Spotlight On Community Activist Remy Geaga

Jennifer Siron, Senior Librarian, Volunteer Engagement,
Colorized coloring page of Filipina American community leader, Remy Geaga
Remy Geaga (1916 - 1997)

Remy Geaga (1916 – 1997) was a Filipina American community leader who advocated for the elderly and homeless. After immigrating to the United States from the Philippines in 1965, Geaga noticed inequities the Filipino community was experiencing. She became a community leader, having served as president of the Filipino American Community of Los Angeles and the Sampaguita Women’s Circle. Geaga also co-founded the Filipino American Service Group, Incorporated, the Transitional Housing Project for the Homeless, and the Bayanihan Senior Citizens Center. Geaga was honored by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 1996, and the Los Angeles City Council named the intersection of Temple Street and Alvarado Boulevard "Remedios 'Remy' V. Geaga Square'' in 2010. "Remedios 'Remy' V. Geaga Square" is located in the heart of Historic Filipinotown, where Geaga and her family settled down in 1988.

Suggested Activities:

  • Eat at one of the delicious Filipino restaurants in Los Angeles’s Historic Filipinotown, adjacent to Echo Park Lake. You can’t go wrong with lumpia, a delicious fried treat!
  • Visit a grocery store to pick up tasty treats to make at home.
  • En route to Echo Park, pass the Historic Filipinotown Arch, stop by Unidad Park and Community Center to check out Filipino Americans: A Glorious History, A Golden Legacy, a beautiful mural showcasing Filipino American history and walk past the Filipino Christian Church, the birthplace of the Filipino American Library.
  • Visit the Echo Park Library and check out their Filipino Heritage Collection
  • Take a Jeepney tour of Historic Filipinotown
coloring page of Remy-Geaga

Coloring page