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Collage of poetry books
Lynne Thompson, November 17, 2021

As I indicated in the November 4 episode of Poems on Air, there are a slew of new or forthcoming poetry collections that I’m excited to add to my reading table.

Collage of poetry books by Black poets
Lynne Thompson, August 03, 2021

In June 2021, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the literary organization Cave Canem which was established to educate, promote, and support Black poets.

collage of poetry book covers
Lynne Thompson, May 18, 2021

One of the benefits of literature is that it allows the reader to empathize with the protagonists or—in the case of poets—with the themes and issues that concern them.

Suzanne Lummis at the Skirball Center, 5/6/2017 photo by Penelope Torribio
Michael C. Baradi, April 30, 2021

I used to be a Messenger Clerk at the Cahuenga Branch Library many years ago, still undecided about being a librarian.

Young person speaking with enthusiasm in front of his classroom
Mona Gilbert, April 27, 2021

There is power in poetry, as it can relay to others your feelings and what you care about. The world needs more young voices to use their words to bring unity. Here are some poetic selections to explore from a diverse group of voices.

Young girl reading a novel on lush green grass
Mona Gilbert, April 20, 2021

Poetry can be expressed in many ways. Although traditional poetry fills library shelves, so do novels written in verse. This unique style of storytelling encourages intentionality with every written word.

Kevin Young and his book African American Poetry: 250 Years of Struggle and Song alongside Langston Hughes
Daniel Tures, February 01, 2021

African American History Month begins today; on February 1 we also celebrate the birthday of Langston Hughes, one of the most powerful voices in American poetry.

Colorful graphic of acrostic poems words
Christa Deitrick, August 31, 2020

Here is the last batch of acrostics written by staff members of the Los Angeles Public Library. It’s amazing how a simple exercise like this can add a welcome jot of fun to our daily lives.

Colorful graphic of acrostic poems words
Christa Deitrick, August 27, 2020

Read on for the second batch of astonishing acrostics written by the bards of the Los Angeles Public Library!

Colorful graphic of ccrostic poems words
Christa Deitrick, August 25, 2020

At long last, here is the first batch of acrostic poems written by Los Angeles Public Library staff members. They are as charming and unique as the individuals that penned them. Enjoy, and stay tuned for the next two installments!