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Discussion Guide: Kitty Felde

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KITTY: Well, I think every author in the world would like to know the secret. I mean what captured your imagination, to make you keep reading?

JULIETTE: Probably just the level of detail the author puts into the world and how, like fleshed out the actual world is. It makes you really feel like it's real.

Discussion Questions

  • Why don’t you make an audio recording of yourself and your friends sharing book recommendations and share them with your school? Make sure to ask your parents and teachers’ permission first.

  • You can also create a book recommendation newsletter to share with your school.

  • Think about your favorite books and why you like them. For example, is the book funny, do you like the art, is the book a graphic novel? Is there something in the book that has happened to you too? Reflect on why you enjoy your favorite story.

Recommendations from the Children Chatting with Authors members:

—Thank you to host and executive producer of the Book Club for Kids podcast Kitty Felde and producer of the Book Club for Kids podcast, Ilsa Setziol.