And Ready 1950x2
Round Mountain 1922†, 1947, 1964
Royal Gorge 1953x2, 1953(p/r75)
Rumsey 1945x2*, 1959x2
Russell Valley 1932x5
Rutherford 1951x2
Ryan, Calif.-Nev. 1952*

Sacramento Jul1892(rpOct1905?)‡, Jul1892(rpAug08)‡, Jul1892(rp29)‡
Sacramento East 1949, 1954, 1967, 1967(p/r75)
Sacramento Valley (1:250,000): Oct1911
Sacramento West 1949, 1967, 1967(p/r75)
Saddle Mountain 1950x3*
St. Helena 1945*, 1960x2, 1960x2*
Salida Aug1915†, 1953x2, 1969
Salinas Oct1912*, Oct1912(rp40)*, 1947x2*, 1948, 1947(rp68)
Salisbury Canyon 1964x2*
Salmon Mtn. 1955x2*
Saltdale 1943*
Salton 1956x2
Salton Sink (1:500,000): 1908(rp31), 1908(rp47)x2
San Andreas 1947*, 1962x2*
San Antonio Jul1903(rpMar10)x2*, Jul1903(rp16)*, Jul1903(rp39)x2, 1942*
San Ardo 1943x2*, 1956x2*
San Benito 1919*, 1947x2*, 1957x2*
San Bernardino Nov1901(rpJun13)*, Nov1901(rp29)*, 1942*, 1954x3*
San Bernardino North 1954, 1967, 1967(p/r73)x3
San Bernardino South 1954, 1967, 1967(p/r73)x2, 1967(p/r80)
Sanborn Slough Dec1911†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
San Clemente 1949x2, 1968
San Clemente Island Central 1950x2
San Clemente Island North 1950x2
San Clemente Island South 1950x2
San Diego Jun1904(rpMar11)*, Jun 1904(rp41)*
Sandy Mush 1918†, 1948
San Felipe 1955x2
San Fernando Sep1900(rp29), 1945*, 1953x3, 1966, 1966(72)
San Francisco Feb1899(Sep1911)*, Jun1915x2*
San Francisco North 1950, 1956, 1956(p/r68), 1956(p/r68,73)x2
San Francisco South 1950, 1956, 1956(p/r68), 1956(p/r68/73)
San Francisquito 1937x2, 1937(rp51)x4
Sanger 1923x2†, 1947
San Geronimo 1954x2
San Gorgonio Sep1902(rpJun11)‡, Sep1902(rp44)‡
San Gorgonio Mountain 1954x2*, 1970x2*
San Gregorio 1955, 1961
San Guillermo 1943x2, 1944†
Sanhedrin Mtn. 1966
San Jacinto Sep1901(rpDec13)‡, Sep1901(rp25)‡, Sep1901(rp29)‡, Sep1901(rp42)‡, 1953x2, 1953(p/r72)
San Joaquin 1925x2†, 1947
San Jose 1899(rpJun13)*, 1953*, 1961x2*
San Jose East 1961, 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x3
San Jose West 1961, 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x3
San Juan Batista 1917*, 1917(rp25)*, 1939*, 1917(rp40)*, 1955, 1955(p/r68)
San Juan Capistrano 1941*, 1949, 1968, 1968(p/r78)
San Leandro 1948, 1959, 1959(p/r68), 1959(p/r68,73)x3
San Lucas 1949x2
San Luis Feb1900(rpApr13)‡, Feb1900(rp30)‡
San Luis Creek 1953x2
San Luis Obispo Sep1897(rp31), 1942*, 1952x2*, 1965
San Luis Ranch 1919, 1919(rp41)†, 1947, 1961x2
San Luis Rey Jul1901(rpMay11)x2‡, Jul1901(rp29)‡, Jul1901(rp33)‡, Jul1901(rp46)‡, 1949, 1968
San Marcos 1949x2, 1959x2, 1968
San Marcos Pass 1959x2
San Mateo (date torn off one), Feb1899(rpApr13), Jun1915(rp23), 1939*, 1949, 1956,
1956(p/r68), 1956(p/r68,73)x3
San Miguel 1919*, 1947*, 1948x2, 1961x2*
San Nicolaus Island 1943, 1956
San Onofre Bluff 1949x2
San Pasqual 1954x2
San Pedro Jul1896(Jul1907)*, 1943‡, 1944*, 1951, 1964, 1964(p/r72)x3
San Pedro Hills 1928x2, 1942x3
San Quentin 1948, 1959, 1959(p/r68)
San Rafael 1954
San Rafael Mtn. 1959, 1959*
San Simeon 1919*, 1959*
Santa Ana Dec1901(rpJan07)*, Dec1901(32)*, 1942*
Santa Barbara Nov1903(rp16)*, Nov1903(rp43)*, 1952x2
Santa Barbara Special Nov1903(rpFeb09)*
Santa Catalina (east) 1950x2
Santa Catalina (north) 1950x2
Santa Catalina (south) 1950x2
Santa Catalina (west) 1950x2
Santa Cruz Jun1902(rpAug12)‡, Jun1902(rp39)‡, 1954, 1954(p/r68)x2
Santa Cruz Island A 1943x2
Santa Cruz Island C 1943x2
Santa Cruz Island D 1943x2
Santa Felicia Canyon 1935x2, 1935(rp50)x4
Santa Maria 1947x2*, 1948, 1959x2*, 1959, 1959(p/r67), 1959(p/r67,74)
Santa Monica Mar1902(rpMar1910)*
Santa Paula Oct1903(rpMar10)*, Oct1903(rp27)*, 1942*, 1947x2*, 1951
Santa Paula Peak 1951x2
Santa Rita Bridge 1922†, 1922(rp43)†, 1948x2, 1962x2
Santa Rita Park 1946x2*, 1962x2*
Santa Rosa 1944*, 1944(rp51)*, 1954x2*, 1954(p/r68), 1954(p/r68,73)x3
Santa Rosa Hills 1947x2, 1959x2
Santa Rosa Island East (1:25,000): 1944
Santa Rosa Island North 1943x2
Santa Rosa Island South 1943x2
Santa Rosa Island West 1943x2
Santa Susana Feb1903(rpDec08)*, Feb1903(rp16)x2*, Feb1903(rp39)*, 1943*, 1951x3, 1951(p/r69)
Santa Teresa Hills 1953x2, 1953(p/r68)
Santa Ynez Jan1905(rpSep11)‡, Jan1905(rp20)‡, Jan1905(rp44)x2‡, 1959x2, 1960*
Santa Ysabel 1943*, 1960, 1960x3*
Santiago Creek 1943x3
Santiago Peak 1943*, 1954x2
San Vicente Reservior 1955x2
San Ysidro 1943†, 1953, 1955
Saticoy 1951
Saugus 1933x2, 1933(rp39)
Saunders Reef 1960x2
Sausalito School 1929†, 1950x2, 1954
Savahia Peak 1951x2*
Savahia Peak NE 1971x2
Sawmill Mountain 1943x2, 1944†
Sawtelle 1925x2, 1934x4
Sawtooth Range 1951x2*
Sawtooth Ridge 1943†, 1961x2
Sawyers Bar 1923x2‡, 1923(rp36)‡, 1955x2*
Saxon 1916‡, 1952
Schell Mtn. 1952x2*
Scotia 1951x2*, 1970x2
Scott Bar 1955x2*
Seal Beach 1935†, 1950, 1965, 1965(p/r72)x3
Searles Lake 1915(1:250,000), 1915(rp22,1:250,000)x2, 1950x3*
Sears Point 1951
Seaside 1948
Sebastopol 1942x2*, 1942(rp48)*, 1954, 1954x2*, 1954(p/r68)
Seeley 1957x2
Seiad 1922x2‡, 1914(rp57)‡
Seiad Valley 1955x2*
Selma 1924†, 1946x3*, 1947, 1964
Seminole 1932x6
Semitropic 1954x2
Sequoia and General Grant National Parks 1937‡
Seven Palms Valley 1958x2, 1958(rp72)x2
Seventeen Palms 1956x2
Shadow Mountain 1942x2*, 1955
Shadow Mountains SE 1955x2
Shale Point 1943x2†, 1953x2
Shandon 1943†, 1961x2, 1961x2*
Shasta 1954x6*
Shasta (1:250,000): Sep1894(rpSep08), Sep1894(rpSep12), Sep1894(rp34)
Shasta Dam 1956x2
Shasta Special Nov1897(rp1911)*
Shaver Lake 1953x2*
Shedd Canyon 1961x2
Shelter Cove 1969x2
Sheridan Aug1910x2†, 1953x2
Shields Creek 1963, 1963(p/r75)
Shingle Springs 1950x2
Shinn Mountain 1954x2*
Ship Mountain 1952x2*
Shippee 1950x2
Shoeinhorse Mtn. 1954x2*
Shoshone 1951x2*
Shubrick Peak 1969x2
Shuteye Peak 1953*, 1953(l/r65)x2*
Sidewinder Well 1952x2*
Sierra City 1955x3*
Sierra Madre 1941x4, 1941(rp47)
Sierraville Sep1894(rpJan1913)x2‡, Sep1894(rp27)‡, Sep1897(rp47)‡, 1890(rp55)‡, 1955x2*
Silurian Hills 1956x2*
Silver Bell Mine 1955x2
Silver Lake 1956x2*
Silver Peak, Nev.-Calif. 1898(rp54)‡
Simi 1951x2
Simmler 1943*, 1959x2, 1959*x2
Singer Creek Jun1912(rp22)†
Sister Rocks 1956
Sites 1904(rp57)
Sitton Peak 1954x2
Skaggs Springs 1944x2†
Slate Mtn. 1950x2
Sleepy Valley 1958x2
Sloughhouse 1953x2, 1968, 1968(p/r75)
Sly Park 1953x2
Smartville Apr1895(rpDec1909)‡, Apr1895(rp1917)‡, 1951x2
Smith River, Calif.-Oreg. 1956
Snaggletooth 1971x2
Snake Lake 1962
Snelling 1918‡
Sobranes Point 1956x2
Soda Lake 1956x2*
Soda Springs 1955x2, 1955(p/r73)
Soldier Pass, Calif.-Nev. 1958*
Soledad Sep1915x2*, Sep1915(rp48)x2*, 1940*, 1955x2
Soledad Mountain 1947x2
Solstice Canyon 1932x6
Solvang 1959x2, 1959(p/r74)
Solyo 1953x2
Sombrero Peak 1959x2
Sonoma 1951, 1951x3*
Sonora Jul1897(rpOct12)‡, Jul1897(rp23)x2‡, Jul1897(rp32)‡, 1948*, 1949x2
Sonora Pass 1956x2*
Soquel 1954, 1954(p/r68)
Soup Creek 1963, 1963(p/r78)
South Gate 1952, 1964x2, 1964(p/r72)x3
South Lake Tahoe 1955(p/r69), 1955(p/r69,74)
South Mtn., Calif.-Oreg. 1962x3*
Spreckels 1948, 1947(p/r68)
Spring Garden 1952x2
Spring Valley 1918†
Springville 1957*
Spyrack 1952x3*
Standard 1948, 1949x2
Standish 1972x2
Stanislaus 1949x2
Steele Peak 1953, 1967, 1967(p/r73)x3
Steele Swamp, Calif.-Oreg. 1962x2*
Stepladder Mts. 1956x2*
Stevens 1932†, 1950x2, 1954, 1954(p/r68)
Stevinson 1918†, 1948, 1961
Stewarts Point 1944x2†
Stewart Valley, Calif.-Nev. 1958x2*
Stockdale 1948x3
Stockton Dec1913x2†, 1952x2*
Stockton East 1952x2, 1968
Stockton West 1952x2, 1968
Stoddard Well 1970x2
Stokes Mountain 1921x2, 1924(rp29)x2†
Stone 1929x2†
Stonyford 1951x2*
Stovepipe Wells 1952x2*
Stratford 1929†, 1940*, 1950, 1954x2
Stratford SE 1954
Strawberry Valley 1950x2
Stumpfield Mtn. 1947, 1948x2
Stump Spring 1951x2, 1951(p/r73)x2
Success 1956x2
Success Dam 1956(m/c61)x2
Suisun 1918†x2
Sulfur Springs 1916(rp59)x2
Sultana 1923x2†
Sunfair 1972x2
Sunland 1926, 1926(rp32), 1933, 1942, 1942(rp49)x5, 1953, 1966, 1966(p/r72)x2
Sunnymead 1953, 1967
Sunshine Peak 1955x2
Superstition Mtn. 1956x2
Surf 1948, 1959x2
Susanville 1954x2*
Sutter Sep1911†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Sutter Buttes 1954x2, 1954x2*, 1954(p/r73)x2
Sutter Causeway 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Sutter Creek 1944x2*, 1957*, 1962x2*
Swarthout 1936*, 1941x3
Swingle Jun1915x2†
Sycamore Flat 1956x2
Sylmar 1935x3, 1935(rp44)x4

Taft 1951x2
Tahoe, Calif.-Nev. 1955x2*
Tahoe City 1955x2
Tajiguas 1953x2, 1953(p/r74)
Tamalpais May1897x2*, May1897(rpJan1913)x3*(missing a lower right corner)
Tassajara 1953
Taylor Canyon 1959x2
Taylor Monument 1951, 1967, 1967(p/r75)
Taylor Peak 1969x2
Taylorsville Sep1893(rpApr10)†, Sep1893(rp40)x2†
Taylor Weir 1951x2
Tecopa 1951x3*
Tectah Creek 1945*, 1952x2*
Tehachapi 1943*
Tehachapi North 1966
Tehachapi NE 1966
Tehachapi South 1966
Tehama Jan1905(rpSep11)*, Jan1905(rp32)*, Jan1905(rp47)*
Tehipite Jan1905(rpSep12)‡, Jan1905(rp29)x2‡(one in blue ink), 1903(m/r37)‡,
Tehipite Dome 1952*, 1952(l/r67)*
Tejon Jun1903(rpMar10)x2‡, 1903(rp39)‡
Tejon Hills 1933x2†, 1933(rp43)†, 1955x2
Telegraph Peak 1956, 1956(p/68)
Telescope Peak 1952x2*
Temecula 1942*, 1950x2, 1968
Templeton 1948x2
Tent Hills 1942x2
Tepusquet Peak 1943*, 1942(rp57)
Terminous 1952, 1952(rp68)
Terra Bella 1942x2*
Tesla Jun07x2*, Jun07(rp48)*
Thalheim Oct15x2†
The Dark Hole 1937x2†, 1950, 1953, 1961x3
The Geysers 1959x2
Thermal Canyon 1956x2
The Whaleback 1954x3*
Thompson Canyon 1949x2
Thousand Oaks 1950x2, 1952x2
Thousand Palms 1958x2*
Three Sisters 1954x2
Three Tree Flat 1916x3†
Tiefort Mountains 1951x2*
Tierra Bonita 1933x5
Tierra Del Sol 1959x2
Tierra Loma 1923x2†
Tierra Redonda Mountain 1949x2
Timber Mtn. 1952x2*
Tin Mountain 1957x2*
Tipton 1928x2†, 1951x2
Tisdale Weir Feb1912x3†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Tobias Peak 1936‡, 1943x2‡
Tomales 1954x2
Tombs Creek 1945x2†
Topanga 1952x3
Topanga Canyon 1928x3, 1928(32)
Topatopa Mountains 1943x2, 1944†
Topaz Lake, Calif.-Nev. 1956*
Toro Peak 1944x2*
Torrance 1923, 1934x3, 1951, 1964x2, 1964(p/r72)x2
Tortuga 1955x2
Tower Peak 1956x2*
Towne Oil Station 1931†, 1950x2
Tracy 1916†, 1916(rp28)†, 1954, 1954(p/r68)
Trail Canyon 1935, 1940x2, 1940(rp,w/c49)x8
Tranquillity 1924†, 1924(rp43)†, 1946x4*, 1947, 1956x2
Traver 1927x2†, 1950
Trench Canyon, Calif.-Nev. 1958x2*
Tres Picos Farm 1956x2
Tres Pinos 1955x2
Trigo Aug1915x2†
Trinidad 1952x2*, 1966
Trinity Dam 1950(m/c 64,68; "formerly Trinity Lake")x2*
Trinity Lake 1950(m/r62)*
Triple Divide Peak 1956*, 1956(l/r67)x2*
Triunfo Pass 1921*, 1943x2*, 1950x3, 1949(p/r67)
Trona 1950x3*
Truckee 1955x3, 1955x2*
Truckee, Calif.-Nev. 1940x3‡
Truckhaven 1956x2
Tufts Ranch 1922x2†, 1947x2
Tujunga Nov1900(rpNov05)*, 1900(rp29)*, 1900(rp36)*, 1944x2*
Tulare 1927†, 1951x2
Tulelake, Calif.-Oreg. 1951x2*
Tule Mountain 1962, 1962(p/r78)
Tule Springs 1960
Tumey Hills 1924(rp43)†, 1956x2
Tunnel Hill 1950x2
Tuolumne 1948x2*, 1949x2
Tuolumne Meadows 1956x2*
Tupman 1933†, 1933(rp42)†, 1954x2, 1954(p/r68)
Turlock 1917†, 1948, 1961, 1962x2*
Turlock Lake 1953
Turner Ranch 1918x2†, 1948, 1961x2
Turtle Mountains 1954x2*
Turtle Valley 1970x2
Tuscan Buttes 1944*, 1947x3*
Tuscan Springs 1951x2
Tustin 1935†, 1950, 1965x2, 1965(p/r72)x3
Twentynine Palms 1955x3, 1955x2*, 1973x2
Twitchell Dam 1959x2
Two Rock 1954x2
Tyee City 1959, 1959(p/r72)x2

Ubehebe Crater, Calif.-Nev. 1957x2*
Ubehebe Peak 1950*, 1951*
Ukiah 1944*, 1958x2, 1958x2*
Ukonom Lake 1955x2*
Union Island Nov1914x2†, 1952(p/r68)
Upper Lake 1958x2

Vacaville Jun1908*, Jun1908(rp44)*, 1953x2*
Vail Lake 1953x2, 1953(p/r82)
Valerie 1956x2
Valleton 1948x2
Valley Center 1949x2, 1968
Valley Ford 1954x2
Valley Mtn. 1954x2, 1956*
Valley Springs 1944x2*, 1956x3*, 1962, 1962x2*
Valley Springs SW 1962
Val Verde 1952x2
Valyermo 1940x2, 1940(rp w/c49)x5, 1958, 1959x2*
Vanguard 1956x2
Van Nuys 1926x3, 1926(rp32)x2, 1953x3, 1966, 1966(rp72)x2
Venice 1924x2, 1934x3, 1950x2, 1964x2, 1964(p/r72)x5, 1964(p/r81)
Ventura Feb1904(rpMar10), Feb1904(rp46), 1941x2*, 1951x2
Vernalis 1915†, Feb1904(rp46), 1952x2, 1969
Vernon Aug1910 (Sutter-Yolo Counties)
Verona 1952
Victorville 1956, 1956x2*, 1956(p/r68)
Victorville NW 1956
Vidal 1944*, 1950x3*, 1971x2
Viejas Mountain 1960
Villa Creek 1949x2
Vina Nov1904*, Nov1904(rpSep11)*, 1951x2
Violin Canyon 1937, 1937(rp,w/c51)x5
Visalia 1927†, 1949, 1949x3*, 1950x2
Volta 1921x3†, 1947x2, 1960x2
Vorden 1916†

Wahtoke 1923x2†, 1950x2
Walker Creek Nov1914x2†
Walnut Creek 1949, 1959, 1959(p/r68), 1959(p/r68,73)x3
Walter Springs 1959x2
Warm Spring 1936x4, 1936(rp43)
Warm Springs Mountain 1958x2
Warner Springs 1943*, 1952x2*, 1939(rp56)*, 1959x2, 1960x2*
Warners Ranch 1960x2
Warren Peak 1963
Wasco 1930†, 1930(rp42)†, 1943*, 1953x2
Wasco NW 1953x2
Washington 1951x2
Waterford 1916x2†, 1953x2
Waterloo Dec1908x3†, 1953x3
Waterman Mtn. 1941x2, 1941(rp,w/c48)x2, 1959x2
Watsonville East 1955, 1955(p/r68)
Watsonville West 1954, 1954(p/r68)
Watts 1924, 1937x3
Watts Valley 1944x3*
Waucoba Mtn. 1951x2*, 1951(m/c58)x2
Waucoba Spring 1958x2*
Waucoba Wash 1951*, 1951(m/c57)*
Waukena 1928x2†, 1950x2
Weaverville May1913‡, May1913(rp28)‡, May1913(rp47)x2‡, 1952x2*
Weed 1954x2*
Weed Patch 1933x2†, 1933(rp43)†, 1955x2, 1955(p/r68)
Weldon 1972x2
Wellington Cal.-Nev. Nov1893(rpMay1911)‡, Nov1893(rp1931)‡, Nov1893(rp1942)‡
Wendel 1954x2*
Wentworth Springs 1953x2
Weott 1951x2*, 1969x2
West Alpaugh 1929x2†, 1929(rp43)†
West Alpine Butte 1933x6
West Camp 1935x2†, 1954x2
West Elk Hills 1932x2*, 1950x2, 1954x2
Westhaven 1929x2†, 1956x2
Westley Oct1915x2†, 1952x2, 1969
Westmorland 1956x2
West of Biggs 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
West of Gerber 1951x2
West of Goose Lake 1934x2†, 1950x2
West of Lethent 1932x2†, 1950x2
West of Tejon Hills 1934x2†, 1950x2
West Point 1949x2
Westport Sep1915x3†, 1966
Westside 1956x2
Westville 1952, 1952(p/r73)
Westwood 1955x2*
Wheatland 1949x2, 1949x2*
Wheatville 1931†, 1950x2
Wheeler Springs 1942x2, 1944†
Whipple Mts., Calif.-Nev. 1950*, 1952*
Whipple Mts. SW 1970x2
Whispering Pines 1958x2
Whitaker Peak 1935x2, 1935(rp,w/c51)x4, 1958x2
White Horse 1962*
White Ledge Peak 1952x2
White Mtn. 1917x2‡
White Mtn. Peak 1962x2*
White River 1936x2*, 1952x2*
Whitewater 1955x2
Whitmore 1956x2*
Whittier 1925x3, 1925(rp32)x2, 1951, 1965, 1965(p/r72)x2
Wiest 1956x2
Wilbur Springs 1944x2*, 1961x2*
Wilcox Ridge 1956x2
Wildomar 1953x2, 1953(p/r73)x2
Wildwood School 1959x2, 1959(p/r73)x2
Williams 1918†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Williams Hill 1949x2
Willits 1961x2*
Willow Creek 1952x2*
Willow Ranch, Calif.-Oreg. 1962x3*
Willow Springs 1943*, 1965
Willows Jan1906*, 1951x2, 1951x2*
Wilmington 1925x2, 1925(rp31)
Wilsona 1935x4
Wilson Valley 1958x2
Winchester 1953x2, 1953(p/r73)x3
Wingate Pass 1951x2*
Wingate Wash 1950x2*
Winters 1916†, 1953x2
Winton 1917†, 1948, 1961
Wisdom Well 1923†
Wister 1956x2
Wolf 1950x2
Wolfskill 1917†
Woodbridge May1910†
Woodlake 1952x2
Woodland Feb1907*, 1952, 1953x2*, 1952(p/r68), 1952(p/r68,75)
Woodside 1961(p/r68), 1961(p/r68,73)x2
Woodville 1928†, 1951x2
Woodward Island Nov1913†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r68)
Woody 1935*, 1952x2*
Woolstalf Creek 1972x2
Wunpost 1949x2

Yermo 1953x2
Yolla Bolly 1954x2*
Yolo Jun1915x2†
Yorba Linda 1950, 1964(p/r72)x3
York Mountain 1948x2
Yosemite Apr1909(rp,w/cFeb11)‡, 1909(rp23)‡, 1909(rp29), 1909(rp38), 1956x2*,
Yosemite Lake 1948
Yosemite National Park And Vicinity 1968‡
Yosemite Valley 1938, 1938(rp47), 1958(l/r70)
Yountville 1951x2
Yreka 1939x2‡, 1954x2*
Yuba City Jul1911†, 1952x2, 1952(p/r73)x2
Yucaipa 1954, 1967, 1967(p/r73)x3
Yucca Valley North 1972x3
Yucca Valley South 1972x2
Yuma, Calif.-Ariz. 1905(rp36)‡
Yuma East, Ariz.-Calif. 1952, 1965
Yuma West, Ariz.-Calif. 1952, 1965

Zamora 1953x2, 1953(p/r73)x3
Zelzah (Northridge) 1932x2, 1941x5