Discussion Guide: Snared

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Book Summary Snared:

Snared: Escape from the Above is an exciting fantasy and adventure story in which a boy named Wily has to live underground in a dungeon and uses all his time to build traps to protect an ancient wizard's treasure, and that's just the first chapter! Adam's Wily Snare series continues with Book #2 Snared: Lair of the Beast and Book #3 Snared: Voyage on the Eversteel Sea.

For children ages 8 - 12 years old and who love: City of Ember, Wings of Fire, The Unwanteds, and The Island of Dr. Libris.

  • Adam mentions getting fan mail from children from around the world. Why don’t you write a letter to one of your favorite authors and tell them why you enjoy reading their book(s).

  • Wiley is empathetic to many characters he encounters during the story. What does being empathetic mean, and can you think of when you were compassionate to someone else?

  • Wily calls the sky "the above" and lives in a land called Panthasos. Can you create a story in which your main character calls something well-known like the sky by a different name and lives in the land you invented?

—Thank you to author Adam Jay Epstein.

“I think that one of the biggest inspirations for my writing is now having two daughters of my own, and wanting to give them books that would have excited me when I was younger, and now hopefully will make them excited about reading and engaging reading.”

—Adam Jay Epstein

Book cover for Snared: Escape to the Above: Wily Snare Series, Book 1
Snared: Escape to the Above: Wily Snare Series, Book 1
Epstein, Adam Jay