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Collage of artwork by Los Angeles artists

COLA Exhibit at LAMAG

May 26, 2021

For the past few months, we have highlighted four artists whose works have been exhibited at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, also known as LAMAG.

Linsey Davis is an Emmy Award winning ABC News Correspondent and bestseller author of the children’s books

Interview With Emmy Award Winning ABC News Correspondent and Children’s Author Linsey Davis

February 18, 2021

Linsey Davis is an Emmy Award winning ABC News Correspondent, filing reports for World News, Good Morning America, 20/20 and Nightline and she is also a bestselling author of the children’s books

Las estafas de inmigración

Evite las estafas de inmigración

February 22, 2021

Las estafas de inmigración son muy comunes y por ello es importante que usted se mantenga informado para evitar convertirse en víctima.

author Adrienne Bankert

Interview With Award Winning Journalist and Author Adrienne Bankert

February 02, 2021

Award winning journalist and author Adrienne Bankert has released her first book. You might recognize her from her reports on ABC News’ platforms, such as Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Nightline and ABC News Live. Ms.

cheerful young woman with hands raised

New Year, New Resolution: Find Joy in the Ordinary

January 08, 2021

Traditionally the top resolutions at the beginning of a new year for people in the US are about losing weight, improving their finances, and eating healthier.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King

5 Interesting Facts About the Legendary Civil Activist Martin Luther King Jr.

January 15, 2021

The birthday of civil activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is celebrated on the third Monday of January in the United States. Dr. King fought for the civil rights of African-Americans with peaceful demonstrations. It was after his death that there was a movement to make his birthday a holiday.

Diego Maradona celebrates his winning penalty kick as The Americas beat The Rest Of The World, 6-5, at the Rose Bowl on July 28, 1986

5 datos interesantes de Diego Armando Maradona, una de las leyendas más grandes del mundo del fútbol

November 25, 2020

El 25 de noviembre de 2020 murió una de las grandes leyendas del fútbol, Diego Armando Maradona. Maradona nació en 1960 en Argentina. Él es reconocido como uno de los mejores jugadores del fútbol de toda la historia a nivel mundial.

Family discussion

How to Talk to Friends & Family Who Share Misinformation

November 25, 2020

We all have been given misinformation from family and friends at one time or another, but sometimes it is hard to tell if something is false or true. And when we know that the information is false, how do we talk to our family and friends about it? Or how can we verify the information is true?

Colorful assortment of vegetables and fruits on a table

Fall Harvest and Health

November 20, 2020

Mild weather, morning dew and leaves changing colors are all signs that autumn is upon us. Autumn is also harvest time and a beautiful selection of fruits and vegetables are available for our enjoyment.

 No es el fin.

No es el fin, hay que seguir hasta que todo esté bien

November 05, 2020

En unas de las presentaciones de nuestro popular programa Pregúntale a tu bibliotecari@, la presentadora invitada Jenny Lizárraga nos compartió sus consejos para hacerle frente a tiempos de crisis e incertidumbre.