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Financial Thrillers

Updated: December 23, 2020

Action, plot twists and intrigue, set in the worlds of Wall Street and international finance.


Book cover for The banker's wife
The banker's wife
Alger, Cristina

When private banker Matthew Werner, an American living in Geneva and working for Swiss United Bank, is killed in a private plane crash in which the only other passenger was an attractive female hedge fund manager with ties to the corrupt Syrian regime, his wife, Annabel, is shocked not only by his death but by the possibility that he was involved in some sort of illicit activity. Doubting official explanations of the crash, she begins her own investigation into activities at the bank.

Book cover for Chameleon : a novel
Chameleon : a novel
Hains, Richard.
A Wall Street trader plans one huge fraud.

Book cover for Crash
Hagberg, David
Cassy Levin, cybersecurity expert at Burnham Pike, the premier investment bank in America, discovers a computer worm that she believes will destroy the bank’s system and spread to trading floors worldwide. What she doesn’t know is that the worm is part of a plot by Burnham Pike executives and the chief financial adviser to the U. S. president to crash the world economy and enrich themselves in the process. When she tries to alert her bosses to the anger, she is kidnapped, and it’s up to her former Navy SEAL boyfriend to save the day.

Book cover for The devil's half mile
The devil's half mile
Hirsch, Paddy

Justy Flanagan returns to New York in 1799 after studying law in Ireland for four years, determined to find answers regarding the death of his father, Francis,a trader at the Tontine Coffee House, a precursor of the New York Stock Exchange. Justy has come across new evidence suggesting that his father was murdered rather than committing suicide, and the truth may involve some important people, including former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

Book cover for The escape room
The escape room
Goldin, Megan

Four extremely competitive investment bankers from a Wall Street firm are called to a team-building “escape room” exercise. When they are stuck together in an elevator, they realize that the elevator is the escape room, and as the exercise proceeds it becomes clear that one of them may be responsible for the recent deaths of two of their coworkers.

Book cover for The first billion : a novel
The first billion : a novel
Reich, Christopher, 1961-
A CEO is trapped in a conspiracy to throw the global economy into chaos.

Book cover for The Korean woman
The Korean woman
Altman, John, 1969-

Song Sun Young is a North Korean sleeper agent who has been living in New York for seven years and is happily married to an American, with two young children. She loves her new life and hopes the call to action never comes, but eventually she is ordered to do the job she was trained for--stealing the inner workings of America’s financial system. What she doesn't realize is that the CIA is aware of her true identity and is watching her.

Book cover for A matter of will : a novel
A matter of will : a novel
Mitzner, Adam

Will Matthews is a struggling Wall Street investment broker who’s about to get fired if he doesn’t meet his quarterly numbers. At a hockey game he is befriended by Samuel Abbadon, who describes himself as “a collector of things of great value”. His new friend saves his job by giving him an $18 million account and even buys him a luxury apartment. By the time Will listens to the voice in his head telling him it’s all too good to be true, it’s too late for him to back out.

Book cover for Merger
Sanghoee, Sanjay.
A young banker exposes a shadowy power broker while under scrutiny of the SEC.

Book cover for Money to burn : a novel of suspense
Money to burn : a novel of suspense
Grippando, James, 1958-

Michael Cantella is a successful investment banker who’s still dealing with the mysterious disappearance and presumed death of his first wife on their honeymoon seven years earlier. On the eve of his 35th birthday, he goes online to find that his personal accounts have been wiped out, and he’s soon falsely implicated in financial shenanigans at his company and accused of murder.

Book cover for The Navigator
The Navigator
Pocalyko, Michael.

New York investment banker Warren Hunter is about to pull off a trillion-dollar deal to launch an international communications system called ViroSat that will make the internet obsolete. But a series of events with ties to World War II threatens to undo his plans.

Book cover for Nest of vipers
Nest of vipers
Davies, Linda, 1963-
A trader is recruited by the Bank of England to break a money laundering scheme.

Book cover for The patriot threat
The patriot threat
Berry, Steve, 1955-

The author’s series hero, retired intelligence operative Cotton Malone, is the only person able to stop the evil plans of Kim Yong Jin, the exiled half-brother of North Korea’s leader. Kim has gained access to secret Treasury Department files that suggest that the U.S. Income Tax may be illegal, and he’s planning to use that information to destroy the American economy. 

Book cover for The power broker : a novel
The power broker : a novel
Frey, Stephen W.
An investment banker battles dark forces to bring the NFL to Vegas.

Book cover for Putin's gambit
Putin's gambit
Dobbs, Lou

Derek Walsh, a Wall Street currency trader and former Marine, is implicated in a transfer of funds to terrorists that destabilizes the stock market. On the run from the FBI and a KGB agent who framed him, he goes to a couple of his former Marine colleagues for help. They discover a plot orchestrated by Vladimir Putin to distract from his planned invasion of Estonia.

Book cover for Restitution
Vance, Lee.
A Wall Street broker is framed for murder of his wife.

Book cover for The Russia account
The Russia account
Coonts, Stephen, 1946-

The author’s series characters, CIA director Jake Grafton and his aide, Tommy Carmellini, look into suspicious activity at a small bank in Estonia that appears to be laundering huge amounts of money. What they discover involves an international plan to destabilize Western society with "imaginary money".

Book cover for Single & single : a novel
Single & single : a novel
Le Carre?, John, 1931-
Big deals gone bad expose links between finance and criminals.

Book cover for Storm front : a Derrick Storm thriller
Storm front : a Derrick Storm thriller
Castle, Richard.
Call Number: M

From Tokyo to London to Johannesburg, high-level bankers are being tortured and murdered. When CIA agent Derrick Storm learns that a fleeting image on a surveillance camera has identified the killer as his old nemesis, Gregor Volkov, he sets out to learn who Volkov is working for, and why.

Book cover for Top producer
Top producer
Vonnegut, Norb.
A young Wall Street trader investigates the death of his partner.

Book cover for Wall Street noir
Wall Street noir
Call Number: SS
Short stories about the seamy side of the Street.