Aftermath Project: War is Only Half the Story

June 22, 2018 to August 19, 2018

War is Only Half the Story is a ten-year retrospective of the work of the groundbreaking documentary photography program, The Aftermath Project. Founded to help change the way the media covers conflict- and to educate the public about the true cost of war and the real price of peace- The Aftermath Project has discovered some of the most ground breaking photographers in the world working on post-conflict themes. War is Only Half the Story tells the incredibly moving stories of the people left behind after the cameras have moved on from a war zone. Drawing on photographs from over fifty photographers, these personal and often poetic post-war views unveil not only another side to the devastating effects of war, but also tells the stories of people coming together to rebuild and heal. The exhibit illuminates and defines our humanity, while giving visibility to those coping with the lingering ramifications of conflict.

War is Only Half the Story is being toured by Curatorial Assistance Traveling Exhibitions.