Historical USGS Topographical Maps of Southern California

Obsolete USGS topographical maps of Southern California

For easier use by patrons, this list is alphabetized by ignoring the spaces in map titles. Years of subsequent updating are shown in parentheses. The number of multiple copies of the same date and scale follow an "x".


  • l/r = limited revision
  • m/c = minor correction
  • m/r = minor revision
  • p/i = photo inspected
  • p/r = photo revised
  • rp = reprinted
  • rv = revised
  • srp = shaded relief printed
  • w/c = with corrections

1:62500 scale is marked with an asterisk (*).
1:31680 scale is marked with a cross (†).
1:125000 scale is marked with a double cross (‡).
Unmarked scale is 1:24000 unless otherwise noted.

Southern California sheets, 1:250,000 scale:
No.1 (greater Los Angeles): Dec1901(rp21)
No.2 (greater San Diego): Jun1904(rpOct14), Jun1904(rp24)
No.3 (Santa Monica-Guadalupe coastline): Jul1910(rp31)

Alhambra 1926x2, 1926(rp39)x3
Altadena 1928x2, 1928(rp41)x3(one copy missing lower right corner)
Anaheim 1901(rp22)x2*, 1942*, 1965, 1965(p\r72)
Arrowhead 1941x4†
Arroyo Sequit 1932x4 (partial L. A. County)
Artesia 1925x4, 1945x3 
Azusa 1928x3, 1939x2, 1953, 1966, 1966(p/r72)x2

Baldwin Park 1946, 1953, 1966x2, 1966(p/r72)
Bell 1925x3, 1936x3 
Beverly Hills 1950, 1966x2, 1966(p/r72)x3, 1966(p/r81), 1966(p/r81,m/r94)
Burbank 1926, 1926(rp41), 1948x4, 1953, 1966x2, 1966(p/r72)x3

Calabasas Feb1903(rpDec08)*, 1944*, 1903(rp47)*, 1952, 1952(rp67)x2 
Camulos Aug1903(12)‡, Aug1903(25)x2‡, Aug1903(rp38)‡
Canoga Park 1952x2
Chatsworth 1927x2, 1940x5
Claremont 1928x3, 1928(rp32)x2
Clearwater 1925x3, 1925(32)
Compton 1924, 1930x2, 1930(rp39)x2 
Corona Jun1902(rpMay11)‡, Jun1902(rp20)x2‡, 1927x2, Jun1902(rp39)‡, 
1927(rp39)x2, 1943*, 1947x2*
Corona And Vicinity 1942†
Corona North 1954x2, 1967x2, 1967(p/r73)x3
Corona South 1954x2, 1967x2, 1967(p/r73)
Covina 1927x2, 1927(rp39)x2
Cucamonga Jan1903(rpOct12)*, Jan1903(rp17)*, 1944x2*, Jan1903(rp47)*

Downey Nov1902(rpFeb11)*, 1902(rp34)*, 1942*
Dry Canyon (Calabasas) 1928x2, 1932x6

El Monte 1926, 1948x4, 1953x2, 1966x2, 1966(p/r72)x3

(San) Fernando 1900(rp10)*
Fontana 1943x3†, 1953, 1967x2, 1967(p/r73)

Glendale 1928, 1928(rp39)x2, 1928(rp48)x3 
Glendora 1927x2, 1939x4, 1966x2, 1966(p/r72)x2

Hollywood 1926x4, 1953x2, 1966, 1966(p/r72)x2, 1966(p/r81,m/r94)x4

Inglewood 1924, 1948x6, 1950, 1952, 1964x2, 1964(p/r72)x2

La Brea (Diamond Bar) 1928x3, 1928(rp32)x2 (partial L. A. County)
La Cresenta 1928, 1928(rp32), 1939x4, 1939(rp46)x5
La Habra 1927x5, 1950, 1952, 1964x2, 1964(rp72)x3
Las Flores 1932x4
La Verne 1928x2, 1928(rp32), 1940x2, 1940(rp47)x4
Little Tujunga 1939x4
Long Beach 1925x3, 1949, 1951(rp56,large map), 1964x2, 1964(72)x4, 1964(81)
Los Alamitos 1935x3†, 1950, 1964x2, 1964(rp72)x2
Los Angeles Sep1900(rpSep04)*, Sep1900(rpAug08)x2*, 1928x2, 1953x3, 1966x3, 1966(p/r72)x8, 1966(p/r81,m/r94)x3
Los Angeles (1:250,000): Nov1949, Mar1955, 1959(l/r68), 1975x3

Malibu Beach 1950x2, 1951, 1950(67)
Mt. Gleason 1942x2, 1942(rp w/c48)x5
Mt. Lowe 1939x7
Mt. Wilson 1934, 1939x3, 1939(rp48)x7, 1953x2

Newhall 1933x2, 1933(39)x3, 1952x6(one has Newhall Land and Farming Co. commercial printing)
Newport Beach 1935x2†, 1951, 1965

Oat Mountain 1952
Ontario 1954, 1954x2*, 1967, 1967(p/r73)
Ontario And Vicinity 1941x2†
Orange 1935†, 1935(rp46)†, 1950, 1964x2, 1964(72)x2

Pacoima 1927x3, 1927(rp39)x2
Pomona 1894(rp1960)x2*, Feb1904(rp23)*
Prado 1941x3†
Prado Dam 1950x2, 1967, 1967(p/r73)
Puente 1927x2, 1927(rp37)

Redlands Aug1901(rpJun13)*, 1954, 1954x2*, 1967x2
Redlands And Vicinity 1943x2†
Redondo Sep1896(rpMar1910)*
Redondo Beach 1951, 1963x2, 1963(rp72)x2
Reseda 1928x2, 1928(rp32)x3
Riverside Mar1901(rpMay11)*, Mar1901(rp42)x2*, 1943*
Riverside And Vicinity 1942x2†
Riverside East 1953, 1967, 1967(p/r73)x3
Riverside West 1953, 1967, 1967(p/r73)x3

San Dimas 1954, 1966x2, 1966(p/r72)x2
San Fernando Sep1900(rp29), 1945*, 1953x3, 1966, 1966(72)
San Francisco Feb1899(Sep1911)*, Jun1915x2*
San Pedro Jul1896(Jul1907)*, 1943‡, 1944*, 1951, 1964, 1964(p/r72)x3
San Pedro Hills 1928x2, 1942x3
Santa Ana Dec1901(rpJan07)*, Dec1901(32)*, 1942*
Santa Barbara Nov1903(rp16)*, Nov1903(rp43)*, 1952x2
Santa Barbara Special Nov1903(rpFeb09)*
Santa Catalina (east) 1950x2
Santa Catalina (north) 1950x2
Santa Catalina (south) 1950x2
Santa Catalina (west) 1950x2
Santa Monica Mar1902(rpMar1910)*
Saugus 1933x2, 1933(rp39)
Sawtelle 1925x2, 1934x4
Seal Beach 1935†, 1950, 1965, 1965(p/r72)x3
Sierra Madre 1941x4, 1941(rp47)
Solstice Canyon 1932x6 (L. A. County)
South Gate 1952, 1964x2, 1964(p/r72)x3
Sunland 1926, 1926(rp32), 1933, 1942, 1942(rp49)x5, 1953, 1966, 1966(p/r72)x2
Sylmar 1935x3, 1935(rp44)x4

Topanga 1952x3
Topanga Canyon 1928x3, 1928(32)
Torrance 1923, 1934x3, 1951, 1964x2, 1964(p/r72)x2
Triunfo Pass 1921*, 1943x2*, 1950x3, 1949(p/r67)
Tujunga Nov1900(rpNov05)*, 1900(rp29)*, 1900(rp36)*, 1944x2*
Tustin 1935†, 1950, 1965x2, 1965(p/r72)x3

Van Nuys 1926x3, 1926(rp32)x2, 1953x3, 1966, 1966(rp72)x2
Venice 1924x2, 1934x3, 1950x2, 1964x2, 1964(p/r72)x5, 1964(p/r81)

Watts 1924, 1937x3
Whittier 1925x3, 1925(rp32)x2, 1951, 1965, 1965(p/r72)x2
Wilmington 1925x2, 1925(rp31)

Yorba Linda 1950, 1964(p/r72)x3

Zelzah (Northridge) 1932x2, 1941x5