My Mexico : a culinary odyssey with recipes

Yes, I do read cookbooks, but not always sequentially the way fiction and other non-fiction books are read.  Sometimes when reading them I skip around looking for an author’s take on a particular type of recipe or ingredient. Well-written cookbooks provide a history and insight into the world, and this particular one can be read by anyone besides those who like to cook.  Diana Kennedy is the doyenne and world renowned authority for the foods and recipes of Mexico. A highly unlikely expert with no formal training as a cook, British by birth, Kennedy came to the country by way of marriage to a journalist. Her heart and mind were captivated by the people and foods of Mexico. A passionate interest and love drove her to investigate and explore the country and its rich treasures.  Sometimes it takes a stranger to fully appreciate, delight and research what is taken for granted by those who live in a place.  Kennedy brings us the best from knowledgeable country cooks and from experts, and she is still on the prowl to record, save and preserve all of it at the Diana Kennedy Center

Illustrated with color photographs, this revised edition is a great tribute to all kinds of foods, recipes, ingredients (spices, vegetables, fruits, grains, meat and fish products) from the regions of Mexico.  For those who think that cheese, beans, rice, hot sauces, tortillas are it, or for others who have eaten at some of Los Angeles' tony Mexican eateries, all are in for numerous surprises. It is not necessary to read the recipes, only the introductory descriptions will be enough to provide the big picture on what this country has to offer in good eating. Have something on hand to nibble and drink while you read this book because you will be hungry as the great lady of Mexican food and culture leads you to all good foods.