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Author Thomas Mullen and his latest novel, Blind Spots

Interview With an Author: Thomas Mullen

June 01, 2023

Thomas Mullen is the internationally acclaimed author of six previous novels; The

Author Anthony McCarten and his latest novel, Going Zero

Interview With an Author: Anthony McCarten

May 25, 2023

Anthony McCarten is a New Zealand-born screenwriter, playwright, novelist, and journalist.

Author Peter S. Beagle and his two collections of short fiction, The Essential Peter S. Beagle Volumes 1 & 2

Interview With an Author: Peter S. Beagle

May 18, 2023

Peter Soyer Beagle is the internationally bestselling and much-beloved author of numerous classic fantasy novels and collections, including

Author Moses Ose Utomi and his latest novel, The Lies of the Ajungo

Interview With an Author: Moses Ose Utomi

May 11, 2023

Moses Ose Utomi is a Nigerian-American fantasy writer and nomad currently based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Author Liz Hyder and her her novel, The Gifts

Interview With an Author: Liz Hyder

May 04, 2023

Liz Hyder is a writer, creative workshop leader, and freelance arts PR consultant. She is the winner of The Bridge Award/Moniack Mhor's Emerging Writer Award.

Author Johnny Compton and his debut novel, The Spite House

Interview With an Author: Johnny Compton

April 27, 2023

Johnny Compton’s (he/him) short stories have appeared in Pseudopod, Strange Horizons, The No Sleep Podcast and many other markets.

The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen by KJ Charles

Interview With an Author: KJ Charles

April 20, 2023

KJ Charles spent twenty years as an editor in British publishing before fleeing the scene to become a full-time historical romance novelist.

Author Emilia Hart and her debut novel, Weyward

Interview With an Author: Emilia Hart

April 13, 2023

Emilia Hart grew up in Australia and studied English Literature at university before training as a lawyer. She lives in London.

Author Leigh Bardugo and her latest novel, Hell Bent

Interview With an Author: Leigh Bardugo

March 30, 2023

Leigh Bardugo is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and the creator of the <