NeiSci - Project Finder Platforms

Explore these citizen and neighborhood science research project platforms to find more fun and meaningful scientific research that you can collaborate with scientists and researchers to help build a resilient and sustainable community anywhere around the world. No prior experience required.

  • Scistarter
    Join this online community where you can find over 3,000 projects and events searchable by location, scientific topic, and age level. Sign up for a free SciStarter account to track your contributions and provide valuable feedback.
  • NASA's Citizen Science Projects
    Want to work on some real NASA science to help NASA researchers and scientists make important scientific discoveries? Get started with one of these projects. Projects with a little person icon can be done by anyone, anywhere, with just a cellphone or laptop.
  • EPA Citizen Science
    Explore and participate in the EPA-supported citizen science projects to help advance environmental protection by helping communities understand environmental problems and collect quality data used in research to improve environmental health.
  • Zooniverse
    Find hundreds of projects where young people can collaborate on real scientific research.
    Citizen science platform with 160+ citizen science projects worldwide. Sign up for an account by downloading the app (iOS | Android) or through their website.