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With HyRead you can access Chinese language e-magazines on a variety of topics including current events, science, technology, beauty, health, and many more.

Readers can borrow titles for 14 days. There is no limit to the number of titles you can borrow.

Titles can be read on your computer, Apple iOS device, or Android device with your library card and PIN. After the loan period is over, the e-magazine will simply expire from your account. No fines, no fees.

Note that due to publisher restrictions, Business Weekly, Beauty Home, and PC Home have a limit on the number of users allowed access at one time. If you are unable to borrow these titles because they are already in use, please try again later.

推薦中文電子雜誌 HyRead


借閱本數沒有限制, 借閱期為14天。由於出版商的權限, HyRead對借閱以下三本雜誌的用戶數有所限制 :商業周刊、美容之家、個人電腦。如果這些雜誌已被別的讀者借閱,請稍後再試。

您可以使用您的圖書舘借書卡及借書卡密碼電腦Apple iOS、或 Android 上閱讀電子雜誌。借閱到期後, 電子雜誌會自動歸還; 沒有逾期罰款,沒有手續費。

推荐中文电子杂志 Hyread


借阅本数没有限制, 借阅期为14天。由于出版商的权限, HyRead对借阅以下三本杂志的用户数有所限制:商业周刊、美容之家、个人电脑。如果这些杂志已被别的读者借阅,请稍后再试。

您可以使用您的图书馆借书卡及借书卡密码电脑Apple iOS、或 Android 上阅读电子杂志。借阅到期后, 电子杂志会自动归还; 没有逾期罚款,没有手续费。

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