Discussion Guide: The Last Chance Hotel

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Book Summary The Last Chance Hotel:

Kitchen boy Seth Seppi is shocked by being accused of poisoning the famous magician Dr. Thallomius and all because of his special apricot dessert. Now Seth has only a short time to prove his innocence, knowing that the real murderer is among the guests at the Last Chance Hotel. The Last Chance Hotel, described as Agatha Christie, meets J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter has now gone on to be an international bestseller, being translated into fifteen languages. Nicki’s Seth Seppi series continues with book #2, The Bad Luck Lighthouse, and book #3, The Cut-Throat Cafe.

For children ages 8 - 12 years old and who love: a Harry Potter-meets-Agatha Christie mystery and adventure, as well as, Framed by James Ponti.

  • The main character or protagonist, Seth Seppi, can cook an apricot dessert, become a detective, and possibly know magic, but most importantly, he is kind and perseverant. What did you like most about Seth during the story?

  • Nicki was inspired to write The Last Chance Hotel by an old, dilapidated building she would see on her walks in the woods, and that building became the Last Chance Hotel. Look around for inspiration on your walks or travels to develop ideas for your own stories.

  • What makes Tiffany Bunn such a good antagonist in the story?

  • The Last Chance Hotel is also available as an excellent e-audiobook via hoopla digital. Do you also enjoy listening to audiobooks? If you have never tried an audiobook before, this would be the perfect place to start.

  • Did you know that when books get published in other countries, the book cover art looks completely different? Nicki shared the artwork for the United Kingdom and Russian editions versus the United States edition. Compare the book covers, what’s different and what’s the same? Can you tell what the story is about by just looking at the covers?

  • The Last Chance Hotel's United Kingdom's book cover
    The Last Chance Hotel's Russian book cover
    The Last Chance Hotel's U.S. book cover

—Thank you to author Nikki Thornton

“Well, I think the main reason for writing it was because I worked for many years in a bookshop. And sometimes when you're talking to young people about the books that they read, you do start remembering what you read when you were younger.”

—Nikki Thornton

Book cover for The Last Chance Hotel
The Last Chance Hotel
Thornton, Nicki