Children Chatting With Author Chad Sell

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Join the Children Chatting with Authors Podcast as they interview Chad Sell about his book, The Cardboard Kingdom and about being an author.

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Participant(s) Bio

Chad Sell grew up in a small town in central Wisconsin. He lived in a neighborhood much like The Cardboard Kingdom, where he and his friends bounded through backyards in imaginative games and outfits. He also drew a lot and came up with all kinds of colorful characters. His favorites were often the villains, because despite being different and misunderstood, they were powerful and confident, and they got the best costumes. Chad lives in Chicago with his husband and two cats.

Book cover for The Cardboard Kingdom
The Cardboard Kingdom
Sell, Chad

This collection of vignettes introduces the reader to a neighborhood of kids who transform ordinary cardboard into fantastical homemade costumes as they explore conflicts with friends, family, and their own identity. This is a wonderful book for younger readers that shows how imagination can power your wildest dreams and help you through difficult times.