Discussion Guide: Green Lantern: Legacy

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Book Summary Green Lantern: Legacy:

Thirteen-year-old Tai inherits his grandmother's jade ring and soon discovers the legacy that his grandmother has left for him to continue. This story is for both DC Comics fans and young readers who have not been interested in DC comic books before. If you like to read an action-filled tale about friendship, family, discovering who you are, and a cat named Jordan, then this is the graphic novel for you!

For children ages 8 - 12 years old who love: Jerry Craft’s New Kid and Class Act, A Spider Man Graphic Novel: Miles Morales, Shock Waves by Justin A. Reynolds and DC Comics: Zatanna and the House of Secrets by Matthew Cody, and the Secret Hero Society series by Derek Fridolfs.

  • Author Min Lê and illustrator Andie Tong met for the first time during the podcast recording. Minh wrote the story or script, which was shared with Andie to illustrate the artwork in the panels to go with Minh’s story and instructions. Check out the link to the graphic novel sheets shared below. You can work with a friend or family member on your graphic novel, and one person can write the story and the other person can draw the pictures, or you can both do everything together, and you don’t even have to be in the same room.

  • Author Mih Lê has an actual jade ring from his grandmother, just like Tai has a jade ring that he inherits from his grandmother to continue her legacy as a Green Lantern in the story. Do you have an object given to you by a family member that means a lot to you?

  • What’s excellent about graphic novels is that you can read them more than once and find something new in the story and the artwork. Reread Green Lantern: Legacy or another graphic novel you loved and see if you can discover something new in the panels that you never noticed before. Andie and Minh mention a few fun elements hidden in the illustrations.

  • The most popular and widely-recognized national costume of Vietnam, the Áo Dài, is a symbol of national pride. Tai wears the Áo Dài as the Green Lantern. There are other Vietnamese heritage elements throughout the story. If you want to learn more about Vietnam and what the traditional Áo Dài looks like, you can check out or request Vietnam by Emily Rose Oachs at your library.

  • What does the word legacy mean? By the end of the story, do you think Tai succeeded in carrying his bà nội, his grandmother’s legacy? Can you name one example of Tai carrying out his grandmother’s legacy in the story?

—Thank you to author Minh Lê, illustrator Andie Tong, and to DC Comics Marketing Manager Jenna Seid, DC Comics Senior Publicity Manager Clark Bull, and DC Comics Marketing Events Manager Jennifer Fuglevand.

“During the Vietnam war, my grandmother was very much responsible for getting a lot of our family out of Vietnam. So it made sense for me too, when I was trying to figure out how to write a story about superheroes, my grandmother felt like the natural place to start.”—Author Minh Lê

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