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Alicia Maher holding a plate of pupusas in her kitchen

Interview With Alicia Maher

September 29, 2021

El Salvador, affectionately called el pulgarcito de America (the little thumb of America) due to its status as the smallest country in Central America, doesn’t usually receive the recognition it deserves, especially not in the culinary sphere.

Collage of Latinx movies

7 Latinx Movies to Watch this Weekend

September 24, 2021

Cinema, like every other form of artistic expression, is a mirror for the society in which it is born. Each cinematic experience offering a glimpse into the world of the Ajeno, the world of another.

Panteha Abareshi

Interview With Artist Panteha Abareshi

February 23, 2021

Panteha Abareshi is an L.A. based artist whose work hones in on chronic illness and disability. Abareshi lives in a body that coexists with sickle cell zero beta thalassemia and their performance-based work reflects the complexities that come with experiencing a body with chronic illness.

Collage of nature documentaries offered through Kanopy

Five Nature Documentaries to Watch on Kanopy

May 05, 2020

Many of us have had a plethora of time on our hands lately and it’s no secret that with excess time comes a true 21st century pastime—binge watching.

Let us channel Charles Baudelaire as we wax poetic:

Lotus Flower and Yoga silhouette

Yoga For Every Body

June 06, 2018

When we mention yoga in Western society, many of us envision young leggings-clad men and women in a yoga studio getting into impossible postures. While this may be the reality in some yoga classes, it’s actually a very narrow representation of the many forms that yoga can take.