If you like Game of Thrones . . .

Updated: October 27, 2014

Dreaming of Daenerys, longing for the Lannisters or simply wistful for Westeros? Whether you binge watched all 3 seasons this summer on HBO or you’ve invested years in George R.R. Martin’s prose, we have something here to get you through the wait for season 4 (and the even longer wait for The Winds of Winter, the eagerly anticipated sixth book in the Song of Ice and Fire series!)

Book cover for Assassin's apprentice
Assassin's apprentice
Hobb, Robin.

When Fitz is handed over to the Royal army and declared to be the King’s illegitimate son, his life changes forever. He finds himself an unwelcome addition to the castle, shunned by his now deposed father and his power hungry uncles. Eager to hide him away, Fitz’s newfound family quickly apprentices him to Chade, the King’s mysterious assassin. Can Fitz find meaning and security in this life or will his newly acquired skills only put him in more danger?  If your favorite character is Jon Snow, FitzChivalry may be right up your alley.

Book cover for The Belgariad - includes The Pawn of Prophecy
The Belgariad - includes The Pawn of Prophecy
Eddings, David.

The old tales of the evil Torak and the war between gods and men seemed like myths to Garion. But the discovery of latent magical powers and the threat of  imminent war forces Garion on a journey to discover his true identity and a mission to restore peace. Both the Belgariad and the Song of Ice and Fire portray worlds handling the ramifications of a reawakening magic.

Book cover for Dragonflight
McCaffrey, Anne.
Call Number: SF Ed.b

The dragonriders of Pern were once respected and honored for their service to the people. But the once regular aerial assaults of deadly Thread have taken a lengthy break. Now, the numbers of hatchlings in the nests are dwindling and the relationship between the riders and the outside world is strained.  F’lar, the leader of the Benden Weyr, believes he has found a new recruit capable of bonding with the rare Queen about to hatch. But can she survive the bonding ceremony? And can they manage to convince the people of Pern that the threat of Thread is still very real and very close? For those who love Daenerys and her dragons.

Book cover for Dreamsongs
Martin, George R. R.

If you just can’t get enough of the Westeros universe, try the Tales of Dunk and Egg, a pair of stories set a century before the Song Of Fire and Ice series. These tales follow Dunk, a squire aspiring to knighthood and the trials and tribulations he encounters. The original tale, The Hedge Knight, is available both as a novella within the collection Dreamsongs and as a graphic novel. The second tale,The Hedge Knight II, is available only in graphic novel format.

Book cover for Dune (Dune Chronicles)
Dune (Dune Chronicles)
Herbert, Frank.
Call Number: SF Ed.b

This classic series follows the Atreides family and their relocation to the dangerous but politically vital planet of Dune. For Dune is the only known source of the Spice, the chemical that allows pilots to fold space and guide ships across the vast reaches of the universe. As his parents navigate the traitorous nobility, young Paul must learn to adapt to this dangerous new environment. Though science fiction rather than fantasy, this title offers the same inter-family politics, intrigue, treason and epic feel of the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Book cover for The eye of the world
The eye of the world
Jordan, Robert, 1948-2007.

The first in a celebrated and epic (think 14 books) series, The Eye of the World introduces readers to Jordan’s complex world and philosophy. When the peaceful village of Emond’s Field is attacked, three young men must flee to save the lives of those they love. But why are Rand, Mat and Perrin being pursued by evil forces? What role do they play in the grand scheme of this Third Age of the world? For anyone who enjoyed the sprawling storyline, multiple character viewpoints and richly wrought High Fantasy world of the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Book cover for Magician : apprentice
Magician : apprentice
Feist, Raymond E.

When mysterious forces open a rift between worlds, people and creatures of every variety challenge the safety of the Kingdom of Isles. This classic High Fantasy series offers magic, multiple character viewpoints, battle scenes and a medieval setting similar the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Book cover for Pillars of the earth
Pillars of the earth
Follett, Ken.
Call Number: Ed.a

The first in a two part series, this novel follows the building of a cathedral in England during the 12th century and its political and social consequences. Heavily researched and focused on the political machinations of the feudal system, social strata and true historical events, this series will appeal to those fans more interested in the political intrigue and medieval setting than the fantasy elements of the Song of Ice and Fire series. 

Book cover for The white queen
The white queen
Gregory, Philippa.

Based on the wars of the Plantagenets, this series focuses on the treacherous and scheming women behind the scenes of England’s tempestuous royalty. A good fit for fans who love to hate (or just love!) Cersei Lannister and the Tyrells