All Access: Behind the Scenes with NBA Photographer Andrew D. Bernstein

Award-winning photographer Andrew D. Bernstein has captured the championship-winning seasons of the Los Angeles Lakers, Dodgers, and Kings. All Access features images of NBA players from the past three decades taken by Bernstein.

Bernstein’s images depict NBA greats preparing, competing and enjoying the spoils of victory. The photographer has received critical acclaim for his coverage of 36 NBA Finals and All-Star Games and he is a recent recipient of the prestigious Curt Gowdy Award for Print Media from the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame for his significant contributions to the game of basketball.

“It has truly been a dream job for me documenting the NBA for almost four decades. What an amazing experience to witness through my camera so many spectacular athletes and moments that have defined eras and the growth of the league,” Bernstein said. “It is an absolute thrill to exhibit these images in the Central Library.”