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Middle Grade LGBTQ Chapter Books

Updated: June 13, 2022

Book cover for Almost flying
Almost flying
Arlow, Jake Maia
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Book cover for Better Nate Than Ever
Better Nate Than Ever
Federle, Tim
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Book cover for Candidly Cline
Candidly Cline
Ormsbee, Kathryn
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Book cover for Frankie & Bug
Frankie & Bug
Forman, Gayle
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Book cover for Hurricane Child
Hurricane Child
Callender, Kacen
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Book cover for Ivy Aberdeen's letter to the world
Ivy Aberdeen's letter to the world
Blake, Ashley Herring
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Book cover for King and the Dragonflies
King and the Dragonflies
Callender, Kacen
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Book cover for Melissa (formerly published as George)
Melissa (formerly published as George)
Gino, Alex
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Fourth grader Melissa knows she is a girl. When she wants to try out for the role of Charlotte in the school's production of Charlotte's Web, her teacher won't allow it because she sees Melissa as a boy. It's only with the help of Melissa’s best friend, Kelly, that she's able to pull it off and, in the process, communicate to the important people in her life who she really is. Grades 4 & up.

Book cover for Star-Crossed
Dee, Barbara
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Grades 4 - 6

This is a middle-grade crush story in which Mattie (Matilda) lends a hand playing Romeo when the male lead drops out of the school production of Romeo and Juliet. As the production progresses, Mattie realizes she likes the supremely likable Gemma (playing Juliet). In addition to all of the usual 8th grade angst, Mattie is now questioning her identity. Her friends and family are supportive, but she’s still not sure what it all means. A charming story that does not move much beyond warm feelings, but progresses in a parallel to Shakespeare’s masterpiece. It will have readers dying to know what’s going to happen and cheering Mattie on to the end.

Book cover for Too Bright to See
Too Bright to See
Lukoff, Kyle
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Grades 4 - 7: Stepping into the unknown is nearly always scary, but for those brave enough to inch their way into new territory, they can find unexpected joy as the ultimate reward. Bug is experiencing a summer unlike any other. Her uncle just died, her best friend is preparing for them to share similar experiences when they enter junior high and on top of ALL that, her haunted house is trying to tell her something very important. This is a coming of age tale unlike many others and should not be missed.

Book cover for The whispers
The whispers
Howard, Greg
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