Discussion Guide: Pax Samson: The Cookout Vol. 1

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Book Summary Pax Samson: The Cookout Vol. 1:

Pax Samson: The Cookout is the first volume in a new action-packed, fantasy trilogy that depicts a world struggling to find peace in the midst of threats, and a young superhero chef torn between following his passion and following in his family's footsteps.

For children ages 8 - 12 years old and who love: Black Panther The Young Prince: Spellbound by Ronald L. Smith, A Spider Man Graphic Novel: Miles Morales: Shock Waves by Justin A. Reynolds, and the highly anticipated graphic novel Stuntboy, In the Meantime by Jason Reynolds and illustrated by Raúl the Third.

  • Check out the link to free graphic novel sheets below*. You can use these sheets to begin your comic strips or graphic novel with your best friend and work together like best friends Rashad Doucet, and Jason Reeves did to create Pax Samson: The Cookout.

  • Can you design and create a family member or friend as a superhero character like author and illustrator Rashad did use his grandmother as inspiration to create Grandma Samson?

  • Author Jason mentions that "family that lifts each other." Who lifts you in your life? Can you think of an example of someone that raises Pax Samson in the story?

  • Author Jason mentions that he would challenge his classmate to a draw-off challenge when he was in school. Why don't you challenge your family or a friend to think of the wildest idea of something to draw. Can possible examples be a sandwich made out of crystals or a chocolate dragon? Can you work together to try to design the idea together?

  • Yemoja was the goddess who gifted Grandma Samson with her powers during the story. Yemoja, also spelled Yemonja or Yemaja, is a Yoruban (one of Nigeria's three largest ethnic groups) deity celebrated as the giver of life and a Mother Earth goddess. You can check out or request African Mythology by Jim Ollhoff or Myths and Legends of Africa to learn more about the different deities of Africa.

*Graphic Novel Sheet 1

*Graphic Novel Sheet 2

—Thank you to authors Rashad Doucet and Jason Reeves and special thanks to publisher Oni Press and Katie Sainz, Marketing Manager of Oni Press.

Book cover for Pax Samson: The Cookout, Vol. 1
Pax Samson: The Cookout, Vol. 1
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