Good Seed Community Development Corporation

  • Good Seed Community Development Corporation

    2814 W. Martin Luther King Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90008
    Phone: 323-758-5433 or 855-968-8452
    Hours: 24/7 hotline
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L.A. County Service Provider Area: 6

They provide temporary shelter for Transition Aged Youth (“TAY”) clients in a supportive housing environment for up to 36 nights. While housed, each TAY must pursue their long-term goals, which includes securing permanent housing while building their capacity to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. 

Population Served: Children & Families, Teen/Young Adult, Single Adults
Resource Categories: Food, Housing, Services, Work
General Resources: Health & Mental Health, Housing Referrals, Job Search Assistance, Meals, Social/Support Services, Temporary Housing
Additional Offerings: Emergency Homeless Shelter, Mental Health Services