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Angi Brzycki


Tania Chaidez Ibarra from Errant press

Unique Movements on Print

October 27, 2023

Errant Press is an independent press based in Los Angeles. They create, print, and distribute books that challenge the traditional form and reading dynamics.

Zine author, Jenna Freedman and her zine series, Unprecedented

Interview With Zine Maker - Jenna Freedman

January 25, 2022

Jenna Freedman is the founder and curator of the Barnard Zine Library. She's been making zines for most of the 21th Century, most recently a series about pandemic life called Unprecedented. She writes and speaks on zines and library activism.

Zine author, Liana Jegers and her zine, Sugar Lady

Interview With Zine Maker - Liana Jegers

January 11, 2022

Liana Jegers is an illustrator in Los Angeles, CA. She also helps run a small publishing house with her husband called Caboose Books.

Zine author, Tomas Moniz and his zine, Rad Dad

Interview With Zine Maker - Tomas Moniz

December 20, 2021

Tomas Moniz’s debut novel, Big Familia, was a finalist for the 2020 PEN/Hemingway, the LAMBDA, and the Foreward Indies Awards. He edited the popular zine and book Rad Dad and Rad Families. He has two cats and 3 chickens. He also has stuff on the internet but loves penpals.

Zine author, Elizabeth A Salazar and her zine series, The Worst

Interview With Zine Maker - Elizabeth A Salazar

December 13, 2021

Elizabeth A Salazar is Sun Valley based school librarian, zinester, and aging punk. She holds a BA in Communications from California State University Los Angeles and is a proud first-generation Mexican American.

Zine author, Brian Baynes and his zine, Bubbles

Interview With Zine Maker - Brian Baynes

November 29, 2021

Brian Baynes is the creator of Bubbles Fanzine, a comics fanzine out of Richmond Virginia. He's been co-organizing Richmond Zine Fest since 2012.

Zine author, Rachel Howe and her zine, Witch Ethics

Interview With Zine Maker - Rachel Howe

October 25, 2021

Rachel Howe is an artist and healer, who created her multidimensional brand Small Spells in 2013, after graduating from Parsons School of Design and working in the art world in New York for over a decade.

Cristian Castelo and his zine, Wild

Interview With Zine Maker - Cristian Castelo

October 18, 2021

Cristian Castelo is a cartoonist operating out of Daly City, California. He has been self-publishing his series Wild for a couple of years now, which he has slung at comic festivals like Seattle Short Run, Comics Art LA/Brooklyn, and the Vancouver Art Book Fair.

Zine author, Suemi Guerra and her zine, Suicidal Goldfish

Interview With Zine Maker - Suemi Guerra

September 29, 2021

Suemi Guerra is an educator and zinemaker. She is also the author of the fictional zine, Suicidal Goldfish. She is currently working on the fiction zine Las Fakes.

Marlee Grace and her zine, Getting to Center: Pathways to Finding Yourself Within the Great Unknown

Interview With Zine Maker - Marlee Grace

August 13, 2021

Marlee Grace is a dancer and writer whose work focuses on the self, devotion, ritual, creativity, and art-making. Her practice is rooted in improvisation as a compositional form that takes shape in movement videos, books, quilting, online courses, and hosting artists.