Discussion Guide: The Cardboard Kingdom

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Book Summary The Cardboard Kingdom:

The Cardboard Kingdom is an award-winning graphic novel about diverse children using cardboard and their imaginations to create unique personas and change their neighborhood into the Cardboard Kingdom, where everyone is welcome! Chad's Cardboard Kingdom series continues with book #2, The Cardboard Kingdom: Roar of the Beast.

For children ages 8 - 12 years old and who love: the graphic novels Roller Girl, Snapdragon, Mighty Jack, and Real Friends.

  • Author Chad Sell worked with ten other writers to create The Cardboard Kingdom. Can you build a team of other people to collaborate with and write different stories to make an entire book?

  • Check out the link to free graphic novel sheets below. You can use these sheets to begin your graphic novel.

  • The Cardboard Kingdom has many diverse characters. Can you design three very different personalities that become friends?

  • Author Chad Sell said, "I'm glad you have a book club for like-minded kids to get together and talk about stuff they like. That's great!" Can you start a book club or start a club with your family, friends, or classmates who share something you're interested in talking about as a group?

Graphic Novel Sheet 1

Graphic Novel Sheet 2

—Thank you to author Chad Sell.

"What I like about comics is that anyone can just draw on a piece of paper. You can tell a cool story and share it with people without huge resources, without a film budget, without a CGI team."

—Chad Sell
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The Cardboard Kingdom
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