Seconds : a graphic novel

Seconds is a stand-alone graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley, who is best known for his series, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Scott PilgrimScott Pilgrim's precious little life, Scott Pilgrim 2, Scott Pilgrim 3). Fans of that series, as well as new readers, will appreciate the full color art (with that cute, smooth, stylishness of O'Malley), the humor, and those startlingly recognizable character moments that sneak up on you amidst tumult and pop culture references. 

In this story Katie is an ambitious and hardworking young woman, teetering on the edge of big decisions and life changes. She’s running a restaurant when a friend of hers is burned in a kitchen accident. Katie is given the chance to use magic and fix this mistake so as to make sure it never happened.

What happens to your life when you have a chance to undo your choices? What happens when you hit the redo button, or in this case eat magic mushrooms that let you fix your mistakes? What happens when you hit that redo button over and over and over again? Katie has done a lot of things in her life that she would like to do over the right way, and now she has the magic to do it.

Will magic help Katie get her restaurant, her friend, her boyfriend? Can any of those things make her happy? Or will her exuberant use of magic leave her stranded in a strange, ghostly world, without her restaurant, her boyfriend, her career, or her friend, and with no home to get back to?