Teresa Mons, Librarian, Young Adult Services


teenagers waving from inside a hearse

A Young Immigrant's Story

June 26, 2017

I am a refugee, an immigrant, an American. I came to the United States as a young girl, and grew up in Los Angeles. My maternal grandparents were born in Cuba and were descendants of immigrants from Spain, who moved to Cuba to make a better life for themselves.  

Children dressed in the costumes of many different countries hold signs indicating the languages in which books are available at the Los Angeles Public Library, ca 1939

International L.A.

August 10, 2016

Los Angeles has been a multi-cultural, polyglot city from the earliest times. In 1781, the pobladores, a small group of racially diverse farmers from Sonora, Mexico, arrived near the banks of the Porciuncula River at a place that would later become Los Angeles.