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NeiSci - Teen

Updated: April 26, 2021

The boy who harnessed the wind
Kamkwamba, William, 1987-
Call Number: 621.45 K156-1

In this memoir adapted for young readers, William Kamkwamba describes the drought that struck his tiny village in Malawi, his subsequent interest in science, and his idea to build a windmill. Made out of scrap metal and old bicycle parts, William's windmill brought electricity to his home and helped his family pump the water they needed to farm the land. 

Citizen science : how anyone can contribute to scientific discovery
Hulick, Kathryn
Call Number: 500 H912

Dark matters : nature's reaction to light pollution
Galat, Joan Marie, 1963-
Call Number: 523 G146

Do-it-yourself sustainable water projects : collect, store, purify, and drill for water
Dempsey, Paul
Call Number: 628.1 D389

The Ecology Book
Call Number: 575.3 E1895-6

Enough water? : a guide to what we have and how we use it
Call Number: x 628 E595

The field guide to citizen science : how you can contribute to scientific research and make a differ
Cavalier, Darlene.
Call Number: 507 C376

Giraffe extinction : using science and technology to save the gentle giants
Anderson, Tanya
Call Number: 599.73572 A551

One Planet: A Celebration of Biodiversity
Hulot, Nicolas
Call Number: 575.3 H916 folio

Seeds on Ice: Svalbard and the Global Seed Vault
Fowler, Cary
Call Number: 631.5211 F785

The Svalbard Global Seed Bank is a secure seed bank, and its "mission is to provide a safety net against accidental loss of diversity in traditional genebanks" so as to ensure the world's food supply in times of natural and man-made disasters. This beautiful and informative book documents the operation of the facility.

Shark Quest: Protecting the Ocean's Top Predators
Young, Karen Romano
Call Number: 597.31 Y736

A visual guide to weather and climate
Malizia, Diana
Call Number: 551.5 M251

Whale quest : working together to save endangered species
Young, Karen Romano
Call Number: 599.5 Y736

The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth: Understanding Our World and its Ecosystems
Ignotofsky, Rachel
Call Number: 575.3 I24