Love in the Stars: Romantic Science Fiction

Updated: February 17, 2016

Science fiction with a decidedly romantic twist.

Book cover for The demon's daughter
The demon's daughter
Holly, Emma.
This rather explicit romance takes place in a sort of alternate Victorian England, which includes a society of "demons" who aren't exactly human, have some psychic abilities, and live a technologically superior life (they perform genetic manipulation and have levitating vehicles, for example, while the humans still think gas light is a pretty neat idea).

Book cover for Dragonflight
McCaffrey, Anne.
Call Number: SF Ed.a
They certainly don't meet "cute" - she manages to completely destroy all of his plans in her quest for vengeance - but this first book in the long-running Dragonriders of Pern series (still going strong after 32 years!) proves that even a relationship that starts as badly as this one can turn into something special. And don't forget the dragons.

Book cover for Harmony
Castle, Jayne.
Includes the novel After Dark and the novella Bridal Jitters. Both take place 200 years in the future on the planet Harmony, where human settlers from the northwest coast of the United States, all endowed with at least some degree of psychic ability, have built a culture reminiscent of 21st century earth, including murder and romance.

Book cover for Jenna Starborn
Jenna Starborn
Shinn, Sharon.
Call Number: SF
A lyrical re-imagining of Jane Eyre, set in the far future. Jenna, rejected by the mother who paid for her artificial gestation, goes to a technical school to become a nuclear generator technician and ends up on a distant planet, where she meets the handsome, powerful Everett Ravenbeck, and finds her life changed forever.

Book cover for Killing time : a novel
Killing time : a novel
Howard, Linda, 1950-
A time capsule buried in 1985 is dug up 80 years too soon, and one by one the contributors to the time capsule are being murdered. But it's the appearance of the very mysterious Nikita Stover that has chief investigator Knox Davis really hot and bothered.

Book cover for Miles in Love
Miles in Love
Bujold, Lois McMaster.
Call Number: SF
In the distant future, Miles Vorkosigan has proven he can handle pretty much anything life throws at him, but when he meets Ekaterin Vorsoisson, he discovers just how wrong he is. His wooing and eventual winning of the lovely widow is entertaining, indeed. Includes the novels Komarr and A Civil Campaign, plus the novella Winterfair Gifts.

Book cover for Naked in death
Naked in death
Robb, J. D., 1950-
Call Number: M
In 2058, some things are different, but most remain the same. People still kill one another and seeming opposites, like the hard-boiled police detective and the (possibly) reformed thief, still attract.

Book cover for Primary inversion
Primary inversion
Asaro, Catherine.
Call Number: SF
In a distant future where three empires battle for control of the galaxy, Sauscony Valdoria, the heir apparent of the Skolian Empire, finds herself inexplicably attracted to Jaibriol Qox, the son of the Emperor of Tarnth and the symbol of everything Sauscony has been taught to despise.

Book cover for Sunrise alley
Sunrise alley
Asaro, Catherine.
Call Number: SF
A brilliant young biotech engineer grapples with ethical issues when she meets a self-aware, independent Artificial Intelligence named Sam. The plot involves an epic chase across a near-future landscape, enlivened by twists, complicated puzzles to solve, plenty of intriguing technology, and a strong element of romance.

Book cover for Sweet starfire ; and, Crystal flame
Sweet starfire ; and, Crystal flame
Krentz, Jayne Ann.
Contains two novels from the Lost Colony series, which take place on planets where settlers have long been cut off from Earth. In Sweet Starfire, a woman raised to be gentle and spiritual must deal with a rogue to solve a mystery; in Crystal Flame the last survivor of a proud family attempts vengeance, with surprising results.

Book cover for Wrapt in crystal
Wrapt in crystal
Shinn, Sharon.
Call Number: SF
Two very different religious orders worship the same goddess on the planet Semay, and someone is systematically murdering the priestesses. The Intergalactic Alliance of Federated Planets sends Agent Cowen Drake, who becomes involved with priestesses from both sects as he works to solve the murders.